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Подборка фонетических зарядок по английскому языку

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Sandy If you, Sandy, have two candies

Andy Give your candy to Andy, Sandy.

candy If you, Andy, have two candies

have Give your candy to Sandy, Andy.

Hat Fact A black cat sat on a mat.

Mat Man

Sat Bad That’s the man that sat

Cat that On my black hat in the tram.

Black He’s a bad man, that’s the fact.

Lad Once there lived a lad

Sad Who was always very sad

Dad For he hadn’t any mother

Hadn’t And he hadn’t any dad.

Act. Apple. Abbey. Abstract. Absence.

Beastly appetite. Silly ass. Lively action.

The atmosphere. The adverb. The attitude.

That’s bad. 1) – It’s an absolute scandal!

And that’s that. - Absolute scandal? Are you sure?

Can you imagine that?

Fancy! Fancy that! 2) – What happened to Jack?

That’s bad grammar. - Don’t worry. He failed his exam!

That’s absolutely fantastic!

Is that the man who attacked you? 3) – Hullo, Dad!

Jack can do it that way. - Good morning, Sam!

[ е ]

[ e ] [ æ ] Happy end. Busy editor.

Egg bag Dirty entrance. The emblem.

Bed bad The energy. The envelope.

Men man Merry. Any. Many. Question.

Red glad

Says sad Nelly has seven red pens,

Pen plan And Sally has ten.

Together to gather

Beg bag Pat keeps two pets:

Head had A cat and a rat.

Met mat Pat likes her pets

pet Pat And his two pets like Pat.

Guess gas

Better matter Better to do well than to say well.

Ready Daddy

Well said. Press bell. Get better.

Very well, then. Well, I never.

He’s telling me he isn’t ready yet.

  1. I can’t come before Wednesday.

- Before when?

  1. You met him on the tenth of September.

- You met him when?

  1. I shall never help him again.

- Never is a very dangerous word to say.

[ i: ]

[ i: ] [ I ]

least list One, two three,

eat it Let me see

deal Bill Who likes coffee

beach switch And who likes tea.

field built One, two, three

people simple Oh, I see.

Leave live You all like coffee

Sheep ship And I like tea.

Seat sit

Feel fill A sailor went to sea

Need did To see what he could see.

Easy busy But all he could see

Meeting pretty Was sea, sea, sea.

Sea captain. Knee-deep. Sea coast. 1) – It’s a fine piece of work, Jean.

Three each. No equals. Go east. - Do you really mean that?

Please. The evening. The eagles. The east. 2) - Peter’s staying with us next week.

Appeal. Indeed. Reading. Creature. - Do bring him round to see us.

Pleased to meet you. 3) - When shall we meet you?

Please, be seated. - After tea?

Extremes meet. 4) - I’m afraid he is not free this evening.

Eating between meals? - When’s he likely to be free?

Steve is eager to please the teacher.

The teacher has every reason to be displeased.

He speaks Chinese and Japanese with equal ease.

[ I ]

[ I ]

pit big Little Bill, sit still.

hid till Will you sit still, little Bill?

Sit miss

Lit list Big cities are hidden in thick mist.

This silly

Tin little ‘Tick’, the clock says.

Bill sister ‘Tick, tick, tick.

Still What you have to do

Twist Do quick’.


The industry. The interview. The issue.

Infinitive. Impossibility. Initiative. Institute.

Is Mickey in?

It isn’t cricket.

It’s the limit.

Willie’s quick-witted.

It isn’t his business, is it?

It is written in simple English, isn’t it?

1) – The digging’s finished.

- Is it? All of it?

2) – Whose responsibility is it?

- Whose responsibility? Why, Bill’s.

3) – How many children has Jill?

- How many? Six, I think.

[ Λ ]

mother lucky

brother young

son something Every country has its customs.

Russian lunch

must doesn’t There’s a bus coming. Hurry up!

disjunctive hurry

study hungry Come to lunch, Bunny!

