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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия «Welcome to Australia!»
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Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия «Welcome to Australia!»


Сценарий внеклассного мероприятия

«Welcome to Australia


-Dear guests, teachers and pupils. We are very glad to see you at our arrangement , at our out-classes activity devoted to one of the English-speaking countries – Australia. We know much about Great Britain, America. But we speak very rarely and a little about Australia. Let’s speak about it today.

Now, let’s listen to a poem about different lands.

1-й ученик

So many countries all over the world,

So many people life tales told!

Different cities, languages, poems,

Amazing traditions, legends, stories.

We travel East, we travel West

To know so much is best.

If South is warm, North is cold

We start out trip and off we go!

-Dear friends. We’ve found a very nice poem about Australia in Russian. We tried to find it’s English version but couldn’t, really. Let this beautiful Russian poem will be an introduction to our story.

2-й ученик

A poem about Australia

Австралийский черный лебедь на волне,

Словно в сказке на картинке, виден мне.

Настоящий, проплывёт предо мной,

Весь змеиный, весь узорный, вырезной.

И воистину влечет меня в игру
Настоящими прыжками кенгуру.

И в хранимом зачарованном прудке

Светят лотосы во влажном цветнике.

Голубеет эвкалипта стройный ствол,

Куст невиданной акации расцвёл!

Как колибри, медонос припал к цветку,

Птица-флейта засвирелила тоску

И хохочут зимородки по ветвям,

Словно в сказке, что сказали в детстве нам.


3-й ученик

Australia is the only country in the world that is also a continent. It is the sixth large country and the smallest continent. Australia lies between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. It is situated about 11 000 km southwest of North America and about 8200 km southeast of mainland Asia. The east coast of Australia was discovered by Captain Cook in 1770. The name of the country comes from Latin word “australis” which mean southern. The Commonwealth of Australia is a official name of the country. The Commonwealth of Australia is a federation of states. Australia has six states. They are: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. Each state has its own government. Australia has two territories. They are: the Australian Capital Territory and the Northern Territory.

4-й ученик

Australia is a constitutional monarchy like Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of Australia and the head of state. But she serves mainly as a symbol of long historical tie between Great Britain and Australia. The nation is administrated under written constitution. Australia is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. The capital of Australia is Canberra. Australia is one of the world's developed countries. It is the world's leading producer of wool and bauxite. Bauxite is the ore from which aluminium is made. Australia produces and exports large amounts of other minerals and farm goods. Income from the export enables Australians to have high standard of living.

5-й ученик

Australia is the oldest, the flattest and the driest continent in the world. But still it has mountains. Its main mountains are “the Australian Alps”. Other mountains include the Kimberly Range, the Hamersley Range and the Flinders Range in South Australia. Australia is very dry. In the centre of the continent there are 3 deserts: Great Sandy Desert, Great Victoria Desert and Simpson Desert. There are not so many rivers and lakes in Australia. Its best known rivers are: the Murray River and the Darling River. The largest lake is Eyre.

6-й ученик

Australia is on the other side of the world. For us it is upside-down world. The climate in Australia is varied from tropical in the north to temperate in the south east. Australia is situated in the southern hemisphere. That’s why it has summer when we have winter. Australia has its flag. The flag of Australia is the only one which feies over the whole continent. They also have the Coat of arms. The kangaroo and the emu - the Australian native animals are painted on it. Australian`s also have their national anthem. They are very proud of it.


-Most of Australian population lives in the cities. So, Australia is mostly urban. There are 10 large cities in Australia. Let’s acquaint with them.

7-й ученик


Canberra is the capital of Australia. However, unlike all European capitals its capital status was overthought before the beginning of the construction. The location was chosen on the principle of equal distance from the two main applicants for the title of the capital- Sydney and Melbourne. So, all that is necessary for the city, bearing the status of the capital was designed and embodied in life in 1927. Thank to this today is amazingly elegant and full of fragrant gardens and green parks this city captivates with its beauty and harmony. The impression is that every stone is a part of architect’s ideas. Beautiful architecture successfully combined with skinny shop windows and tinted restaurants glasses. It’s amazing cultural city. Canberra is characterized by a high percentage of residents have higher education. Here there is the Australian national gallery, which houses collections of art, including more than 70 thousand exhibits.


-The Australians are very kind, peace-loving and friendly people. They want to live in peace and friendship with other people on the planet. We suggest you to listen to the poem of an Australian pupil.

8-й ученик

A child wish

I want to live and not to die!

