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ИнфоурокИностранные языкиКонспектыПлан урока английского языка " Superstitions"

План урока английского языка " Superstitions"

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Lesson Plan 1



Fifth grade ( ages 10-11); elementary ESL. Children have no exposure to English outside of class. There are 13-14 children in each group. English is practiced 45 minutes three times a week. They have been having English from 8 years old.


This is a Secondary School where I have three lessons a day with different children.


Students are learning about superstitions in their country and in other countries. In previous classes they have read an article about the survey of professor Angela Webster about the superstitions. Students have learnt some words about the topic. They listened to some interesting stories and discussed them in pairs and in groups. I am expanding a previously learned point. The following this lesson I will suggest children written practice according the topic. This is a reading lesson. It is a middle lesson.


This is a middle lesson in the series of activities leading to students` creative writing about ghosts and superstitions, based on one of the texts and they have read and plan (enclosed). They will write their own real story. They will be able to use new vocabulary, their oral performance during the discussion the previous lesson. Their creative writings will be evaluated by their peers and their teacher. The lesson will allow students to express their fears and the emotional hardships.



Paper and pen. Students` Book ,a trail of a film, plan for creative writing( handout made by teacher),pictures, CD


Michael Harris, David Mower, Anna Sikorzynska, Irina Larionova, Oksana Melchina, Irina Solokova Opportunities Russian Edition Elementary (2008)144 ,126-127

Siting sources








Teacher does/says

Students do/say

Approximate Time Needed

Shows some pictures

Says:Look at the pictures

-What can you say about them?

-Do you believe in superstitions?

-Tell the class your experiences?

Warms up students, motivates them for working.

Encourages students to use English in replies.

Praises students for good answers

Have you read the story about The Canterville Ghost?

Would you like to read? I promise it will be very exciting.

Give their answer and predictions.

Respond with something about their own stories.

5 min

Says:But before reading we are translating some words for better understanding.

SB ex1 p126

Blood, chains, corridor, ghost, jewellery, library, servant, skeleton ( they are in the SB)

I`d like to work in pairs. I will come around and help you.

Helps students with translation.

Evocates them.

Checks up the translation.

SB ex2 p126

Look at the picture and title. What do you think the story is about? Choose a title of the following.


Read and listen to the story. Are the statements true or false?

Translate the words in pairs

Look at the picture before the text, read the title, predict the content.

Listen to the story and decide if the statements are true or false.

7 min

Says: Now we are coming to our reading.

Assigns students to teams (3 persons), mixing levels and abilities.

You are reading the text in groups using the algorithm. I will come around to help you.

Circulates around groups to make sure the story is being read; and each student has a chance to read.

Determines which students have difficulty reading the story, helps them.

Form teams with teacher`s guidance, and pull chairs together to read.

Read the story using the algorithm (enclosed)

20 min


Says:Now you know what the story is about. So, try to make up a summary of it using the plan

(Individual work)

Make up summary using the plan

1….lived in….







11 min


Says: Use the plan (enclosed)and write your own story about a ghost.

Write the homework down and ask question they have.

2 min

Algorithm for Group Working (reading)

1. Learners read a text n mind individually

2. One of the learners is “a teacher”. The others are students.

3.” The teacher”- summarizes he content of a paragraph

-makes up a question and ask other students to answer it

-explains what is difficult to understand

-predicts what the following part will be about

4. “ The teacher” gives his role to another student.

Plan for creative writing

0. It was in……

1. Mysterious noises came…..

2. People tried….

3. This horror story was about a…..

4.Children were afraid of…..

5.Your own end of the story


For this class, the teacher will make a note of students` reading and speaking. She will help students with vocabulary and phrasing as they speak to the group. She will check individually with students who had problems with reading and speaking. The teacher uses a simple checklist of student names to keep track of which students have read and spoken in the group. As for summative assessment it is a written practice as a homework.


This lesson integrates reading with speaking in a small group. So it integrates different skills: reading, oral performance and writing. The lesson includes alternative assessment during the group activity and later when I speak individually with students who couldn`t speak up. This will help me find out which students need more help with reading and speaking assignments. I will keep track of the students who need more help, and check later in the term to see their progress.

I haven`t changed anything and nothing added. I think the lesson is quite successful because it has been tried out in the real class. All the required aspects are followed.

In the lesson plan I used differentiated instructions when I explained how to read the text according to the algorithm. As all the groups are mixed, so I suggested to higher level students read big paragraphs and help those who had difficulties. Students worked together and taught each other. So they listened to their peers` answers and could evaluate them. I organized the class, observed the pair work, group work and individual work. I could control students` discipline, too. All the learners were quite busy at the lesson. They had no time for misbehavior. The students were interested in the topic, because mystery is a topic which is extremely exciting. Some video and pictures kept their motivation. Different types of work at the lesson kept their motivation, too. They didn`t notice when the lesson was over. Some days later the students wrote incredible, scary, interesting stories. That was a result of my and students` work.

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