London sun

Shutter. Summit. Submarine.

Mummy. Sonny. Hurry. Southern.

Come. Some. None. Done. Tongue.

Wealthy uncle. Cruelly unjust.

Tough luck. Just my luck.

Double Dutch.

Come to lunch, Bunny!

Does the bus run every other Monday?

None but dullards copy one another.

Don’t touch this money till next month.

There wasn’t much sunshine in London last Monday.

This train doesn’t run on Sundays.

- Come by bus, then.

[ a: ]

[a:] [Λ]

car March much

pass glass fuss He laughs best who laughs last.

garden clerk luck

father fast just The car passed the park at half past five in the afternoon.

basket rather other

carpet class bus

at last harm come

part aunt front

glass father mother




Army. Party. Drama. Hardly. Tomato. 1) – Pass me that card, Bart.

Cart – cut. Barn – bun. Harm – hum. - Which card?

New art. Heavy armchair. Enemy army. 2) – I asked Arthur yesterday.

The architect. The Arctic. The Argentine. - And what was his answer?

Hard bargain!

Start the car.

I hardly like the remark, Papa. 3) – Parker’s on the phone.

Cars can’t be parked here after dark. - Ask him about my car.

Shan’t we dance after classes?

The exam will be rather hard to pass. 4) – Shall I pass them to Martin?

I can’t stay after classes. - Pass them to me rather.

[ u ]



good Look at this good cookery-book.


put Too good to be true.


sugar It looks good.




Good. Could. Would. Should. Room. Wood.

Woman. Sugar. Pudding. Bullet.

Full. Bull. Wool. Wolves. Pullman.

Could you if you would? 1) – He injured his foot. So he couldn’t play.

Here’s your cook-book. - Why couldn’t he play?

Keep a good look-out. 2) – Mrs. Cook’s looking for you.

It wouldn’t look good, would it? - Looking for me? Mr. Cook?

Would you help the woman if you could? 3) – Could you show me how to cook that pudding?

I can’t help looking, could I? - I would if I could, but I never cooked that pudding.

Would you wait till I’ve had time to look for it?

You’d better put on your woollen pullover.

[ u: ]

new [u: ] [ u ]

shoe route foot

school suit put

music shoot should

do too to



moon How do you do?


who Soon the cool moon will shine on the gloomy pool.





Neutral. Beauty. Duty. Humour. 1) – This is Mr. Doolittle.

Too moody. New school. Too gloomy. – How do you do?

Cucumber. Kangaroo. Hooligan.

Junior. Wounded. Balloon. Include. 2) – What would you do?

- It’s up to you. You must make up your own mind.

Who’ll do the rooms?

You’re the nuisance, too. 3) – It’s absolutely true.

Rupert will do beautifully. - But who’s going to believe it?

Review the rules for the future tenses.

Do you usually have two pupils on duty? 4) – I arrived on Tuesday afternoon.

Read the newspaper review through and through. - At exactly what time in the afternoon?

We’re moving very soon, before the end of June.

5) – Which would you choose if you were me?

- The new one, of course.

[ o ]

Tom Sorry.

dog I am sorry.

watch I am very sorry.

what I am sorry indeed.

what not I am very sorry indeed.

John Molly got a lot of spots on her frock.

pocket What’s wrong?

box What’s the problem?

doctor What’s going on?

New office. Funny opera. Solitary object. 1) – It’ll cost a lot of dollars.

The orator. The origin. The opposite. – Obviously.

Politics. Honour. Knowledge. Godmother. 2) – Molly’s being very obstinate.

Not for toffees! - Then you be obstinate, too.

Possibly not. 3) - What about Hob’s offer?

Upon my honour. - Was it an offer, in fact?

What a lot of nonsense!

Will you be gone long, John?

Was it not possible to stop, Tom?

This cloth wants washing.

