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Английский язык имеет два залога – активный (действительный) the Active Voice и пассивный (страдательный) the Passive Voice. На доске нарисована схема и написаны предложения:

The Passive Voice

English is spoken all over the world.

The rooms are cleaned.

America was discovered in 1492.

They were asked about their parents.

Откройте учебники на странице , прочитайте параграф. Ответьте на вопросы:

- в каких случаях глагол употребляется в страдательном залоге?

- как образуется страдательный залог?

- согласно каким правилам употребляются временные формы страдательного залога?

Давайте заполним схему на доске.

Прочитайте 1-ое предложение, найдите сказуемое-глагол в страдательном залоге. Переведите предложение. Аналогичная работа с другими предложениями.

Итак, в предложениях, где действие совершается над субъектом, глагол находится в страдательном залоге ( Passive Voice).Исполнитель действия чаще всего не указывается, т.к. он неизвестен или не представляет интереса. Если в страдательной конструкции указывается исполнитель действия, выраженный одушевленным существительным или местоимением, ему предшествует предлог by. Предлог with стоит перед словом, обозначающим инструмент или материал, вещество.

The snake was killed by the hunter with a stone.

Упражнение 1

Прочитайте предложения, найдите сказуемое в страдательном залоге, переведите предложения.

1. Pushkin`s poems are read by millions.

2. The road was nicely illuminated.

3. They were killed in the war.

4. The Crimea is washed by the Black Sea.

5. You are wanted on the phone.

6. It was made with simple tools.

7. I`m introduced to all the guests.

8. English magazines are given to him.

9. We were told the news by the teacher.

10. The doctor is sent for.

11. Their conversation was finished.

12. The rooms are cleaned with their vacuum-cleaner.

13. You were asked a lot of questions.

14. The banana is eaten by my sister.

Ответьте на вопросы:

- в каких случаях глагол употребляется в страдательном залоге?

- как образуется страдательный залог?

На доске написаны предложения:

Was the house built very long ago?

His pictures are not represented in this museum.

Прочитайте предложения и скажите, как образуются вопросительная и отрицательная формы страдательного залога.

Упражнение 2

Прочитайте предложения, выпишите сказуемое в страдательном залоге, переведите предложения.

1. How often are these problems discussed?

2. They weren`t asked to take part in the meeting.

3. When was «David Copperfield» written?

4. I`m not allowed to miss cases on Friday.

5. Was the letter received yesterday?

6. Hockey isn`t played in summer.

7. Mushrooms aren`t gathered in winter.

8. Who was asked to go shopping?

9. We weren`t told to give the English translation.

10. Are the tourists advised to be in the hotel at ten?

Ответьте на вопросы:

- как образуется страдательный залог?

- как образуется вопросительная форма страдательного залога?

- как образуется отрицательная форма страдательного залога?

Упражнение ( с незнакомой лексикой) 3

Подчеркните сказуемые в страдательном залоге, переведите.

1. The key to his celler wasn`t kept in the pocket of the goaler.

2. Yesterday that fear was finally lifted and the reveals could go in earnest.

3. The driver is fined by the policeman for exceeding the speed limit.

4. Why was Rudolph clapped on the back by Sid Closett, who had been Mayor of Whit by until the last election and who was sent every four years as a delegate to the Republican convention?

5. His presence there is not intended to be common knowledge.

6. Are they incarcerated on the fourth floor on the tower?

7. If any of Britain`s five major plants are closed it will be clear statement that Britain is finished as a manufacturing and industrial nation.

Упражнение 4

Подчеркните предложения, в которых сказуемое в страдательном залоге, выпишите последние и переведите.

1. All the documents are kept in perfect order.

2. I meant I was a youthful thing and unimportant, and that there was no need to include me in the conversation.

3. Not a word was spoken, not a sound was made.

4. What are you going to do if it turns out badly?

5. Were the singers given so many flowers that they could hardly hold them?

6. We were taping the lesson when you phoned.

Упражнение 5

Прочитайте предложения, назовите сказуемые в страдательном залоге, переведите .

1. In a room into which I was introduced by accident I saw a prisoner, whom Mr Mars had brought from the Isles of Saint-Marguerite.

2. I am thinking of you and of a hotel in Madrid where I know some Russians and of a book which was written by my brother.

3. Robert Jordan said nothing until they reached the meadow where the horses were staked and fed.

4. In the struggle for existence, as I have shown the strong and the progeny of strong tend to survive, while the weak and the progeny of weak are crushed.

Упражнение 6

Прочитайте предложения, написанные без интервалов между словами. Выделите вертикальными чертами границы слов (включая артикли, союзы, предлоги), ответьте на вопросы.

1. myfriendwasnotaskedatthelessonyesterday.

2. breadiseateneveryday.

3. thestudentsfoundinterestinginformationinthatbook.

4. manyhousesarebuiltinourtowneveryyear.


- в каких предложениях сказуемое в страдательном залоге? Назовите.

- в каком предложении используется отрицательная форма страдательного залога? Назовите.

- в каких предложениях говорится, что действие происходит в настоящем времени?

- сколько глаголов в третьем предложении?

Упражнение 7

Прочитайте текст, подчеркните сказуемые в страдательном залоге, переведите.

Many great cities of the world were built hundred years ago. During their long history some of them were destroyed several times, and then rebuilt.

London, for instance, was built down in the Great Fire of 1666. When Napoleon`s army entered Moscow in 1812, the city was nearby empty and in flames. Most of the houses were destroyed by the fire and many were badly damaged.

A lot of beautiful cities were left in ruins after the World Wars.

Serious damage is done to cities and villages by floods, hurricanes. Earthquakes and still more by was and industrial , pollution.

Упражнение 8

Прочитайте текст, подчеркните сказуемые в страдательном залоге, переведите.

My uncle Tom used to work on the railway. It wasn`t at a big station: it was a little place called Lowton Cross. Tom was station-master , chief-porter and signal- man all in one; in fact Tom did any work that came along. Lowton Cross was the pride of his heart; the waiting- room was cleaned every day by the chief cleaner (Tom); the chairs were polished by the chief- polisher (Tom); and the tickets were sold and collected, by the chief ticket-collector (Tom); and the money was counted every evening by the chief clerk (Tom).

The station was run well: Tom was very strict about «rules». He knew what a passenger was allowed to do and what and what he wasn`t allowed to do, where he was allowed to smoke and where he wasn`t allowed to smoke. And if any passengers dared to do anything that was against the rules, there was trouble at Lowton Cross. Tom was there for 50 years and there was not a happier man in the whole England.

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