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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему "Job description" для 9 класса
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Разработка урока по английскому языку на тему "Job description" для 9 класса


Сынып: 9
Тақырыбы: “Job description”
а) балалардың сөздік қорын молайту. Балалардың сөйлеу дағдысын қалыптастыру.
б) белгісіз шақтар тобын қайталау. 4 түрлі сұрақты еске түсіру.
с) баларға кәсіби бағдар беру.
д) пәнге деген қызығушылығын арттыру.
Procedure of the lesson
I. Org. Moment.
II. Pronunciation
1. If a task is once begin, never leave it till it is done.
2. Be the labor great or small, do it well or not at all.
- How do you understand?
II. Presentation.
- What will you do after graduating the 9th form?
- What is your dream?
Text: Reading for understanding.
“What is your dream?”
There are so many things I can be when I leave school! I can enter a college or an institute or a university, or go to work at a factory, an office or on a farm. Some of my friends haven’t made up their mind yet what to do after leaving school. But most of my classmates know very well what to do and what profession to choose for living. Scholars say that there are five types of professions:” man plus man”, “man plus nature”, “man plus machinery”, “man plus artistic image”, “man plus sign systems”.
What job is good for you? In what field could you express yourself most of all? Do you know that there are more than 3,000 occupations in the world? Choosing your job you should think of your enthusiasms and what job is in demand at the moment.

If choosing your future job you have any difficulties, you should consult a psychologist who can help you to choose your future profession.

Whatever your future job will be, first of all you are supposed to do well at school and learn all you can through reading, attending optional classes at school and preparatory courses at higher educational establishments.
You have to work hard during your school years. Remember, “Knowledge has a bitter root but a sweet fruit.” Your self-confidence will grow up gradually. Be determined and try hard. There is another good proverb, “Where there is a will there is a way.”
III. Practice.
1) Ex 1. P 165 match the pictures to the sentences.
2) Ex 2. Answer the questions.
1. What did you want to be when you were a child?
2. Have you changed your mind since then?
3. What profession are you dreaming of?
4. Are you sure that the profession you are going to choose is in demand now?
5. Is this job well paid or underpaid?
6. What type of professions does it belong to?
7. What colleges or universities train this profession?
8. You have to have entrance exams to be admitted to this college or a university, don’t you?
9. What are these exams?
10. Are you good at these subjects at school?
11. Are you well prepared for your entrance exams?
12. What are you doing to be well prepared for them?
13. Do your parents agree with your choice?
14. Does this occupation run in your family? If not, tell us what your parents do for living?
3. Ex 3. Say in one word. Who am I?
Possible answers:
doctors or nurses----------------------------a banker
a baby sitter-----------------------------------a veterinarian
Mayor of the city ----------------------------an editor
a mechanic-------------------------------------a grocer
a mail carrier or postal worker------------helpers in a grocery store
a baker------------------------------------------waiters
a firefighter------------------------------------farmers and farm workers
a chief-------------------------------------------a secretary
a sanitation worker--------------------------a dentist
a toy maker------------------------------------a dairy farmer
a police officer

4. Ex4. Read
Here is job description.
If you don’t have a part – time job, remember your parents’ job.
Draw a table of this kind in your notebook.

IV. Doing tasks.

Task: 5. Ex5 p 170.
- Which job do you like most?
- Which job do you like least?
- Why?
- When you think of a job don’t forget about a job description.
Name the job you like most
Name the job you like least
Job satisfaction
Working hours

Task 6: Now read these short texts and try to guess about the occupation of these people. See the answers on next page.

1. I give out hundreds of telephone numbers every day. I like talking to people every day. I earn around $20, 00 a year. But I don’t feel very secure - I can lose my job because of automation. Computers do everything these days. So, I am studying to be a computer programmer at high school.

2. My clients are business travelers. I make plane, hotel and car reservations for them. My annual salary isn’t very high - only $24,000, but I like my job. It’s pretty secure, because travel is a growing field. Also, I often travel in order to learn about cities, hotels, airlines and tours. And when I do, everything is free - the plane tickets, the hotel rooms and so on

3. In my job I mainly work with athletes who have sports injuries. Sometimes the athletes are famous, and that’s always exciting. My salary is good - 38,000 a year. I always have a lot of patients. Doctors are too busy to do my job these days. They are happy to give the work to specialists like us.

4. Hershey’s able to manufacture 33 million Kisses a day. 20,000 Kisses pass my inspection station each minute. That’s quite a few. So I have to stay alert. The large majority of pieces are in very good shape. What I am looking for? Well, some pieces aren’t quite there. They may lean to one side or be too curly at the top. They could be flat or too small. It is my job to catch the defective ones before they head straight for some kid’s Halloween bag.
Answers to ex.6: (Travel agent, candy man, telephone operator, physical therapist)

Task 7 a. Give an action verb for each profession listed.
a detective---------------------------------a student
a carpenter--------------------------------an athlete
a secretary---------------------------------a butcher
a teacher-----------------------------------a doctor
a disc jockey (DJ)-------------------------a sheriff
a ballerina----------------------------------a lawyer
a musician----------------------------------a telephone repairman
an author-----------------------------------an astronaut
an accountant-----------------------------a rancher
a congressmen----------------------------a photographer
a judge--------------------------------------a model
a watchman-------------------------------an architect
a gardener---------------------------------an artist
E.g. A ballerina dances.
Possible answers: writes, guards, builds, investigates, files, types, instructs, adjusts, sentences, poses, climbs, shoots, lifts off, listens, herds, pleads, arrests, works out, carves, announces, cultivates, pirouettes, dances, tunes, plans, sketches, prescribes, legislates.
Ex. 7b. p. 171.
It’s Interesting.
a)Which of the following jobs are well – paid?
b) Which one earns average wages?
c) Which ones are low – paid?

Salaries and Job Stresses in the USA
Stress rating
Average salary p/year 1997 ($)
Very high
Air traffic controller---------------------------------------43,300
Police officer------------------------------------------------32,900

Airline pilot--------------------------------------------------56,500

College professor------------------------------------------70,000
High school teacher---------------------------------------32,000
Travel agent-------------------------------------------------24,000
Restaurant cook--------------------------------------------13,000


What other professions are stressful?
What other professions have high salaries?
What about your country?
Task: What other protessions are stressful? What other protessions high silaries? What about your country?
Compare The USA and KZ and find the similar things
Salaries and Job stresses in KZ

Task 1: Name 5 professions belonging to each of 5 types:
a) Man plus mon:
b) Man plus machinery:
c) Man plus nature
d) Man plus sign systems
e) Man plus artislic images

Task 2: Do you know proverbs! Give Kazakh equivalents.
1. As busy as a bee.
2. He works best who knows his trade.
3. No pain, no gain.
4. Where there is a will there is a way.
5. Knowledge has a bitter root but a sweet fruit.
6. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

V. Rounding up.
Giving a homework: writing an essay: “My future profession”

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