[ o: ]

ball [ o ] [o: ]


draw cross course

small hot bought

sport shot short

daughter dog door The porter’s daughter caught a small tortoise.

porter doctor porter

of course doll tall Many words hurt more than swords.

door gone torn

floor got ought Is this ball big or small?

storm knock talk

talk doctor daughter





The order. The orchestra. The orbit.

Highly organized. New order.

Daughter. Morning. Naughty. Walking.

All aboard.

All the more so.

To cut a long story short.

It’s all your fault.

To talk to George is like talking to the wall.

Call me at a quarter to four.

Your daughters are all tall.

Could you show me the shortest way to the port?

I caught a cold when I walked along the shore.

1) – George was rather a bore tonight.

- Isn’t h always?

2) – We still need his support, don’t we?

- More than ever before.

3) – You haven’t brought enough of them.

- I shall be bringing some more later in the morning.

[ ou ]




radio Oh, no! Don’t go home alone.


only Nobody knows how lonely the road is.


don’t Rose won’t go home alone, I suppose.


go Soames never boasts of what he knows, and Rose never knows of what she low boasts.

suppose So the old boat floated slowly to the coast.




Boat. Soak. Toast. Roast. Host. Photo. 1) – You can phone me tomorrow.

Window. Potato. Yellow. Tomato. Cargo. - When can I phone you?

Slow answer. Go out. Blue ocean. Very old.

The opening. The only one. The overcoat. 2) – It’s going to turn cold.

I suppose so. No go. Go slow. Nobody home. - Think so?

Follow your nose. There’s no knowing.

No smoking. Don’t grow cold. I vote we go home. 3) – Shall we go boating?

Stones grow old. I hope you are both going home. - Tomorrow?

There’s no place like home.

I hope you know who wrote those poems. 4) – I stopped smoking a long time ago.

[ oi ]


Roy many boys Tom is a little boy.

joy much noise He is a good boy but he is very noisy.

toy many voices Tom has many toys.

voice much oil

noise Noisy toys point to boys.

choice a noisy city

oil a good choice Boys’ voices are joyous.

soil a fine voice

toil a nice boy Boys will be boys.

Oil. Toil. Soil. Spoil. Point. Boil. Toilet.

Annoy. Poison. Destroy. Exploit.

The noise is annoying.

Join me in the voyage.

It’s beyond the point.

What’s the boiling point of oil?

Small boys like noise-making toys.

Roy was annoyed with the boy because he’d spoiled his toy.

1) – Is that your little boy?

- My little boy?

2) - Whatever made you join them?

- It couldn’t be avoided.

3) - There’s no point in asking Roy.

- He’s got a good voice.

4) – He refused point blank.

- How very annoying!

[ ə: ]

girl term

bird third

work word The third word is heard.

learn university Her birthday is on Thursday, the thirty-first of May.

nurse thirty-first Certainly, sir.

first Thursday

worth worst

fur heard

firm word

verb Germany

verse alternative

Earth. Early. Earnest. Dirt. Skirt. Girl. 1) – Are your girls learning German?

Very early. Thirsty earth. Vitally urgent. - Yes, very earnestly.

The earthquake. The earnings.

Emergency. Interpreter. Surface. 2) – It’s my birthday today.

Return. Excursion. Journey. Surgeon. - Very many happy returns!

I’ve overheard the word.

I’ll turn in early. 3) – Which do you prefer?

A worm will turn. - The lower birth, of course.

What a hurly-burly girl she is.

Repeat the verse word for word. 4) – Can I have a word with you?

The work will serve no purpose. - Certainly.

Earnest is determined to learn German. 5) – I’ve missed my turn.

The first and the third verses were most difficult to learn. - Serves you right.

[ ŋ ]

young everything

tongue nothing

among interesting Spades for digging,

long good-looking Pens for writing,

song reading Ears for hearing,

wrong speaking Teeth for biting.

ring swimming Eyes for seeing,

sing singing Legs for walking,

bang teaching Tongues for tasting,

sang writing And for talking.

rang learning

morning ringing

evening giving

language English

frank thanks

Strong nature. Shining needle. Fishing net. 1) – It’s quite wrong.

