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Инфоурок Иностранные языки Научные работыПроект по английскому языку

Проект по английскому языку

IV Международный дистанционный конкурс «Старт» Идёт приём заявок Для дошкольников и учеников 1-11 классов 16 предметов ОРГВЗНОС 25 Р. ПОДАТЬ ЗАЯВКУ

(143050, Московская область, Одинцовский район, поселок Большие Вязёмы д.49)

тел. 8 (498) 694-06-15


(предмет – английский язык)



Лунякова Елизавета Эдуардовна
Московская область,
г. Голицыно,
ул. Советская, д.48, кв.79

Арутюнян Ани Гагиковна,
учитель английского языка
МБОУ Большевязёмская гимназия

Большие Вязёмы


  1. Introduction. Justification of the project 2

  2. Content 4

  1. Theoretical section 4

2.1.1. Plaques placed on Bolshevyazemskaya gymnasuim…………………………………………………….4

2.1.2. Monument to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya 5

2.1.3 Bed of honor 6 Victory Park 6

2.1.510. Obelisk of memory to fellow villagers 7

  1. Practical section 8

3. Conclusion 9

4. Appendices 10

5. List of the used literature 19

1. Intruduction.

«Cognize your country, your brook or your hill. Do not be afraid that their size… Because the large grows from the small».

А. Е. Fersman

In the conception «Ecopolice Odintsovsky» There is a section named "The Cultural sphere".

Its tasks:

  • The development of the tourism potential of Odintdovo destrict and making it one of the cultural centers of Moscow region and Russia;

  • Preservation and development of cultural and historical traditions, promotion of cultural and historical heritage of the population;

  • To provide historical continuity of cultural values and ideals of generations. Its intention:

  • The development and preservation of cultural values of the society and promoting patriotism based on local history knowledge.

My project called "Creation of the tourist route in Bolshie Vyazemy" is the realization of this section.


It is going to be 70 years since the Great Victory of our people over fascism, and in Bolshie Vyazemy there are many objects associated with the Great Patriotic War.


  • Route planning of the sightseeing tour in Bolshie Vyazeny’s area.


  • Identification and study of facilities in Bolshie Vyazemy that are associated with the Great Patriotic War.

  • To study of the sources with information about Bolshie Vyazemy and to describe the objects associated with the Great Patriotic War.

  • To develop my creativity when creating a project and its presentation, attract my classmates

  • To promote patriotism based on local history knowledge through the

organizing and conducting tours for students and visitors to school.

Methods: - Information retrieval;

              - Research;

           - Analytical;

              - Photographing;

              - Оформление.

Stages: 1 - Choosing a theme, developing of plan, defining the activities and sources of information to obtain results.

2 - Searching and work with information sources.

3 - Accumulation and processing of information material,

consultation and correction of work.

4 - Making work conclusions.

         5 - Public presentation of the work.

         6 - Practical Perspectives.

Product of the project: itinerary with the accompanying information cards for each route object.

  1. Content.
    2.1. Theoretical section. Describing the objects.

There are many objects in Bolshie Vyazemy that can tell us about the past of our homeland, about the importance of Vyazemy in the Great Patriotic War. You can see overgrown craters from bombs dropped by German planes, the graves of residents who died during these bombings and fires, the buildings of former hospitals, obelisks, plaques and memorials in Golitsyno and in Bolshie Vyazemy’s surroundings. But I chose the most interesting facilities in Vyazemy’s area with a convenient location for excursions for students.

After finding enough information about interesting sights in Bolshie Vyazemy and analyzing their location, historical and cultural value, I created a tourist route, which includes 5 objects.

OBJECT 1: Plaques on Bolshevyazemskaya gymnasium. ( app. №2)

Name: Plaques

Adress: Bolshevyuazemskaya gymnasium’s building, Bolshie Vyazemy, Odintsovo district, Moscow region.

Used nowadays: Plaques.

Historical information:

There are two plaques on the gymnasium’s building with the names of its graduates - Hero of the Soviet Union Alexey Molchanov and Afghan soldier Andrey Egorov, who died in 1983 because of execution of the international duty.

Alexey Molchanov was born on March 29, 1924 in Bolshie Vyazemy, he used to study in our school. Here, in the parachute school he received the first pilot skills. In 1941, Molchanov was drafted into the Red Army. In 1944 he graduated from the Tambov Air Force Pilot School.

During the war, he made 91 sorties to attack enemy troops and sank 2 ships of low tonnage.

Alex was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, the Order of the Red Banner, three Orders of the Patriotic War 1st Class, Order of the Red Star and several medals.

Andrey Egorov was born September 30, 1964 in Dubky village in Odintsovo district, Moscow region. First, he studied in Golitsynskaya high school and then in Bolshevyazemskaya school. After a military conscription he served in landing troops.

