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Открытый урок в 5 классе на тему " Животные в опасности"

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«Animals in danger»

1. Приветствие. - Good morning, students! I’m very glad to see you on my lesson. How are you? Are you in a good mood? I hope you’ll help me to make this lesson interesting.

Now, Find your shoulder partner and face partner and greet them. Good.

2. Ознакомление с целями урока. ( слайд № 1)

T- Look at our screen, see on these pictures and say What problem we are going to speak today?

P - Animals in danger.

T – Yes, you are right. We continue to talk about endangered animals and try to help to solve the problem.

3. Фонетическая разминка. (слайд №2)

T- Read after me. - Find the words with [ai] and [i]. - Repeat the words after me. -.

The elephant is like a wall

He is broad and very tall,

Upon his back we have a ride

And swim and sway from side to side.

Please read this poem -

  • Now tell me please who is this poem about?

Are elephants in danger?


4. Crosswords. (слайд № 3)

There is a paper with a lot of letters on your table. You should find the names of the animals in danger. – I gave you minuts. – OK, the time is out. Now, let’s check up what names of animals you have found. Table № 1 , please your words….. Table № 2 .. Table №3…

Very good (слайд № 4). (Answer: panda , rhino , tiger , koala, whale, wolf ,

elephant , parrot, tortoise, leopard, crocodile).

5 Развитие речевых навыков, проверка д/з. Работа в группах. (Simultaneous round Robin) Students, your homework was to prerare some information about engaged animals.

- Now, please retell your stories in chain one by one, you have minuts.

Now, please, Who wants to tell your information? What information you have learn

Your information about….

-You well done, thank you.

6. Работа в парах. Вопросно-ответная форма. (Quiz Quiz Trade)

- Studentы № 1, take the sheet of paper and divide it into 2 pieces. Now, give it to your shoulder partner. Students № 2, divide them into 2 pieces again.

Now, each of you take one sheet of paper and at the top of sheet put down your question about engaged animals. – At the bottom put down you answer and fold your sheet to hide your question. Now, divide into pairs and ask each other your question. After that change your card and find another partner and do the same.

OK, enough, students. You well done, thank you.

7. Физ.минутка . The Hokey Rokey.

8. Развитие монологической речи. Pupils, you have answered a lot of questions about engaged animals and now let’s answer the main question. – What must we do save engaged animals. – Please, think and put down your ideas on one sheet of paper. Begin your sentence with We must….. (слайд № 5) You have 30 minutes.

- The time is up. Now, Table № 1 student № read your though.

9. Развитие умений аудирования. Pupils, have you ever come face to face with any dangerous animals? Now listen to the text about Tony Russel and Kamal Rai , and say what happened to them one day?

But first lets read the proper names. (слайд № 6).

Tony Russel and Kamal Rai are men’s names.

Nepol is the name of a country, which is situated in Asia.

Хоровая отработка слов. После первого прослушивания, - (cлайд № 7) Answer the questions.

What happened to Tony one day?

Why did the tiger attack people?

I see you have wonderful imagination. I agree with you answers.

Now, listen to the text again. I want you to remember some facts from the text and say if you agree or disagree with my statements (слайд № 8)

If you agree use…. If you disagree use… (cлайд № 9)

Well done. The next task. (слайд № 10)

- Сomplete the sentences.

1. Once Tony Russel and his friend Kamal Rai…( decided to go into the jungle

2. Then suddenly they saw (tiger) and Kamal told me ...(to be quiet

3. Last year Tony Russel….(went to Nepol)

4. It was hot, but they were wearing… (shoes and trousers

5. It was unusual to find…( tigers)…

( they liked to sleep in the daytime)

6. They heard the tiger…(a second before they saw it.)

Thank you.

10. Students, your homework (слайд № 11) – Think of your own end of the story.

11. Развитие грамматических навыков.

Present Continious tense. (слайд 12, 13)

- Now, Have a look at the screen and read this sentence.

The tiger was eating a dead sheep when the friends saw him. – What tense is used there?

Что это за время и как оно образуется? Никита

Now, students, take your clocks and find your partner at 3 o’clock. And ask questions in past Continious. ( cлайд №14)

12. Выполнение упражнения с учебника.

Well done. Thank you. Take your seats.

12. Рефлексия. Pupils, I enjoyed your work. I gave you good marks today.

Did you like our lesson?

Do you remember your Homework? – very well.

And now/ tell me please How can we help our endangered animals?

( If we take care and protect animals we will save them)

Our lesson is over. Good luck, thank you.

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