Leading newspaper. Charming manner. - How do you know it’s wrong?

Finger. Stronger. Anger. English. Jungle.

Nothing is wrong. 2) – What are you doing these days?

Things are mending. - Earning my living and going to evening classes.

Bring them along.

Thanks for calling.

Everything’s going wrong.

Saying and doing are two things.

Some Englishmen are murdering King’s English.

[ au ]


brown [ Λ ] [ au ] Sit down!

how Read aloud.

down shut shout Speak loudly.

now run round Sound every vowel in the word ‘towel’.

shout fuss house

about bus blouse How, how, Brown Owl,

town front count Why do you frown

pound done down Down at the mouse

found hundred scoundrel On the ground?

sound running Browning




Outbreak. Outlaw. Outline. Pound. Sound. 1) – I have to go out now.

Cowboy. Mountain. County. Boundless. - How long will you be out?

Lucky outcome. Early hours. New outlook. 2) – I gave him a pound to buy a fountain pen.

Out of bounds! - A pound won’t be enough.

Out of doubt. 3) – Some flowers for you.

I’m doubtful about the hour. - How nice! How sweet of you!

They found themselves about the town tower. 4) – I really must go now.

Out of the house to the grounds. - Well, good bye, Powel.

Mr. Brown was not allowed to go out of the house.

It took her about an hour to get to town.

[ ai ]



nice [ au ] [ ai ] I like life.

why found find Buy my nice pies.

cry how high Tigers and lions bite.

my out white Science fights lies.

buy loud light Out of sight out of mind.

pie pound plight

sign house nice

lie shout sight

mine down nine

five sound sight

time towel tight

Ice. Either. Iron. Pie. Try. Fly. Sky. 1) – Mike’ll meet us at nine.

Rocky island. Bitter irony. First try. - At what time?

The Irish. The ice cream. The eyesight. 2) - Would you like to try?

- Would I like to try?

Time flies!

Go to bye-bye.

Mind your eyes! 3) – Tell me the time, please.

I had a white night. - Tell you the time? Nine minutes past 9.

I find it quite right.

Stop piping the eye like the crocodile. 4) – These matches won’t strike.

The island is nine miles long and five miles wide. - Mine strike.

The climate is pretty mild in Ireland.

I should like you to write your reply on Friday.

[ θ ]


think [ s ] [ θ ] One, two three we are free.

thank you I think they both have a toothache.

everything sing thing Susan thinks that this is a bit thick.

third sink think Fred fried three fresh fish.

thirty sin thin

thin sort thought He couldn’t say ‘fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth’ quickly,

thousand tense tenth But he could say,

mouth force fourth ‘Sixty-six sheep need sixty-six shepherds’.

fifth yes death

twelfth course north is thick has thick

fifth once month is thin has thin

depth first earth

Fourth side. Twentieth sign. Twelfth song. 1) – Thank you so much.

Immense theatre. Serious thing. Beneath you. - Not at all, thank you.

Wise theory. Silent threat. Golden thought.

Those things. Worthless. Strengthen. Death mask. 2) – I’m so sorry, I threw it out.

Myths. Deaths. Lengths. Baths. Depths. - Don’t give it another thought.

Nothing like youth.

Think things over.

When three Thursdays come together.

A thousand thanks to you both.

Thomas thinks of terrible things, of nothing but death in a month.

I have a thousand and one thing to ask you.

I must speak the truth and nothing but truth.

[ ð ]


that What is this

then And what is that?

There This is a dog

They And that is a cat.

with them

please them This one. That one. Go there.

tell them This is the thing. This is the story.

mother With love. With me. With mother. Clothes.

father They gathered all the brothers.

is this is that

it’s this it’s that

When then? This and that. A good thing, though.

