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Поурочный план " We love the world"

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Secondary school №6

The theme:

We love the world

(an open lesson)

(5a form)

The teacher: A.Ismagulova

2015-2016 school year

Approved: S.Ongarbaeva



5a form


The theme

We love the world

The main idea: To include 7 modules to the lesson

The aim of the study: To use new words in the speech and discussion an English language about world, to develop student`s creative and logical abilities, understanding, reading and writing to protect our nature and save our planet

Success Criteria

All students: they will be able to speak about world, to know new words and use in the speech

The most of the students: they will be able to know new words and use in the speech, to speak about world,

Every students: they will be able to know new words and use in the speech, to read the text about world,


The actions of the teacher

The actions of the students



5 min

To greet pupils and make groups

To greet teacher and make 3 groups:

1. River
2. Earth
3. Mountain

Assessment paper




5 min

Teacher will show the pictures and give warm up

Warm - up
The 1 - st letter of water
The 2 - nd letter of south
The 3 - rd letter of card
The 4 - th letter of hill
The 5 - th letter of holiday
Answer: W O R L D

3 claps

Pictures of world

a book

Realization of meaning

5 min

3 min

3 min

5 min

3 min

4 min

Teacher will give ex 1

A three-step interview”

(Үш қадам сұхбат)

Teacher will give new words

Teacher will switch on the video, song “This is our world”

Teacher will give the text to read and translate

Teacher will give to make a poster about “Ecological problems”

Teacher will give to make a dialogue

One pupil will ask next pupil will answer the questions, the 3rd pupil will write about interview :
I group -
1. Do you pollute water?
2. Do you cut trees?
3. Do you water trees?

4. Do you dump rubbish?
II group -
1. Do you catch fish?
2. Do you plant trees?
3. Do you plant flowers?

4.Do you walk a lot?
III group -
1. Do you dump rubbish?
2. Do you help the nature?
3. Do you ride a bike?

4. Do you burn trees?

They will write and learn new words:

World [wә:ld] әлем

Caviar [`kәevia:]уылдырық

Nature [`neitSә]табиғат

Red herring[`red `heriŋ]қызыл балық

They will listen and sing the song

Individual work: They will read the text

Group works: They will make a poster

Pair works: They will make up dialogue

Mark each other,


Student`s books




Marker, papers, pencils


4 min

Teacher will give ex 10

Students will write a letter to the people who destroy the environment

Mark each other,




4 min

Teacher will give to do the feedback

They will do feedback

criteria-based assessment

The paper of feedback

1 min

Home-work: ex7

3 min


To mark

assessment of the total


The questions to think about after the lessons:

What was successful?

What has failed?

What can be improved?

What will I be able to develop: What will I change?

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