I want to laugh and not to cry!

I want to feel the summer sun

I want to sing when life is fine.

I want to fly into the blue

I want to swim as fishes do.

I want to stretch out friendly hands

To all the young of other lands.

I want to fight for what is right-

Against disease, against despair,

Against stark hunger everywhere

I want to love, I want to mate

No atom bomb

Will annihilate my shinning world

I want to laugh and not to cry!

I want to live and not to die!


-Another Australian large city is Melbourne.

9-й ученик


Melbourne is one larger megacity. It is the capital of state Victoria. It is called the city of luxury and glamour. Melbourne was founded in 1835. Its population is about 4 million people. There are a lot of restaurants there. Their food can satisfy thousands of visitors. People, living in Melbourne can enjoy other means of rest. They go to the theatres, galleries, exhibitions. Melbourne is the most comfortable city for living in the whole world. Its multicultural city: Greeks, Italians, Spaniards and many other nations live in it. There is the largest Australian seaport in Melbourne. There are assembling factories “Toyota” and “Ford” in this city. Modern Information technologies are well developed there. In IT sphere work more than 60 thousand people. It is one of the biggest bank centers. The considerable contribution to economy of Melbourne brings tourism. It is also sports capital of Australia. Every year large sports competitions take place here: championship on tennis, Gran-Pri of Australia in formula-one and so on.


- Sydney is one more large city in Australia. It is the largest and one of the most well-known cities on the continent. It is often called “Paris of the Pacific”.

10-й ученик


Sydney is one of the largest cities of Australia. It is the capital of the New South Wales. It’s population is about 3,7 million people. It is really the city of the immigrants. Sydney is a business and financial centre of the country. The main part of manufacture industry is in Sydney. Living here in close proximity to the Opera, Aquarium, Royal Botanic, Chinese Garden and one of the beautiful harbors on the planet you cannot simply notice all that. The main sight of the city is the Sydney Opera. House, the unique building on its style. Besides, in Sydney there are a lot of museums. The best known of all them are the Australian Museum, the Sea Museum, and the Museum of Science, “Power Station”. Sydney complies 25% of Australian economy. The highest buildings are also in Sydney. They are the Sydney’s Tower, the Harbor Bridge. The world’s largest Zoo is in Sydney too. Sydney is a water city, there are a lot of beaches in it. About 3 million tourists visit it every year. This is a favorite place for surfer.


-Certainly, Brisbane is one of the more interesting cities of Australia. It is famous for the Gold Coast – a string of sea-side towns.

11-й ученик


The city of Brisbane is a capital of the state Queensland. It’s situated on both banks of the river Brizben. The population of this Australian city is about 1,7 million people. There are a lot of skyscrapers in this town. That’s why it is often called “Brizben ris-Vegas”. The city is situated not far from the ocean. There are a lot of beautiful large parks in the city. Nice and warm climate of Brisbane gives the chance to all it’s citizen’s and tourists to spend much time on the open air that promotes calm and measured life. There are a lot of reserves and Zoos near the city. There are a lot of clubs, dance halls and restaurants in Brisbane. Tourists like to rest here.

12-й ученик

-And now a city of Perth. It is a very healthy place on the continent. It is famous for its safe swimming beaches, waking and cycling paths. There is a lot of sun in this place.


Australian city of the Perth is situated on the coast of the Swan River. It was founded in 1829 by James Stirling. Perth is the capital of the administrative territory – Western Australia with a population of 1200000 people. Perth is one of the great economic centers of the country. Perth is also the centre of the mining industry. In this area they mine nickel, diamonds and gold. Skyscrapers are a prominent part of the Australian landscape. Tourists are attracted by the mild climate in Perth, it’s snow-white beaches, where you can swim and sunbathe almost all year-round.


-We must also remind you about the city of Adelaide. Adelaide is a home of Australian’s leading festivals. This city has many churches.

13-й ученик


Adelaide is the capital of South Australia. It’s population is 1 million people. The city is situated on ocean bank. The city was named after the wife of the king of England Vilgelm the fourth. The city is known for its pleasant climate with average temperatures ranging from +15 to +29. Tourists are attracted by proximity of the city has high houses but its suburbs have only two or three stored buildings. Many tourists like to visit Adelaide because they want to see the third in its size the island “Kangaroo”. On the island there is a natural reserve of sea lions. In Adelaide take place many different festivals, sports and cultural activities. That’s why it is often called “The city of festivals”. In the centre of Adelaide are situated the Parliament, the House of the Government, the University, a lot of galleries, museums, shops and restaurants.