Please them. Choose them. Tease them.

Write them. Meet them. Beat them. Tell them.

With salt. With sand. With snow. With love.

With me. With mother. With water.

Is this the thing? Is this the same thing?

What’s the matter? What’s the idea? What’s the trouble? What’s the difference?

And that’s that.

That’s neither here nor there. 1) – Does the noise bother you?

Then there’s another thing. - Rather.

I’ll do anything rather than that.

You never know with the weather. 2) – It all depends on the weather.

They couldn’t tell one brother from the other. - Why does it depend on the weather.

There’s no one there, neither mother nor father.

This film is no worse than the others. 3) – What shall I do with these things?

The less men think the more they talk. - Take them out and clean them.

I think this thing is theirs.

[ w ]


wife [ w ] [ v ]

what went vent Why do you cry, Willie?

when wet vet Why do you cry?

where while vile Why, Willie, why, Willie,

white wine vine Why, Willie, why?

window west vest

woman worse verse Why worry?

women very well Away with war.


quickly Walter was with us when we went away

twelve Walter always knows what’s what.

Queen. Quick. Quite. Question. Quarrel.

Safe way. Rough water. Waterproof watch.

Twice. Twelve. Twenty. Twins. Tweed. Twist.

Time works wonders. 1) – Walter is coming as well.

Whatever will we do? - Splendid! I was afraid he wouldn’t be able to.

We’ll walk whatever the weather.

We see what we wish to. 2) – No sign of William yet.

We wondered where we were. - He always keeps us waiting.

The sweater will wear well.

When will we meet? 3) – What did you think of the equipment?

It was a wonder the weather was so wet. - It was wonderful!

No sweet without sweat.

William always wears a very warm woollen vest in winter. 4) – What do you think, Walter?

Victor however, will never wear woollen underwear - Does it matter what I think?

Even in the Wild West.

[ r ]


to rent a room a teacher of English

write the grammar of English

red Come for a walk.

read the colour of this rock

rugby Dinner is ready.

ring Here is an apple for you.

restaurant There are better apples in our own garden.

very sorry She spent an hour alone in that car of yours.

very well Harry very rarely writes.

brown Don’t run across the narrow bridge.




Very sorry. Quarrel. Merry. For ever.

Fresh roses. Clean room. Wise raven. 1) – I am terribly worried about that.

Nuclear arms. Nuclear energy. Fire alarm. - Why should it worry you?

Rack your brains.

Very true. 2) – This is my new radio set.

Rather curious. - Is it really?

It’s rather strange, yet true.

The three ‘R’s are Reading, Writing and (a)rithmetic. 3) – I am most terribly sorry!

When angry count a hundred. - You have no reason to be.

There is neither rhyme nor reason in it.

When a friend asks, there is no tomorrow.

She never really looks very well.

[ t ]

[ tr ] [ tl ] [ tn ]

train little bitten a bit of at the Nelson’s

tree kettle kitten fit it at the bed

try settle beaten put it at the camp

true gentle tighten eat it at this time

street battle meet me let us at that map

country cattle can’t be

instrument title can’t think

stress stopped him


It’s better to talk too little than to talk too much.

Tell Tom to come to tea tomorrow.

Separate table. Perfect tact. Pleasant talk.

Lost chance. Private garden. Quiet gaze.

Beetle. Battle. Butler. Button. Cotton. Kitten.

Treaty. Trouble. Tram. Twins. Twist. Twice. Twain.

Good taste. Red tape. Bad temper.

Silent thanks. Elegant theatre. Pleasant thought.

Write them. Respect them. Correct them.

After dinner, if you are not too tired, you’ll tell me about it.

Tom was in time, and so was Tim.

The more I thought about it the less I liked it. 1) – What made him take it?

Cut it short. - He took it because he wanted it.

Try to put it right.

Don’t take it to heart. 2) - I may be a bit late.

