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Проверочный тест по материалу Модуля 6 УМК Spotlight 9

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Module 6 9 form

1 Fill in:

He works there as a … worker.

The town … is the main building in our town.

You can wash your car at the … station.

This organization holds a … event every year.

I spend a part of my spare time at a local … shelter.

She was so upset that she … into tears.

The kitten was lucky to find a … home.

In their free time they help to … citizens.

2 Complete the sentences with the correct passive form of the verbs in brackets.

This film … (direct) by the famous actor.

New school … (build) by this company next year.

The Tower of London … (visit) by a million of tourists so far.

This cake … (make) of chocolate.

This work must … (do) by the time.

3 Fill in the correct question word with ‘ever’

1 They can have fun … they are.

2 As I’ve got the day off I can go … I like tomorrow.

3 … one you take, it tastes the same delicious.

4 You can go and stay there … you like.

5 She can invite here ... she likes.

4 Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition and particle.

1 Mum has checked … everything on the shopping list.

2 Her cat was rescued … a bad owner.

3 He can’t take care …his dog any more.

4 Be kind … an animal and it will respect you.

5 We have to check … of the hotel at 12 am.

5 Match to form exchanges.

1One ticket to Leeds, please? A What place are you trying to get?

2 Can you help me? I’m lost. B Thank you very much.

3 Is there a toy shop near here? C Every thirty minutes.

4 It’s just on the corner. D Yes. Go straight ahead.

5 How often does this bus run? E Single or return?

Keys: 1 postal hall petrol charity animal burst foster senior

2 was directed will be built has been visited is made be done

3 wherever whatever whichever whenever whoever

4 off from of to out

5 E A D B C

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