-We mustn’t forget about the city of Hobart. It is the capital of Tasmania island.

14-й ученик


Hobart is the capital of Australian island-state Tasmania. It is oldest city in Australia. It is not large in comparison for example with Sydney but it has a modern and energetic style of life. But never the less it combines its modern way of life with old traditions and customs. Hobart is considered to be a provincial town but it goes through the blooming of local culture, industry and craft. It’s population is about 200 000 people. Winters are very cold there. Hobart is also a very important sea-port. It is also an airport for cruise liners. Shipbuilding and food industry is well developed there. It is also can be called the tourist center. Thousands of tourists visit it every year. Its citizens live in a safe and healthy environment.


-Now I’d like to remind you about the main sightseeings in Australia.

14-й ученик

There are a lot of sightseeing in these cities: Botanic Gardens of Adelaide, Art Gallery of South Australia, State Library of South Australia, Barossa Valley, Adelaide Zoo, South Australian Museum, Kangaroo Island, Tandanya National Aboriginal Cultural Institute.

15-й ученик

The isolated geographical position of Australia had great influence on its fauna and flora. That is why many animals and plants developed differently from those continents. Australia is a land of birds and animals which cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Australia’s endemic animals and birds are: the kangaroo, the koala, the wombat, the echidna, the platypus, the dingo (wild dog), the emu, the kookaburra. There are 800 varieties of birds in Australia. Among them there are emus, eagles, hawkes, parrots, bower-birds, black swans and kookaburras. The kookaburra is a popular Australian bird that sounds like a human laughing. Many beautiful Australian birds have unmelodious voices.


-Now, let’s speak about one more exotic bird-ostrich emu. It’s symbolizes the country.

16-й ученик

Ostrich EMU

Ostrich EMU is a big flightless Australian bird. It is the second biggest bird in the world after the African ostrich. Emus are excellent runners. They develop speed up to 50 kilometres an hour in short distances. These birds are also good swimmers. Ostrich EMU is depicted on the Australian coat of arms. Emus have very tasty dietetic meat. Their eggs are used in cosmetology and medicine. Their feathers and feather are used in aboriginal folk craft. The duration of their life is very short: 15-20 years especially in the wild nature 5-10 years.


-Listen to the poem about it.

17-й ученик

The Ostrich is a silly bird

The Ostrich is a silly bird

With scarcely any mind

He often runs so very fast

He leaves himself behind.

And when he gets there has to stand

And hang about till night

Without a blessed thing to do

Until he comes in sight.


-Do you know what birds think of us, people? Certainly, you don’t know. Listen then to the poem.

18-й ученик

Think about people

They way they grow

They don’t have feathers

At all you know

They don’t eat beetles

They don’t grow wings

They don’t like sitting

On wires and things

Think”,- said the Emu

Think”,- said the parrot

Aren’t people funny

To do that they cannot.


-So, we continue to speak about typical Australian animals. Kangaroo for example.

19-й ученик

The kangaroo.

The kangaroo is a wonderful Australian marsupial animal. It has big long and muscular back legs adapted for leaping. A long heavy strong tail is used for balance. It has a very small head. The kangaroo is the only large animal using leaping as the way of movement. The biggest red kangaroos can jump with a speed of 70 kilometers an hour. The kangaroos live about 9-18 years but some individuals can survive up to 30 years. As we know the kangaroos are marsupial animals. The baby kangaroo stays in the mothers pouch for about 9 month before he begins to go out of it. The majority of the kangaroos live in the bushes but they can be also found in the mountains and the beaches. There are three main species of kangaroos: eastern grey kangaroos, western grey kangaroos, red kangaroos their height is usually 2 meters and weight is about 90 kilograms.


-In Australia like in the whole world people take care of the animals, feed them, make homes for them. Listen to the poem of Australian girls about that.

20-й ученик

My dream

Gillian Brown

I love all kind of animals

Crocodiles, kangaroos, dogs and rabbits

I love all kind of animals

Despite their little habits

If I had tons of money

Do you know what I would do?

I would buy lots of animals

And have my own Zoo

But they wouldn’t be in cages

They would be free to run around.

And there’s one thing they would feel

And that is safe and sound.


Now, listen to the stories about the koala , the echidna, the possums, the wombat.