Shard of a broken mine seriously hurt Andrey in the head. Guard lieutenant, deputy political commissar company died on the way to hospital. He was posthumously awarded the Order of the Red Star.

The school museum keeps Andrey’s personals, as well as his desk.

OBJECT 2: The monument to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya. (app. №3).

Name: The monument to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya

Was built: in 1975 for the 30th anniversary of the victory.

Adress: Bolshevyazemskaya gymnasium’s territory, Bolshie Vyazemy, Odintsovo district, Moscow region,

Brief description:

In 1975 for the 30th anniversary of the victory of the means of pioneers and komsomol of Bolshevyazemskaya High School (wastepaper collection) was built a monument to Zoya Kosmodemjyanskaya.

Here in Bolshie Vyazemy on the 4th of November in 1941, following a group of komsomol volunteers for the front line of the Western direction stopped for the night a young partisan Kosmodemyanskaya Zoya and her friend Claudia Miloradova. They stopped in the house number 42 on the Petrovskoe highway. It was the last location at the intersection of the front line. There she wasperished, but we still remember her heroism. According to memoirs of the mistress of the house number 42, Zoya was a short skinny girl, who looked like a short-haired boy in a cotton padded jacket and trousers. In the evening after supper Zoya with Claudia went outside and were looking at the sky in the side behind the front. They seemed to have a presentiment of the events that will put the name of Zoya and her companions in the chronicle of the Great Feat of Soviet people in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945, which 70th anniversary of the end our country will celebrate in 2015.

OBJECT 3: Mass grave. (app. №4)

Name: The bed of honor.

Was built: in 1952.

Address: Bolshie Vyazemy, Odintsovo district, Moscow region.

Used nowadays: Monument to soldiers who died the Great Patriotic War, the venue of Memorial Day.

Brief description:

The bed of honor consists of two burials. The first burials were made in the years of the Great Patriotic War for the soldiers who died of wounds in hospitals, located in Bolshevyazemskaya School (now Golitsyn police station) and in the estate of Golitsyn (now the Museum-Reserve of Pushkin). During the Great Patriotic War Bolshie Vyazemy was on the front line. Although the German army did not reach to Bolshie Vyazemy, the surroundings were badly hit by bombing and shelling.

Injured had been evacuated from the front lines, passing the area of Kubinka - Mozhaisk - Zvenigorod. In 1985 the monument was restored to the 40th anniversary of Victory. There are 127 buried people.

OBJECT 4: Victory Park (app. №7)

Name: Victory Park

Was built: in 2010

Adress: Institute street, Bolshie Vyazemy, Odintsovo district, Moscow region.

Used nowadays: Park

Brief description:

In 2010, in honor of the 65th anniversary of Victory local residents organized this park. In the middle of the park there is a memorial stone on which is written «Laid in honor of the 65th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War." It is located among the 65 lindens and every year people plant a new tree. It is planned to develop the park, for example place benches and make a playground. There are also conductions of commemorative events associated with the Victory Day.

Students of Bolshevyazemskaya gymnasium are caring about the park. In summer they water the trees to help them grow stronger, as they are planted in memory of our grandfathers who have died defending our country.

OBJECT 5: The obelisk of memory to fellow villagers.

(app. №6)

Name: The obelisk of memory to fellow villagers.

Bas built: in 1968

Адрес: Bolshie Vyazemy, Odintsovo district, Moscow region.

Used nowadays: Obelisk

Brief description:

The obelisk was built with funds raised by the villagers of Bolshie Vyazemy, Malye Vyazemy and Sharapovka village. The initiator of the project was a great patriot Nazarov Nikolai Fedorovich. The monument itself is a half-arch with a towering obelisk. At the top of the obelisk you can see a five-pointed star. Below there is a carved text: "Glory to those who perished in the battles for the Motherland in 1941-1945." In addition, there are 263 names of the villagers who were killed or died of wounds in hospitals. There are also four plaques with the names of Heroes of the Soviet Union, who were the residents of Bolshie Vyazemy district:

Grigoriev Gregory Sergeevich

Ivanov Dmitry Trofimovich

Bilyukin Alexander Dmitrievich

Molchanov Alexey Mikhailovich

2.2. Practical section.

After exploring the objects in the Bolshie Vyazemy’s surroundings I have compiled a route that includes the sights which are described in the previous section. Itinerary can be found in the appendix at number 1.

The text for excursion was made based on the descriptions of these objects. I have organized a tour for students of 8 "A" class, from which they learned about the past of Bolshie Vyazemy during the Great Patriotic War. The tour lasted 45 minutes. Students enjoyed it, they got a lot new information. Pupils helped me to take photos for this project.

Photo from the tour is presented in Appendix number 6.

