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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Тесты / Текст промежуточной контрольной работы (по итогам первого полугодия) к учебнику "Английский в фокусе", 6 класс. Вариант 1
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  • Иностранные языки

Текст промежуточной контрольной работы (по итогам первого полугодия) к учебнику "Английский в фокусе", 6 класс. Вариант 1


Mid Test. Form 6. Variant 1.

УМК «Spotlight»

1. Listen to two friends talking on the telephone and circle True or False.

1 Cathy is making noise.

True False

2 It's her brother's birthday party.

True False

3 The party is brilliant

True False

4 Cathy's brother is dancing

True False

5 James wants a hamburger

True False

2. Match the titles to the texts. One title is extra.

A. The German "Karneval" D. The Festival of Lights

B. Christmas Celebrations E. A Birthday Party

C. St. Nicholas Day

1. Children celebrate the holiday with their family members. They always have a special cake, which is iced with candles on top. If you are nine you have nine. They invite their friends and they have a celebration with food, games and music. The guests usually bring gifts: CDs, cosmetics, candles, T-shirts, books and photo frames. People often put balloons up in their houses or on their front gates to show everybody where the party is happening.

2. It is celebrated on the first Monday in February. Everybody puts on a mask and a red nose and wears funny clothes. Schools and kindergartens celebrate it with a party, meals and lots of fun. Children eat crisps and drink coke and fanta. Salt-sticks are also popular. Older people celebrate it with sausages, chips and potato salad. There are long processions where people show off their costumes and throw sweets from decorated cars, especially in Koln, Germany, the centre of this holiday.

3. In Malaysia there is a special celebration called Deepavali. This is a Hindu festival. It is celebrated between October and November. Hindus believe that on this day the good forces overcome the evil (злые) ones. During this time the Hindus lit their homes with tiny lights to show victory over darkness. These lights are in clay pots filled with coconut oil. In the afternoon friends and families gather in their homes and eat lots of traditional Indian food.

4. It is how people celebrate Jesus's birth in Sweden. Several weeks before it people decorate the streets and shops. Families decorate their houses in red and set up stars and candles in their windows. Every family has a green tree in their house. They decorate it and put presents under it. Some people sing carols and dance around the tree. All the family members usually get together to eat a big dinner.

3. Choose the correct item.

1 I am going to the.......to buy stamps.

A toy shop В sports shop С post office

2 Is that.......new car?

A there В theirs С their

3 My brother ....... go out alone; he's only three.

A isn't В hasn't С can't

4 There are.......cushions on the sofa.

A any В some С an

5 She.......take the bus to school; she walks.

A don't В does С doesn't

6 We watch "The Simpsons" every night. We .......miss it.

A always В never С sometimes

7 I'll.......lunch while you're at the shops.

A makes В make С do

8 We'll.......a special dish for John's birthday.

A do В has С make

9 "What's the date today?" "I think it's........"

A 25th July В Tuesday С 1999

10 They.......the washing up now.

A are doing В do С does

11 Pedro is from Barcelona; he is........

A Spanish В Spain С Spaniard

12 "Is the food good?" ".......special."

A Something В Anything С Nothing

13 Why don't we meet.......7 o'clock?

A on В at С in

14 "What time is it?" "It's half.......five."

A to В thirty С past

15 ".......do you like my new dress?" "It's lovely!"

A When В How С Why

16 There's a cinema.......to the library.

A opposite В next С behind

17 Why aren't there.......chairs in the kitchen?

А а В some С any

18 "What's your.......?" "15 Willow Avenue."

A date В birthday С address

19 .......the evening, I do my homework.

A At В In С On

20 My favourite.......is on TV tonight.

A sitcom В fiction С music

4. Match the questions to the responses.

A Yes, please. I have it ready.

В A dozen white roses.

С Yes, it's fantastic.

D No, not really.

E They're horrible.

F Yes, we are.

1. Are you having fun?

2. Do you like the party?

3. What do you have in mind?

4. Would you like to include a card?

5. What are the sandwiches like?

6. Are you doing anything at the moment?

5. Put the words in the correct order to make sentences.

1 are/wearing/what/they?

2 is/guitar/not/Susan/today/playing/the.

3 the/eating/is/why/not/sandwiches/he?

4 watching/not/Brian/is/TV.

5 they/enjoying/their/holiday/are?

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