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Приложение к мероприятию "Времена года"




Lexical and Phonetic Training

Winter, winter, winter comes, Days are frosty, snowlbkes dance. Spring is here, spring is there. And snowdrops arc every where.

Summer, summer, summer walks, And we all play outdoors. Autumn is so gold and bright With the apples red and ripe.

To dance - танцевать. Here - здесь. There - там.

Snowdrop - подснежник. Outdoors - на открытом воздухе. Ripe - спепый, зрелый.

- What is nice and very white? Winter, it's so white and bright.

- What is nice, what is green? It is spring, it is spring.

- Summer is nice. Am I right? Summer is nice and very bright.

- What is yellow, so nice and gold? It is autumn, when it is not cold.

One, one, one, Apples grow in the sun. Two, two, two, Two apples are for Sue. Three, three, three, Three apples are on the tree. Four, four, four, There are four on the floor. Five, five, five, Some of them are for Mike. Six, six, six, Give me an apple, Nick. Seven, seven, seven, Give me some more, eleven! Eight, eight, eight, These apples are for Kate. Nine, nine, nine, These apples are so fine! Ten, ten, ten, Let us count them again! Poems and Rhymes

My Favourite Season Spring and summer, autumn, winter. What's the weather like today?

Is it sunny? Is it rainy? Is it a nice and lovely day? I like autumn, spring and winter. But summer is the best of all. I have holidays in summer, And everyday can play football!

When it is slippery, we ski and skate.

When it is rainy, put on raincoats.

When it is snowy, we make snow balls.

When it is cold, we stay at home.

When it is rainy, when it is wet,

Take your umbrella. Don't forget!

The sky in summer's very blue. In autumn it is grey. The days are short. The nights are long.

And birds fly, fly away.

Winter fish sleep, sleep. In the water deep, deep. But in summer fish is merry, Swimming, playing with friend Harry.

In summer the sun rises early,

Warming birds and animals,

Flowers and trees.

We can play outdoors in summer,

Breathing the warm summer breeze.

When it is warm, we wear light clothes.

When it is rainy, we wear raincoats.

When it is cold I wear mittens

And go for a walk with my dear kittens.

We make snowballs, large and round.

And then we throw them up and down,

To the left and to the right.

Don't touch me, brother Mike!

It is rainy, dark and wet.

Let us hope for better weather.

When it's sunny, warm and bright, We shall play and run together.

Look! The flowers are so nice! And the sun's high in the sky. We like walking in the garden: Father, Mother, Nick and I. ***

I like dogs and dogs like me.

We like playing. Do you see?

When the weather's nice and hot,

I like swimming with my dogs. ***

The rain is raining all around,

It falls on field and tree,

It rains on the umbrellas here,

And on the ships at sea.

From "English Nursery Rhymes"

All around - везде, вокруг. It falls - он падает. Umbrella - зонтик. Ships at sea - корабли в море.

The Apple Tree

The sun is shining bright. The apple tree is white. Oh, spring has come! Spring's here today! So warm, so lovely day!

Snowflakes Merry little snowflakes, Dancing through the street, Don't frees the faces, Jim and Liz and me. You are pretty, snowflakes, Falling from the sky. You are dancing, snowflakes, And then stop and lie. Snowflakes - снежинки.

Dancing through the street - танцующие на улице. Songs

Four Seasons of the Year

Everything is white, so white and clean, Because snow falls and falls.

The world is white, the days are bright. And we can play snow balls.

Everything is fresh, so fresh and green,

Because spring comes to us.

The world is green,

The birds can sing

And we can see much grass.

Everything is bright, so bright and warm, Because my summer comes. So lovely days, Sometimes it rains. The sunshine is for us.

Everything is gold, so gold and cool, Because my autumn comes. The barn is full, We start to school

Children. In the merry month of May All the children are so gay. They all play and sing and say, "Winter days are far away, Winter days are far away, Welcome, welcome, merry May." From "Merry English ", S. Gomza The Weather Song Singing and action activities. Sing to the tune of "Clementine". If you don't know or don't like the tune, choose another one or compose your own. What's the weather? What's the weather? What's the weather like today? Tell us, Mary (and so on), What's the weather? What's the weather like today?