I don’t like my tea too strong. - That wouldn’t matter in the least.

Put two and two together.

[ p ]

pen [ pt ] cheap book

pet stopped jump down

pit hoped drop it here The puppy pulled a piece of pretty pink paper

out of Peter’s pocket.

paper wept drop by drop

pass shipped up to now

place kept a cup of tea

plate chapter a cup of coffee




Deep pit. Cheap paper. Lamp posts. 1) – Whose pen is this?

Damp places. Ripe pears. Soup plate. - Peter’s, perhaps.

Stop buying. Shop-bell. Top- boots.

Captain. Chapter. September. 2) – Where does Paula come from?

Sheep-dog. Sharp glance. Deep gratitude. - Spain, I think.

Wild passion. Large portion. Active part.

Strange people. Skilled pilot. 3) – Who gave him the paper?

Stop them. Type them. Keep them. - Patrick did.

Speak up.

Present company excepted. 4) – Pass me that picture, please.

Keep up appearances. - Which picture?

Pete’s as pleased as Punch.

Peg’s as pretty as a picture. 5) – It all depends on Peter.

Don’t pass up the opportunity, Rupert. – Does it depend on him?

[ k ]

[ kt ]

cat act black dog Every country has its custom.

coat fact black cat Kate caught the kitten and kissed it.

car talked

call walked

school picked

walk looked




Black cat. Weak coffee. Dark corridor.

Rock’n roll. Dark night. Black magic.

Quiet. Quite. Quality. Quantity. Quick.

Cut and come again. 1) – Can Jack and Kate come to tea?

The coast is clear. – Kate can. But Jack can’t.

Ken’s as cold as a cucumber.

Keep quite quiet. 2) – Nobody can come.

Come back and keep us company. - Kitty can.

School keeps on till six o’clock.

Come back as quick as you can. 3) – I don’t like the look of these cows.

I can’t understand what the kids are talking about. - Quiet.

I can ask your cousin to come to tea. 4) – Can you play cricket?

I think you’d better ask the cook. - Once I could.

[ h ]

he behave Savage hate Happy birthday!

harm behind effective help Hold your head high.

horse somehow cold hands Henry is as hungry as a hunter.

who a house huge head I hope I haven’t hurt him.

huge the honey superb hair Every man has his hobby-horse.

her unhappy expensive habit Happy hearts make happy homes.

high enhance How horrid of him.

How Hilda is head over heals in love with him.

Hoist Helen hated to meet him here.


1) – How many hats has she got?

- At least a dozen, I hope.

2) – Whose house is this?

- Mr. Hornsby’s, I think.

3) – What sort of holiday did you have?

- Perfectly horrid!

4) – Does he come here often?

- Hardly ever

[ b ]

beauty table be brief Ben’s a bag of bones.

boom about a bad job Betty’s as bald as brass.

boast hobby

best member

Don’t be a busy body, baby. 1) – Whose book is this?

Barbara’s as busy as a bee. - Bobby Barton’s.

Bob lives at the back of beyond. 2) – I hate cabbage.

Buy me a bike. - So does Barbara.

You’d better ask Barbara. 3) - What’s Burton’s job?

We’d better have a bite before we go. - He is in the bakery business.



__________ Oh! No! Why! Fine. Sure. When?

___________ Good. Quick. Right. Wait. Stop.


___________ Have you? Is it? Can’t you?

___________ Does it? Aren’t they? Oughtn’t she?

Wait for her. Talk to her. Write to them.

Borrow one. Show mw one.


___________ She had to. I’d like to. Of course not. A friend of mine. She wasn’t there.

___________ You must tell her. He’ll be happy. Just listen. And so on.

He came with us.

In a day or two. I thought so.


___________ Come here. Look here. Sit down. Don’t leave. Look out. No more.

___________ Ask John. Not now. How strange. Quite right. That’s true.

That’s all. What for? Where to? Who from?

I’ll finish it now. She married Mary’s brother.