21-й ученик

The koala

The koala is a small bear-like animal which lives in the eucalyptus trees. Most of its time the koala spends in these trees sleeping. However, they like to eat only some kinds of eucalyptus trees that grow in Australia. Koala has a black nose and thick furry coat. It can weigh 10 kilogrammes. Though it looks very cuddly it has very sharp teeth and very sharp claws. The koala’s nickname is a “native bear”.

22-й ученик

The echidna

The echidna is a small Australian marsupial animal mother- echidna lays only a single egg. It lays this egg directly in the pouch. When the baby-echidna hatches the mother-echidna nurses it with milk. Its body is covered with blue wool and prickly needles. The length of these needles is up to 6-8 sm. Echidna short and strong paws adapted for digging. They have power f…. curved claws with the help of which it the breaks the homes of insects. It is interesting to know that the echidnas can swim very well. Echidnas second finger has a long claw. It cleans with the help of it the wool between the needles on its back. The echidna eats ants and other insects. Echidna’s baby stays in mothers pouch for about 50 days.

23-й ученик

The possums

Possums are very small. They have the size of a domestic cat. People often confuse them with the opossums which live in America. The difference between them is very obvious. Australian possums are marsupial animals. They are wood animal with long, clingy and fluffy tail. They are like squirrels. Some of them are able to glide. They climb the trees with the help of their sharp curved claws and big far formed thumb. All possums are night small animals. They eat vegetable food, but some of them eat insects. They breed usually in winter. Their pouches open forward , they are very deep, that is absolutely necessary for such animals-acrobats. The baby- possums stay in mother’s pouches for many months. When they leave the pouches, they cling for the time to their mother’s back. Possums are gentle, kind animals. Possums are easily tamed and in captivity they like to play with children.

24-й ученик

The wombat

Wombat is a gentle, kind, fat Australian animal. Of all marsupials only he has two tooth-cutters at the top and at the bottom of his mouth like all rodents. Its strong paws with shovel claws dig the ground. Wombat digs long-long (up to 40 meters) corridors to his burrow. It has a kind of a shield on his back so that the animy couldn’t grasp him. Wombats defend themselves with the help of their head. They strike their animies like rams. They eat grass, young bark, mushrooms. Wombat is an amazing Australian marsupial animal with short legs; it is approximately one meter in length with a very short tail. Their bodies are covered with stiff fur. An adult wombat looks like a small sucking-pig. Wombats are very active at night when they are looking for food. At day time they sleep in their burrows.


- Australian’s love all the animals and they call all the people to protect them.

25-й ученик

The Duty of the strong

You who are the oldest

You who are the tallest

Don’t you think you ought to help

The youngest and the smallest.

You who are the strongest

You who are the quickest

Don’t you think you ought to help

The weakest and the sickest

Never mind the trouble

Help them all you can

Be a little woman!

Be a little man!


-Some of the Australia’s fauna can be very dangerous to people. These are crocodiles, dingoes (wild dogs), Tasmanian devils.

26-й ученик

The crocodiles.

The crocodiles are an inseparable part of Australian romance. Who hasn’t heard about crocodile Dundee? In Australia crocodiles live only in the warm North. The largest and the most dangerous are the breeds living in sea waters. Mostly they live in rivers filled with sea water during high tide. Saltwater crocodiles are very dangerous. Each year in their teeth perish several people. The crocodile can change its 60 teeth up to hundreds times. Even a very old toothless alligator is very dangerous, its jaws slam with the force of several tons grinding the body and the bones of the victims. If a victim is not too big the crocodile will swallow it all. If the piece is too large, the old crocodile will call for help a dozen of his friends to break the prey into pieces. By the way the crocodile can just eat nothing for a whole year. Perhaps it will be better not come across on his road at that time.

27-й ученик

The dingo.

Australian dingo is a wild dog. It has some features both of a wolf and domestic. Dingoes live in Australia and some countries of south- eastern Asia. Dingoes are generally reddish sometimes tinted with yellow or pure red are have been cases when a dingo attacked people especially children. Island friseur is known where a lot of dingoes live. Everywhere you can see signs warning tourists of the danger caused by the dingoes. Australian wild dog dingo is considered to be one of the oldest breeds. They arrange their homes in caves pits or among the roots of big trees. Both dog parents take care of their puppies. Mother dog nurses her babies with milk for 4 months. When the puppies are already 5 months mother dog begins to teach them to hunt small rabbits and rodents. One year old dingo takes part in hunting with big dogs. They hunt large mammals. Smart cautious flexible with excellent eyesight and hearing dingoes prefer to live a families or small groups.