Is it sunny?

Is it cloudy?

Is it rainy out today?

Is it snowy?

Is it windy?

What's the weather like today? Teach this song using actions, showing pictures or making the appropriate

gesture (жест, мимика).

Puzzle Time Variant 1

we can play snow balls.

The Merry Month of May

Children. In the merry month of May All the violets are gay. They all dance and sing and say,

Violets. "Winter days are far away, Winter days are far away, Welcome, welcome, merry May."

Children. In the merry month of May All the little birds are gay. They all dance and sing and say,

Birds. "Winter days are far away,

Winter days are far away, Welcome, welcome, marry May."

Variant 2

1. Окно. (Window.)

2. Колготки. (Tights.)

3. Воскресенье. (Sunday.)

4. Сестра. (Sister.)

5. Ластик. (Rubber.)

6. Зеркало. (Mirror.)

1. Школа. (School.)

2. Появляться, показываться. (Appear.)

3. Морковь. (Carrot.)

4. Африка. (Africa.)

5. Вокруг. (Around.)

6. Бокс. (Boxing.)

Тема «Времена года»

1. Время года. (Season.)

2. Осень. (Autumn.)

3. Семья. (Family.)

4. Животное. (Animal.)

5. Сестра. (Sister.)

6. Масло. (Butter.)

1. Третий летний месяц. (August.)

2. Гитара. (Guitar.)

3. Бутылка. (Bottle.)

4. Вокруг. (Around.)

5. Осень. (Autumn.)

6. Сад. (Garden.)

- How many words can you find in this word of chain? springreeniceveningameightag (7.)

Funny Riddles

In autumn they are good,

Yellow, red and sweet.

"And they are very good to eat,"

Says my brother Pete. (Apples.)

Days are cool, apples are ripe.

What season is it? Do you know, Mike? (Autumn.)

It is snowy, it is cold.

What season is it, dear girls? (Winter.)

Trees are green. Birds come back.

What season is it? Do you know, Jack? (Spring.)

We go swimming as a rule, and don't go to school.

It is sunny, it is warm. What's the season, Tom?


It can fly with coloured wings. It can not speak and doesn't sing. It can fly high in the sky. And we call it... (butterfly).

In summer it is grey, in winter it is white. We call it Brother... (Rabbit). Children, am I right?

What can rises early, earlier than Mum?

It's Granny or Grandfather.

No, it is the... (Sun)\

They are nice and grow in the sun.

They can smell and give us fun.

In the morning they are wet.

They are blue and white and red. (Flowers.)

It's red or rosy. In summer it grows.

It's a beautiful flower.

What is it? Who knows? (It's a rose.)

It is little, busy, funny. And it brings the sweetest honey. (Bee.) - What apples never grow in the apple tree? Put the appropriate letter instead of the numerals.

16 9 14 5 1 16 16 12 5 19

Кеу.литасы (pineapples). Games

Can You Guess? N i с k. Is it a person or an animal? К a t e. It is neither a person nor an animal. N i с k. Is it a thing? Kate. Yes, it is. It's a thing. N i с k. Is it in the room or in the yard? К a t e. It is in the yard. Nick. Does it lie on the ground? Kate. Now, it does not. It doesn't lie on the ground. Nick. Does it stand in the yard? Kate. Yes, it does. But it can stay not only in the yard. Nick. Where does it stand? К a t e. It usually stands in the garden. N i с k. Is it big or small? К a t e. It is big and high. Nick. What colour is it?

К a t e. In winter it is grey. In spring it is light green. In summer it is green. In autumn it is yellow and brown. Nick. Are there any flowers in it in spring?

Kate. Yes, there are. There are many flowers in it in spring. Nick. Are there any apples in it?

