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Поурочный план по английскому языку на тему: "Kazakstan is my matherland"

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The plan of the lesson
The theme of the lesson: “Kazakhstan is my motherland”
Duration: 45 min.
The aims of the lesson:
Educational: To generalize knowledge of the pupils of Kazakhstan and teach to speak about Kazakhstan

To enlarge students scope for the Kazakh history and to be able to speak about our Motherland.
Development: To develop pupils speech in speaking. To develop listening, speaking, reading skills

Upbringing: To bring them up to love our country, to be able to protect it and to be an individual citizen of our country.To bring up love to a native Land

Type of the lesson: getting new information

Method of the lesson: listening, reading, answering to the questions, speaking

Kind of the lesson: computer, Interactive board, flashcards, the map of our Republic, cards, pictures.
Inter subject connection: Kazakh, geography, history and music.

The procedure of the lesson.
Organization moment:
Teacher’s activity Pupils’ activity
- Good, morning children!

- Good morning, good morning
Good morning too you
Good morning and teacher
How are you?
- I’m very well, thank you!

And you? - We are fine.
- Sit down, please
- Who is on duty today? - I’m on duty today.
- Who is absent? - All are present.
- What day is it today? - Today is…
- What date is it today? - Today is the …………

II. Checking up homework
What was your hometask?

So, who wants to begin?

Thank you, sit down please!
ІІІ. Our theme in our lesson is “ Kazakhstan is my Motherland ”.
Consolidation with new words.

Situate орналасу

Population халық

Area көлем

Plain жазық, тегіс

Border шекараласу

Well-developed өте дамыған

Heavy ауыр

Sovereign тәуелсіз

Share бөлісу
құмды дала
байлық ресустар
Deposit жер асты қоры
жаңа ат беру
Exercise 2 read and underline the information that you have read for the first time.

Kazakhstan is my motherland”
Kazakhstan was established as the Republic of Kazakhstan in December 1991. The country is the second largest of the former Soviet republics with a total land area of over 2, 724. 900 million square kilometers. This country shares its border with the Russian Federation to the north and north - west; to the east with China and to the south with the central Asian republics of Kirgyzstan Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.
The Ural River flows through the western portion of Kazakhstan to the Caspian Sea. The central region of the country includes the Kazakh Steppe to the north and deserts of central Asia in the south - west. The Altai mountains can be found in the east….
General data
Area: 2. 724. 900sq. km.
Capital: Astana
Population: 16, 870, 000
Largest cities: Almaty (1. 3 mln -) Karaganda (0. 633 mln-),Shymkent (0. 5 mln -)
Talk to your partner.
What is the population of Kazakhstan?
What large cities of Kazakhstan do you know?
What countries does it border on?
What are the places which are polluted?
Where is the Republic of Kazakhstan situated?
What is the size of KZ.? (the area is 2. 753 square km)
What can you say about the population of our country? (about 16)
Who is the head of the state? (the president)
When did Kazakhstan become an independent state? (in 1991)
What are the symbols of the state? (national flag, emblem and anthem)
What does the blue color of the flag symbolize? (freedom, independent)
What is represented on the state flag? (sun, falcon, ornament)
What kind of state is KZ? (independent, democratic)
Exercise 3 Comprehension check
What is the population of Kazakhstan?
What large cities of Kazakhstan do you know?
What countries does it border on?
What are the places which are polluted?
and now please look at “ Vienn” diagram and discuss the result of comparing.

Kazakhstan Great Britain


Home task: To learn the new words.

Write out the sentences from the text “Kazakhstan is my motherland”

Conclusion: What did you take from this lesson?

Marks: Final marks for the lesson. Today you worked very well. I thank everybody. You were very active. I’ll give you good marks. The lesson is over. Goodbye, children!

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