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План урока на тему "At the doctor's" 7 класс

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At the doctor’s



English 7th form


- to present and practice the theme illness; to encourage to express their opinions.

- to develop pupils reading, writing, thinking and speaking skills and enrich their vocabulary.

- to teach them held the healthy way of life; to create interest in studying English.


- to present new vocabulary and practice

- to present should and shouldn’t

- to work in pairs and in a group.

The type of the lesson

new lesson

Methods of the lesson

the round table, strategies of critical thinking; “diagram”, pair and group work, question-answer, dialogue.

Visual aids

computer, projector, book, pictures, flesh cards, slides, posters.

Procedure of the lesson :

Procedure of the Lesson



  1. Organization moment

  • Good morning pupils!

  • How are you today?

  • Who is on duty today?

  • Who is absent?

  • What day is it today?

  • What date is it today?

  • What month is it now?

  • What season is it now?

  • Heart to heart

  • Divide into three groups : doctor, nurse, patient

  • Watching the video : “At the doctor’s”

  • Task: answer the questions

  • What is the video about?

  • What symptoms does she has?

  • How does she feel?

  • What is her illness?

  • How do you think what is the theme of our lesson?

  • The theme of today’s lesson is illness. Today we will learn new words about illness and grammar should and shouldn’t.

T Ps

Duty will answer the questions


Stay in a circle and say good wishes to each other.

Pupils will answer the questions

Presentation of the new words and grammar

Vocabulary :

sick ( adj) [ sik] – өзін ауру сезіну

hurt (v) – [ hӨ:t] – ауыртып алу

a sore throat (n) [ sͻ:ϴrout] – тамақ ауруы

faint (v) [ feint] – есінен тану

ache (n) [ eik] - ауру

Modal verb should\ shouldn’t

We use should or shouldn’t + verb to ask for and to give advice.

For example :

I should call an ambulance.

Should Martin ring 999?

Yes, he should.

Should I listen to his advice?

No, you shouldn’t

Pupils will write new words and grammar.

The main part of the lesson

- Ex. 1 p.96 Match the sentences with the pictures.

- Ex. 2 p. 96 Listen and complete the dialogue.

- Make up own dialogue.

Pupils will answer the questions and act the dialogue.


Pupils will dance.

Conclusion of the lesson

Work with posters

Doctor : make up sentences with pictures

Nurse : What should we eat?

What shouldn’t we eat?

Patient : Make up right proverbs about health and give Kazakh equivalents .


The captains will evaluate members of the group


  • Do you like the lesson?

  • What do you learn today?

  • What new words did you know?

Pupils will write their opinions about lesson.

Home work

Ex.4,5 p. 97

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