Kate. Yes, there are. In autumn there are many apples in it. N i с k. Is it an appletree? Kate. You are right. It's an appletree. Reading for Comprehension

The Seasons of the Year


Winter, spring, summer and autumn are the seasons of the year. December, January and February are winter months. In winter it is cold. The sky is grey. The days are long and the nights are short. The sun is not bright. Snowflakes cover the ground. The trees and streets are white with snow. It is often frosty. Children can go skating and skiing. When it is snowy they can make a snowman and snowballs.

Night - ночь.

Snowflakes - снежинки.

To cover- покрывать.



Spring is a nice season. March, April and May are spring months. It is warm in spring. The weather is fine. The forest is green. The sun is often bright. We can see many flowers. The birds come back from the warm countries. Rabbits wear grey coats. Children can play much outdoors. They run, jump, skip and play football.

Fine - прекрасный, превосходный. Outdoors - на открытом воздухе.


June, July and August are summer months. The days are long and the nights are short. It is sunny. The sky is blue. The weather is warm and hot. The forest and gardens are green. Birds like to sing their summer songs. There are many bright flowers. The pupils don't go to school. They have got their summer holidays. They can swim in the river and play outdoors.

Outdoors - на свежем воздухе.


September, October and November are autumn months. The weather is not fine. It often rains. Sometimes it is cloudy and foggy. The sky is grey. The sun is not bright. The birds fly to warm countries. The trees are yellow, red and brown. The apples are yellow and red. People gather the autumn harvest. In September pupils go to school.

To gather- собирать (урожай). Harvest-урожай.

Questions to the text Winter

1. What are the seasons of the year?

2. What are winter months?

3. Is it cold in winter?

4. What colour is the sky?

5. Are the days long or short?

6. Is the sun bright?

7. What covers the ground?

8. What is white with snow?

9. Is it frosty in winter?

10. What can children do?

11. What can they make? Spring

1. What is a nice season?

2. What are spring months?

3. Is it warm in spring?

4. Is the weather fine or bad?

5. Is the forest green?

6. What is often bright?

7. What can we see in spring?

8. Where do the birds come back from?

9. What coats do rabbits wear?

10. Where can children play much?

11. What do they do outdoors? Summer

1. What are summer months?

2. What is long and what is short?

3. Is it sunny in summer?

4. What colour is the sky?

5. Is the weather warm or hot?

6. What is green?

7. Who likes to sing?

8. Are there many bright flowers?

9. Do pupils go to school?

10. Who has got summer holidays?

11. What can children do in summer? Autumn

1. What are autumn months?

2. Is the weather fine?

3. Does it often rain?

4. Does it often cloudy and foggy?

5. What colour is the sky?

6. Is the sun bright?

7. Where do the birds fly?

8. What colour are the trees?

9. What colour are the apples?

10. What do people gather?

11. When do pupils go to school?

You may use these questions as a plan for the text retelling. Listening for Comprehension

The English Weather

In England people like to speak about the weather every day. England is not a large country. There are no long rivers. The towns in England are not far from the sea. There are no large forests. There are many meadows and fields.

Spring in England is a nice season. It is warm. The trees and grass are green.

The English summer is sunny but not very hot. Sometimes there are cool winds.

Autumn is a cool season. It is windy and foggy. But it is a season of apples.

Winter is not very cold. There is not much snow in winter. It is rainy and foggy. Sometimes it is sunny and people have got nice days.


Variant 1

Mark the right sentences.

1. England is a large country.

2. There are many rivers in England.

3. There are no large forests.

4. The English summer is hot.

5. In autumn it is windy and foggy.

6. Summer is a season of apples.

7. There is not much snow in winter.

8. Winter is rainy and foggy.

9. In winter people have got nice days. 10. It is sunny in winter.

Variant 2

Finish the sentences.