28-й ученик

Tasmanian Devil

Marsupial or Tasmanian Devil is a mammal animal of a predacious family. The Tasmanian Devil is the biggest of the modern marsupial predators. It has the size of a small dog. Its body is clumsy and massive. Large species weight up to 12 kilograms. It looks like a thick short dog. Its legs are strong and shortened; front legs are bit longer than the back ones, that isn’t typical for marsupials. It has a very large head with a blunt muzzle. Its wool is short and black. On the chest and on the rump it has white spoofs, small round spots are also on both sides on his body. His ears are small and pink. He has a short and thick tail, the claws are very large. It is very gluttonous. The Devil eats small animals, birds and even insects, snakes, amphibians, edible roots of the plants. Tasmanian devils are good swimmers. The export of Tasmanian devils is strictly prohibited.


-Though these animals are wild and very dangerous, they love their babies, they take care of them very properly, some of them nurse their little cubs with milk. Australian poet Marco Luis wrote a poem about that.

29-й ученик


Beautiful sunsets heavenly skies

If you listen closely you can hear animals cries

They’re calling their daughters

They’re calling their sons,

And when they hear it, they run to their mums

Night is arriving animals are preparing to sleep

Owls are awakening

They’re starting to creep

A lot of Dark hours pass

A mother wakes up to say:

Wake up little cubs

Be prepared for a brand new day.


-You are tired a bit of listening. Now let’s relax and sing a song about Australian animals.

Хор детей исполняет «Кукабарру»


Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree
Merry, merry king of the bush is he
Laugh kookaburra, laugh kookaburra
Gay your life must be Crocodile swims in the blue, blue sea Merry, merry king of the sea is he Swim Crocodile, swim Crocodile Gay your life must be Kangaroo jumps on a long green grass Merry, merry king of the grass is he just Jump Kangaroo, jump Kangaroo Gay your life be fast.


- At first the continent of Australia had been inhabited by dark-skinned Aborigines. They are the natives on the continent. Let’s watch a small scene from their life.

30-й ученик

-Many years ago there lived a leader of an aboriginal tribe. His name was Dunkun. He was very honest, just, strong and brave. All people in his tribe respected and loved him. He had a family: a wife and a daughter. His daughter was very beautiful but at the same time she was very, very naughty. Dunkun wanted to find a good husband for her. He suggested her to marry a rich bridegroom from another tribe. She refused. Dunkun asked her to marry a brave warrior from his own tribe. She refused again. At last she fell in love with a poor handsome warrior who gave her all his heart. Dunkun was against him. Unfortunately a wicked, envious warrior kidnapped her and hid a poor girl in a deep cave, far from her home. The warriors looked for her everywhere. But everything was in vain, they couldn’t find her. A wise man tried to predict her site of being. Again everything was in vain. And only a loving man found her. His heart brought him to his swee heart. The leader agreed to marry them.

-A Leader : I am the leader of this tribe. My name is Dunkun. I have a wife and a daughter.

-A Wife: I am his wife. My name is Uluroo.

-A Daughter : I am their daughter. My name is Niyomy.

-A Leader : My daughter! I want to marry you. A rich bridegroom from another tribe has come to ask your hand.

-A Rich bridegroom: I want to marry you. I’d like to have a good mistress in my house.

-A Daughter : No, I don’t want to be your mistress.

-A Leader : Well, I have found another man, a brave warrior from our tribe.

-A Brave warrior: Be my wife! I will hunt and you will keep the house in order (run the house).

-A Daughter : No, I don’t want to be only a housewife.

-A Leader : Marry this man then.

-The Third man :I want to marry you. Be my wife! You’ll be like a queen. Everybody will envy you.

-A Daughter : I don’t want to be a queen. I need another man, who will love me.

-The Third man : It’s very strange, it’s very strange. Vainly you’ve refused.

-The Fourth warrior : I want to marry her too. I love her.

(Танцует танец аборигенов и дарит Найоми своё сердце.)

-A Daughter : I agree. I want to marry him too.

-A Leader :I object. He is very poor.

-A Wife: I object too.

(Четвёртый жених покидает сцену очень грустный. Невеста плачет и просит его надеяться на лучшее.)

-A Daughter : I hope my father will agree.

-An envious warrior: (Подглядывает за ним.)

-How I hate this beloved bridegroom! Well… I’ll steal her and marry her. (Он осуществляет свой план).

