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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Другие методич. материалы / Стихи собственного сочинения на английском языке для использования на уроках

Стихи собственного сочинения на английском языке для использования на уроках

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Guessing Rhymes

There as a girl

You know her name.

Her mother wasn’t good to her.

She made her clean the rooms and cook.

We read about it in the book.

But she was lucky to meet the Prince,

She became happy and we are pleased.

There was a girl,

You know her name.

Her Mum was very good to her.

The girl had many, many friends,

She had a hood and it was red.

There was a boy

With a long, long nose.

His Dad was very nice to him.

He gave him books to go to school,

He wanted him to keep this rule.

Road Safety

When the light is green,

You can cross the street.

When the light is red

You must stop and wait.

You should first look and then right

When you cross the road.

Be careful and you’ll be all right

Remember to use this code.

Keep Jalil Tidy

Our town is not large.

It is beautiful and green,

We have a lot of springs

With pure water to drink.

Our streets are wide and nice.

We should keep them clean.

Let us try to do the best

And put litter in the bin.

We learn English

We learn English, Russian. Tatar.

They are helpful every day.

We can use them any moment

When we want some things to say.

When you are traveling abroad,

The language helps you to see the world.

Do your best and study English!

Language is the dress of thought.

Any language you are speaking

Helps you find and make new friends.

Stories, poems we are reading

Make us think about the best.

Let us dream about the future,

It must be merciful, nice and kind,

Let’s create our beautiful future

Opened to every man with hearty mind.

Any language we are speaking

Must be pure without bad words.

There’s much dirty and ugly around us,

Why not try and be the first.

The first in speaking pure language,

The first in reading wonderful works,

The first in saving the native language,

The first in learning nice, kind words.

At the English Lesson

Look, listen, repeat and remember-

This is the rule we should keep.

If you want to know English

Read, write and speak.

All the students are busy

With asking questions and learning new words.

This the way we study English

Reciting poems and singing songs.

It isn’t easy to study English-

Learning takes time and effort.

But you are sure to win prizes,

Practice makes perfect!

English is great! It’s fantastic!

It’s helpful when you travel abroad.

You can easily read and write letters-

Language is the dress of thought!

Live and learn – is the wisdom

Our grandparents say.

So, don’t waste time and be ready

To study each and every day!

Westminster Abbey is a famous place

With the tombs of kings queens

And many great names:

Newton and Darwin,

Dickens and Kipling…

They are the history – the British like,

The glory of the country and the people’s pride.

There are many churches in London,

St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of them.

It is the greatest masterpiece

Designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

It took the architect 35 years

To build the famous building

With columns and towers

And its magnificent dome

One can’t help admiring/

There is the famous Whispering Gallery

Where your whispered word

112 feet away is clearly heard.

The walls of this gallery won’t keep your secret-

You’d better not talk and be silent.

Let’s go to London

Our friends are waiting for us.

We’ll see all these places

From the red double- decker bus.

Buckingham Palace is the London home of the Queen.

It became the official residence many years ago.

When the flag is flying on the dome

The Queen is sure to be at home.

And you are in London don’t miss the chance

Of watching the ceremony of Changing the Guard.

The Tower of London was a fortress and a palace

Where the British kings lived.

Later it became a prison which nobody could leave.

The ravens lived in the Tower, near its walls

There was much food for them as prisoners died.

Now the Tower is a museum and the ravens a sight.

There is the Raven Master taking care of their life.

Trafalgar Square is the centre of London,

Tourists like to go there .

There’s the statue of Admiral Nelson

Standing in the middle of the square.

In 1805 he defeated the French at the Trafalgar Battle.

The English honour this great man

Of the bravery example.

There are the Houses of Parliament situated on the Thames

It is the seat of the government where laws are made.

Politeness oils the wheels of life.

English people are polite.

Politeness oils the wheels of life.

They say “Sorry”, “Please”, “Thank you”-

That’s not very hard to do.

With “Good morning” starts the day.

How are you?”- they always say.

Fine, thanks.And you?’- is the reply

You are glad to give your smile.

Would you mind…”

Could you…”, ‘’Will you…”

Can you..”, “May I..” ,”If you please…”- the keys

Which open hearts, like doors with ease.

Kind, polite words are easy to speak.

But their echoes have no end.

They are true friends, indeed,

They are helpful when you are in need!

Let’s have fun!

Let’s speak …. English.



1.May I speak to Mary, ….?

2.-Oh,…! –That’s OK.

3…..I help you, Miss?

4…..to meet you.

5.-After you. -…..

6.Would you ….. a cup of tea?

Welcome to London

Would you like to visit London? I’m sure it’s worth seeing

You’ll enjoy every minute of London’s sightseeing.

There are gardens, shops and parks which attract your eye

Squares, theatres, museums are also very fine.

In Roman times London was small

With the Thames in the centre of it,

Now it is big with the houses tall

And beautiful streets and bridges.

The Father of London- the Thames is called,

Many ships go up and down; it is a huge port,

And big docks in the East End you will find.

Visiting Big Ben will be a great fun.

The bell of the clock weighs 13 tons.

There is an interesting story about its name

In 1859 into service it came.

The man in charge for building the tower

Was Benjamin Hall.

His friends called him Big Ben,

Because he was very tall.

So when the tower was built,

‘’Big Ben’’ was a suitable name, wasn’t it?

It is the symbol of London, it tells us the tinme,

All people like to hear its melodious chime.

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