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The plan of the lesson

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:

Professional English language.

The course: 3

The theme of the lesson: The job of your dream.


Educational: Students will be able to use new vocabulary and phrases talking about their future profession and job.

Developing: To develop speaking and listening skills in oral speech and reading the text. To practice working in groups. To try to choose, right answer, to compare.

Bringing up: To respect national traditions and customs.

The type of the lesson: lesson - competition

Inter subject connection: Russian, Kazakh.

The visual and teaching aids: multimedia board, worksheets, cards.

Organization moment:

  • Greeting.

Presentation of the new theme:

 Good afternoon, Students! We are glad to see you today! You know that on the 22nd of September people of our Republic celebrate the Day of Languages. It is an important day in our country. The President of our Republic pays a great attention for development of the languages.

 Our language is connected with our thought and sense. It appeared in antiquity. It’s close to the society’s life. All languages developed under influence of economic, political and geographical conditions.

English is a world language. It’s the language of progressive science and technology, trade and Cultural relations, commerce and business. English is spoken by more than 500 million people. Geographically, it’s the most widespread language on earth.

We are glad to great you at our game!

Our game is called “the job of your dream”. Do you know the meaning of the word “job”?

Say your associations.

Job: profession, secretary, work…

What's your dream job?

When we talk about a dream job, it could mean a few different things. It could be:

  • doing something you're good at

  • doing something you're interested in

  • achieving an ambition like earning lots of money or travelling the world.

First of all let me introduce our teams and jury. There are two teams here today. The first one is called SECRETARIES, and its captain is _______. The second team is called ENGINEERS , and its captain is _______. The members of our jury are: ____________.

Now listen to the rules of our game. It consists of several stages. They are deal with English, Russian and Kazakh languages.

1. Guess the riddles!

Guess the riddles and try to translate the answer to three languages.

1) She works in an office.   she answers the phone, she types letters on her computer What’s her job ? (secretary, хатшы, секретарь)

2) Встаю я очень рано, ведь моя забота – Всех отвозить по утрам на работу.(Шофер, driver, жүргізуші)

3) Өскен шашты жаратпайтын, Қайшысы бар жалақтайтын.  (Шаштараз, парикмахер, hairdresser)

4) Бiлiмнiң жол басшысы, Шәкiрттiң қолбасшысы.  (Мұғалiм, teacher, учитель)

5) You see him every day, he shouts at you, but still he loves you (teacher)

6) Кто в дни болезней, Всех полезней и лечит нас от всех болезней? (дәрігер,врач, doctor )

2. There are 14 names of different professions. Can you find them in this crossword? Start!

3. Now it`s time for a guessing-game “What profession is it?” I`ll describe you a profession and you will give me the word.

Here are some professions: journalist, bricklayer, architect, fashion designer, conductor, manager, accountant, sports instructor, cashier, programmer, decorator, car mechanics, physicist, interpreter, pharmacist.

Журналист, каменщики, архитектор, модельер, проводник, менеджер, бухгалтер, спортивный инструктор, кассир, программист, декоратор, автослесари, физик, переводчик, фармацевт.

Listen to the definition of professions, try to guess and name them.

someone who can count well and keeps the money records of a business

someone who makes walls with bricks

someone who designs clothes

someone who writes computer programs

someone who gets cash or pays out money in a shop

someone who repairs cars

someone who works at the reception desk of a hotel

someone whose job is to design buildings

someone whose job is to manage a company

someone who studies or works in physics

4. make a sentence

What is your mother by profession?

What is your father by profession?

What company does your father work for?

What kind of job would you like to have?

5. Who knows more?


6. Make a dialogue

1. In the office

2. at the factory

7. Ask each other

What are the most popular professions nowadays?

Are there any traditional / modern professions?

What are well-paid professions?

8. Realization of the meaning


3 adjectives

2 verbs

1 sentence 5 words



Revise the new words


Our lesson is reaching the end. My dear, today you were very active and worked hard.

Your marks for today’ s lesson are…

Thank you! See you later!



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