-A Daughter : Help me! Help me! Can anybody hear me? Can anybody help me!

-An Еnvious warrior : Be my wife! We’ll be happy together!

-A Daughter :Go away! I hate you a wicked, envious fibber!

(Вождь не находит нигде свою дочь).

-A Leader :Where is my daughter? I can’t find my dear daughter anywhere! My warriors find my dear daughter. I’ll award you.

(Снова аборигенский танец, символизирующий собой поиск. После танца один из воинов говорит:)

-My leader, we haven’t found her.

-A Leader : Call a wise man then!

-Shaman: I listen to you my leader!

-A Leader : Shaman, try to find my daughter! I’ll give you half of my treasures.

-Shaman: Heaven! Do you hear me? Tell me, where is the leader’s daughter? (Он произносит заклинание).

-Koori, gudjagar, yindi, moodgy, burrai, mirigan, dungan, mudgun.

-Shaman: No, in vain. Heaven are keeping silence.

-A Wife: Oh, where is my poor girl?

(Дочь одна сидит в пещере, ей грустно и одиноко. Она поёт песню о своей несчастной любви на английском языке. Тем временем несчастный юноша ищет повсюду свою возлюбленную. Он слышит её голос.)

-The Fourth warrior :Oh, it’s her voice! Oh, my love, I have found you at last.

-A Daughter : Darling, how happy I am.

-The Fourth warrior : My leader, I’ve found your daughter!

-A Wife: How happy we are. Our dear daughter! We are all together again!

-A Leader : Well…I agree! Marry her and be happy.

The end

-Well, we have spoken much about Australia, its cities, sightseeings, fauna and flora. Now, I’d like to check how you have learnt new material about this “down-under” continent. Answer my questions please.

What Do You Know about Australia?

  1. What is the capital of Australia?

  1. Sydney

  2. Melbourne

  3. Canberra

  1. Which is/are a popular Australian animal(s)?

  1. Koala

  2. Kangaroo

  3. Emu

  4. All of the above

  1. Which two animals can you see on the Australian coat of arms?

а) Kangaroo and Dingo

b) Koala and Parrot

c) Kangaroo and Emu

4. Which city is Australia’s oldest and largest?

a) Sydney

b) Melbourne

c) Canberra

5.Who are the Australian natives?

  1. Eskimos

  2. Aborigines

  3. Indians

6.Who discovered Australia?

  1. Christopher Columbus

  2. Captain Cook

  3. Lewis and Clark

7.What is the official language in Australia?

  1. French

  2. German

  3. English

8.In which season do Australians celebrate Christmas?

  1. Spring

  2. Summer

  3. Autumn

  4. Winter


- You know, that Australia is an upside-down country. The seasons here are the other way round. Summer is from December to February, winter is from June to August. But never the less they celebrate all the holidays as we do, a merry Christmas, a New Year, New Year’s Eve, the Boxing Day. It is a little bit strange to see Santa Claus dressed in his North Pole costume in the middle of summer. Soon all people in the world will celebrate A Merry Christmas. Little guests from Australia have come to congratulate us, to wish us a happy Christmas.

31-й ученик

Around the Christmas Tree

Singing dancing merrily

Round the Christmas Tree

Merrily merrily merrily

Round the Christmas Tree

A merry Christmas my friends

A merry Christmas today

Let us dance hand in hand

I will show you the way.

32-й ученик

A merry Christmas day a happy day

We are all glad and very very gay

We all dance and sing and say

Welcome, welcome Christmas day

33-й, 34-й, 35-й ученики

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas is coming What will you do? I’ll celebrate this holiday And what about you? Merry Christmas is coming Whom will you meet? I’ll meat dear Santa Claus Sledging in the street Merry Christmas is coming What will you do? I’ll decorate my home How about you? Merry Christmas is coming What will you do? I’ll cook a turkey And what about you? Merry Christmas is coming What will you wear? I’ll have a costume Like a Dancing Fair Merry Christmas is coming What will you see? I’ll see a Christmas Tree Winking joyfully at me. Merry Christmas is coming What will you be? It’s till a big secret So wait and see!


- Thank you very much, dear children.

-Now let’s sing a Christmas song all together.

Хор детей исполняет песню

Merry Christmas

We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year

Good tidings we bring
To you and your kin
Good tidings for Christmas
And a happy new year

We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas
We wish you a Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year


-That’s all. Thank you for your attention, for you being with us.

-Boys and girls, if you like our out-classes activity, clap your hands then.


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