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Текст "My friend" с заданиями для 5 класса


My Friend

I have a very good friend. His name is Nick. Friends are very important in our life.

My friend and I always do our best to help one another. We discuss all our troubles and try to find the best decision in any situation. My friend is a very good, kind and clever boy. We often spend our free time together. It is not very easy now, because we are going to enter institutes and have a lot of work.

My friend is going to become a doctor and I am going to become an engineer. Our future professions are different, but we like to help one another in our study.

When we have some free time, we go for walks, read and discuss books, watch films, go to discos or play computer games. Playing computer games is our hobby. We are fond of sport. We often go to the swimming pool together. We are football fans and we like to watch and discuss football matches on TV or to go to the stadium. I think he is a true friend.

Dо our bestделать всё возможное; one another друг другу; discuss troublesобсуждать проблемы; decisionрешение; are going to enterсобираемся поступать; is going to becomeсобирается стать; are fond ofлюбить что-либо.

1)Answer the questions:

a)Are friends important in our life or not?

b)What do they find in any situation?

c)Why isn`t it easy to spend free time for them together?

d)What professions do Fred and his friend choose?

e)How do friends spend their free time?

2)True or False?

a) I have a very good friend. Her name is Lena. d) I am going to become a computer programmer.

b) We try to find the best decision in every situation. e) Playing computer games isn`t our hobby.

c) My friend is a very good, cruel and unfriendly boy. f) We are football fans.

3)Choose the correct preposition.

1. I am on/ in/ at the fifth form. 6.Barbara`s students invited us at/ to/ in London.

2. May I go to/ at/ out? 7.My best penfriends are from/ at/ on Oxford.

3. Are there any new subjects at/ on/ in your timetable? 8.It is boring to listen to/ on/ of her story.

4. Next Monday my friends will go at/ to/ in school. 9. We often go into/ behind/ to the swimming pool.

5. Russian students study one or two foreign languages on/ to/ at school.

4)Say the word which has the opposite meaning of the word given, using un-, im-, non-, in-.

Impolite - …… Kind - ……

Famous - …… Uncruel-…..

Unlucky - …... Formal-……

Athletic - …… Important-……

5)Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Simple or the Present Continuous.

1) Andy sometimes……comics. (to read) 6) They often..…the bathroom. (to clean)

2) We never……TV in the morning. (to watch) 7) Look! The boys…..home. (to come)

3) Listen! Sandy…..in the bathroom. (to sing) 8) Every day his grandfather..…for a walk. (to go)

4) My sister usually……..in the kitchen. (to help) 9) I …..with my friend at the moment. (to chat)

5) My mother…….breakfast now. (to make) 10) Cats..…mice. (to eat)

6) Put in the correct verb forms and the nouns into the gaps. Use Present Continuous.

1) in the lake? (Lisa/to swim) 6) to the radio? (Henry/to listen)

2) your brother? (you/to help) 7) the buckets? (the boys/to carry)

3) a museum? (he/to visit) 8) the string of the kite? (she/to hold)

4) her T-shirt? (Doris/to wash) 9 )breakfast? (we/to make)

5) home? (they/to run) 10) the computer? (Ron and Fred/to check)

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