She asked me to go. It’s time the children went to bed.

I am sorry I came. How many people have you invited to dinner?

He doesn’t speak much English. What sort of weather do you have in London?

He’s never very punctual.



___________ Yes. Fine. Now. Who? Why? Where?

___________ Me? All? Stop. Good. Right.


___________ Careful. Always. May I? Is there? Can’t you? Aren’t we? Try to.

___________ Sorry. Thank you. Really? Wait a bit. Possibly. Hasn’t she?


___________ Remember. We haven’t. Continue. I’m sorry. Is he happy?

___________ Does it matter? Do you think so? There’s plenty.


___________ That’s right. That’s good. That’s all. Never mind. Don’t bother.

___________ Good bye. Come here. Why not? How soon? Later on?

Not now? Cheer up! Sit down. Who’s that?

All right. Well done. No, thanks.

Can you come to lunch tomorrow?

Shall I answer the door?

Have you heard the news?

Have you been waiting long?

Were you in time?

There’s plenty of time to prepare the dinner.

Ring me up some time on Thursday.

Come and stay with us again soon.



___________ Help! Yes. No. Why! More. Good.

___________ Fine Mine. Wait. Quick.


___________ Always. Really. Was it? Thank you. Fancy! Surely.

___________ Gladly. Stop it. Wait for them. Certainly.


___________ It’s easy. Good gracious! How lovely! He’s coming. Good morning!

___________ She might be. By no means. We’ve seen it. I’ll call on him.


___________ Why not? Well done! I say! How strange! Ask John.

___________ Oh, God! Bad luck. Thank you! Look out!

I think you’d better ask the others.

I thought it was going to rain.

I couldn’t say ‘no’ to you.

In spring it rains a lot.

We haven’t seen him for years.

But think of all the difficulties.

Skiing is the sport for you.

Nobody told me what to do about it.

Why do you have to leave at once?

It’s more than I can afford.

I know you well.

What nonsense!



___________ Yes? Me? Here? When? What?

___________ Now? You? Right? Wait?


___________ Often? Really? May I? Like it? Which one? My fault?

___________ Must I? Isn’t he? Interesting? All of it?


___________ You thought so? You like him? You’ve lost it? They think so?

___________ You feel it? In October? It’s a new one?


___________ No more? Not true? Too big? What for? Well done?

___________ Right now? Too busy? No news? Three times?

Another cup of tea?

You don’t regret it?

You want it back?

Something the matter, Ann?

It’s not the one you want?

She married Mary’s brother?

Don’t worry, did you say?

Who should I write to?

Where am I to sit?



___________ Yes. No. Well. Read. Quick. Look.



___________ Show me. Always. Sorry. I did. Come on!

___________ This time. Help me. Catch me. Hello!

___________ That’s right! That’s good. Yes, please.

___________ Jolly good. Here you are. Many thanks.


___________ Be careful. It’s easy. She might be. ___________

___________ We broke it. Not remember. He’s coming ___________


___________ I beg your pardon. He asked me to do it.

___________ You told me to ask her. How are you, Mr. Richards?

What shall I do, Paul? Well, what’s the time, please?

He can’t hear me.

You won’t see him.

We know where it is.

I know he is very well-read.

It must be finished in time.

Do be quick.

That’s enough.

We don’t mind.

I beg your pardon.



___________ No. Try. Thanks. Quite. Good.



___________ Really. Always. Show me. Ask him. Thank you.

___________ Can’t you? Do so. Keep it. Aren’t they?


___________ Naturally. Probably. Perfectly.

___________ You can go. Do sit down. That was good.

Any time you like.

That’s what you think.

I quite agree with you.

Nobody at all.

I thought you knew.

I simply hated it.

How did you manage it?

Isn’t it ridiculous?

Which is the best way to do it?

But I don’t want them to come.

I’m much obliged to you all.

I don’t like them very much.

That’s perfectly true.

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