1. England is not a large...

2. There are no long...

3. There are no large...

4. Spring in England is a nice...

5. The trees and grass are...

6. The English summer is not very...

7. Autumn is windy and...

8. Winter is not very...

9. There is not much snow in... 10. Sometimes people... nice days.

All Seasons Are Nice and Beautiful

Scene 1

Two boys appear. Pete has skates in his hands. Nick. Hello, Pete. Where are you going? Pete. Hi, Nick! I am going to the skatingrink. Let us go together.

Nick. Oh, no, thank you. It is cold and snowy. I don't like winter.

Pete. I like winter very much. I like skiing and skating in winter.

P e t е. I like summer sports. I don't like winter. Snowflakes appear.

Snowflake 1. Why don't you like winter?

Snowflake 2. Winter is a very beautiful season.

Snowflake 3. You can ski and skate, play snowballs.

Snowflake 4. You can have a very good time in winter.

Snowflakes {altogether, dancing and singing).

Winter is white, winter is nice. Snowflakes fall down, The trees sleep around. Winter, winter is the best. Everything can have a rest.

Winter appears.

Winter (singing and dancing).

I am winter, I am winter,

Snowy, cold and white.

Why don't you like me, dear boy?

Can you tell me, why?

Take warm things, put on your mittens,

Take your skis or skates.

And make snowballs, play outdoors,

Have a lovely day! All actors make a round, dance and sing together.

All together.

Beautiful winter, we ski and skate.

And have a funny and lovely day! (Twice.)

Scene 2

Girls appear. One of them, Lena, has a skipping-rope in her hand. Kate. Hello, Lena. Where are you going? Lena. Hi, Kate! I am going to the school stadium. I would like to skip there.

К a t е. I like skipping in summer. Spring is not a hot season. L e n a. I like spring. Everything is green. Birds come back and sing. And it is warm and sunny. Spring appears.

Spring (dancing and singing).

I am spring, I am spring.

Everything is fresh and green.

I am warm and I am sunny.

Birds come back,

And bees make honey.

I am spring, I am spring,

When everything is fresh and green.

Birds appear.

Birds (dancing and singing).

We like spring, we like spring,

When everything is fresh and green.

And we fly back,

We fly back home,

And build the nests

Of our own. All actors make a round, dance and sing together.

All together.

Beautiful spring,

We go for a walk.

We skip in the yard,

And play with a dog.

Spring is warm,

And spring is bright.

And the days are lovely and nice.

Scene 3

Boys appear. One of them, Alex, has a bag in his hand. V1 a d. Hello, Alex! Where are you going? A1 e x. Hi! I am going to the park. I would to play there. I like to play football with my friends in summer.

V1 a d. I don't like summer. It is very hot. I like autumn more.

A1 e x. But in summer we don't go to school! We can swim, play and have a lot of fun! Flowers appear.

Flower 1. We like summer very much.

Flower 2. It is hot and warm. And we can grow in summer.

Flower 3. The sun shines brightly.

Flower 4. In summer the days are long and the nights are short.

Summer appears together with the Sun.

Summer (dancing and singing). I am summer, I am summer.

And the Sun is my best friend.

Let us have a rest in summer.

Give us, give us, friends, your hands. Everybody stretches out a hand for Summer and the Sun. The Sun and Summer are in the circle.

All together.

Summer comes, and it is hot. Days are long and nights are short. Birds can sing, we can swim. Flowers grow. Lots of fun, oh!

Scene 4

Girls appear. They have their school bags. One of them, Masha, has an umbrella. They are going to school.

D a s h a. Hello, Masha. Are you ready for the lessons?

M a s h a. Hi! Yes, I am. I am ready for my lessons. I like to do my homework. But I don't like autumn. It is often rainy.

D a s h a. But today the weather is fine. I like autumn. Sometimes it is very warm. The trees are yellow and red. We can see apples in the gardens. Autumn is a tasty and beautiful season.

Masha. Can you see a beautiful lady there? Autumn music sounds, leaves fall down, Autumn dances. Then all actors appear and make a round.

All together.

Autumn comes in September, And children go to school. What will it be in November? Holidays will be as a rule. Beautiful, beautiful season! And children start to school.

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