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Открытый урок по английскому языку "Describing extreme adjectives" 9 класс

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Short term lesson plan


Unit of a long term plan

Unit 6. Tradition and language

Secondary school named after P.Shevtsov

Date: 09.02.2021y

Teacher’s name: Dautova A.Zh.


Class: 9 a

Number present:

Number absent:

Lesson title

Extreme adjectives. Describing experiences using extreme adjectives.


Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributing to

9.C9 use imagination to express thoughts, ideas, experiences and feelings

9.C10 use talk or writing as a means of reflecting on and exploring a range of perspectives on the world

9.L1 understand the main points in unsupported extended talk on a wide range of general and curricular topics, including talk on a limited range of unfamiliar topics

9.L2 understand specific information in unsupported extended talk on a wide range of general and curricular topics, including talk on a limited range of unfamiliar topics

9.R2 understand specific information and detail in extended texts on a growing range of familiar general and curricular topics, and some unfamiliar topics

9.R4 read a wide range of extended fiction and non-fiction texts on familiar and unfamiliar general and curricular topics

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

·         Identify the theme, new words and use them as the basis for discussion.

·        Demonstrate knowledge for usage of the extreme adjectives. Transfer information from the given information into a graphic organizer.

Most learners will be able to:

· Select, compile, and synthesize information for an oral presentation

·         Provide a point of view in conversations and discussions; speak about experiences.

·         Some learners will be able to:

·         Respond to and discuss the reading passage using interpretive, evaluative and creative thinking skills.

·         Make a presentation about the experiences using extreme adjectives. Respond to and discuss the reading passage using interpretive, evaluative and creative thinking skills.

Value links

Cooperation, respect each other's opinion, support, functional literacy.

Crosscurricular links

 Social Science, Information Technology, Geography, Biology, P.E., sport.

Previous learning

Talking about the experiences.

Useof ICT

Smart board for showing a presentation, getting additional information, playing the audio files.

Intercultural awareness

Students will be able to understand that people should speak about their experiences and give some advice.

Health and Safety

Breaks and physical activities used.

Everyday classroom precautions will ensure that safety measures are provided to prevent the exposure of electrical power cords.




Planned timings

Planned activities


Begnning of the lesson




5 min.






The lesson greeting.

Are you ready for the English lesson?

Determine the topic of the lesson. Focus on the photos of great dates and elicit what the people are doing. What adjectives can you use to describe these things. (big-huge hungry-starving, dirty-filthy).

Картинки по запросу "big buildings"


Картинки по запросу "hungry"

Картинки по запросу "dirty"













Student Book p.72
















13 min.














13 min.






Vocabulary exercises. Ex.1 p.72

Fascinating   awful  outstanding   exhausting    hilarious    gorgeous    unforgettable      terrifying     revolting    furious


1.      Tiring – exhausting (утомительный)

2.      Funny – hilarious (забавный)

3.      Angry – furious (взбешенный)

4.      Good – looking - gorgeous (шикарный)

5.      Frightening – terrifying (ужасающий)

6.      Bad – awful (ужасный)

7.      Memorable – unforgettable (незабываемый)

8.      Good – outstanding (выдающийся)

9.      Unpleasant – revolting (неприятный)



Ex 2 p.72 Work in pairs. Ask and answer 1 – 6 using extreme adjectives.

Film/good? No

Was the film good? – No, it was awful

Journey/ tiring? Yes

Lesson/boring? No

Dad/angry? Yes

Food/tasty? No

TV programme/funny? Yes



Ex. 4 -5 p.72.

Complete the table.




Who with?

His/her opinions of the date





terrifying, -------





boring, --------





-------, bad




3) Картинки по запросу "просмотр фильма"

4) Картинки по запросу "просмотр необычные фото на свадьбе"

Student Book p.72




























Student Book p.72


Teacher's Book p.94.


Working at the board







Ending the lesson

3 min.


 Giving the hometask. Ex. 2-3 p. 48 WB

Cinquain” is a five-line poem based on the content of the material under the study.

Line 1 – One-word title.

Line 2 – Two adjectives for describing that word.

Line 3 – Three verbs.

Line 4 – Four feeling words.

Line 5 – A synonym for the title word.

Differentiation –

how do you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge the more

 able learners?


Assessment –

how are you planning to check learners’learning?

Critical thinking

Differentiation can be achieved through the selection of activities, identification of learning outcomes for a certain student, provision of individual support to learners, selection of learning materials and resources based on the individual abilities of learners.

Assessment criteria:

Identify the main idea in extended talks with little support.

Apply topic related vocabulary in speech appropriately arranging words and phrases into well-formed sentences.

Demonstrate the ability to participate in a conversation.


A learner:

·      selects an appropriate answer.

·      completes the task.

·      uses appropriate subject-specific vocabulary while speaking.

·      discusses questions and answers the questions within the group.

·      Observation

·      Peer-assessment

Students think critically, exploring, developing, evaluating and making choices about their own and others’ ideas



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