3. Conclusion.

It is known that tourism is one of the largest export industries. It second only to the oil and the automotive industries. Our district is a unique space for the development of tourist infrastructure. If you combine all the cultural «point» of the district and turn them into a single exhibition space, you get the pride of the district and Moscow region. The district has 163 historical and cultural monuments and among them there are 36 objects of cultural and historical heritage. Combining this space allows the organization of many tourist routes, taking into account the specifics of visited sights, the search for new solutions to promote the facilities of Odintsovo district, to save our environmental, to care about education and cultural level of all age groups and social groups of our neighborhood. My project is one of the attempts to create such a tourist route. Perhaps tourism will become the leading sector in the region. I finish my project with the words of the great Alexander Pushkin: "Disrespect for ancestors is the first sign of immorality." I hope the materials of my excursion helped you to complete picture of the history of our homeland and people who create it and carefully preserving.

In addition to the material of the route there is a detailed presentation, so it can be used in other educational institutions in the class hours on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory.

  1. Appendices.

Appendice №1. Itinerary.


Appendice №2. Plaques on Bolshevyazemskaya gymnasium.

Photo 1.


Photo 2


Appendice № 2. Memorial to Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya.

Photo 3.


Photo 4.

F:\14 - КАРТА ПАМЯТИ\Памятный обелиск Зое Космодемьянской, р.п. Большие Вязёмы.jpg

Appendice №3. The bed of honor.

Photo 5.


Photo 6.

G:\01 - У Р О К И - Р О Д . П О Д М О С К О В Ь Е\1 - У Р О К И - Родное ПОДМОСКОВЬЕ\ФОТО - Б.ВЯЗЕМ\ПАМЯТНИКИ Победы\31.jpg

Photo 7.

G:\01 - У Р О К И - Р О Д . П О Д М О С К О В Ь Е\1 - У Р О К И - Родное ПОДМОСКОВЬЕ\ФОТО - Б.ВЯЗЕМ\ПАМЯТНИКИ Победы\DSC01460.JPG

Photo 8.


Photo 9.

G:\ФОТО - УЧИТЕЛЕЙ\2012.05.08 Митинг 8 мая в Б.Вяземах\IMG_9679.JPG

Appendice №4. Victory Park.

Photo 10.


Photo 11

G:\01 - У Р О К И - Р О Д . П О Д М О С К О В Ь Е\1 - У Р О К И - Родное ПОДМОСКОВЬЕ\ФОТО - Б.ВЯЗЕМ\ВЯЗЕМЫ - ПАРК ПОБЕДЫ\Вяземы.Парк Победы.jpg

Photo 12.

G:\01 - У Р О К И - Р О Д . П О Д М О С К О В Ь Е\1 - У Р О К И - Родное ПОДМОСКОВЬЕ\ФОТО - Б.ВЯЗЕМ\ВЯЗЕМЫ - ПАРК ПОБЕДЫ\Вязёмы.Парк Победы (2).jpgG:\01 - У Р О К И - Р О Д . П О Д М О С К О В Ь Е\1 - У Р О К И - Родное ПОДМОСКОВЬЕ\ФОТО - Б.ВЯЗЕМ\ВЯЗЕМЫ - ПАРК ПОБЕДЫ\Вязёмы.Парк Победы (1).jpgG:\01 - У Р О К И - Р О Д . П О Д М О С К О В Ь Е\1 - У Р О К И - Родное ПОДМОСКОВЬЕ\ФОТО - Б.ВЯЗЕМ\ВЯЗЕМЫ - ПАРК ПОБЕДЫ\Вязёмы.Парк Победы.jpg

Photo 13 Photo 14

Appendice № 5. Obelisk of memory to fellow villagers.

Photo 15.


Photo 16.

G:\01 - У Р О К И - Р О Д . П О Д М О С К О В Ь Е\1 - У Р О К И - Родное ПОДМОСКОВЬЕ\ФОТО - Б.ВЯЗЕМ\ПАМЯТНИКИ Победы\32.jpg

Photo 17.

G:\01 - У Р О К И - Р О Д . П О Д М О С К О В Ь Е\1 - У Р О К И - Родное ПОДМОСКОВЬЕ\ФОТО - Б.ВЯЗЕМ\ПАМЯТНИКИ Победы\Фото013.jpg

Photo 18.

G:\ФОТО - УЧИТЕЛЕЙ\2012.05.08 Митинг 8 мая в Б.Вяземах\IMG_9661.JPG

Appendice №6 . The excursion.


5. List of the used literature.

  1. Одинцовская земля./Серия «Энциклопедия сел и деревень Подмосковья»,/ Под. Ред. К. А. Аверьянов, Н. Н. Митронов и др.; – М.: Энциклопедия российских деревень, 1994.

  2. Попадейкин В. И., Струков В. В., Тарунов А. М. Тропами Подмосковья. – 4-е изд., доп. и перераб. – М.: Московский рабочий, 1989.

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  6. www.odintsovo.info

  7. http://bvyazemy.ru

  8. http://tutnedaleko.ru


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