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Тема для говорения " Importance of a Foreign Language "

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Importance of a Foreign Language.

  • You can’t find a good job nowadays if you don’t have a good command of English. The problem of learning languages is very important today. Foreign languages are socially demanded at the present time.

I have always realized the importance of English in modern world.

Today English is the language of the world. It’s evident that those who speak foreign languages have many more job opportunities as all sorts of international business and cultural contacts involve the use of foreign languages.

English is the major language of the communication in such areas as science, computer technology, mass entertainment and international tourism. And besides, a foreign language enables you to find work almost everywhere in the world. It’s natural that so much attention is paid to teaching foreign languages at school.

But on the other hand there is no doubt that learning even one foreign language is a hard job. And if you have decided you must be prepared to work really hard and systematically. In fact it is difficult to learn to communicate in a foreign language if you are not a sociable and easy going person.

In conclusion, I’d like to tell that my greatest desire is to speak good English. I don’t know exactly what practical use I’ll make of it in future but I’m definitely sure that after graduating from the university I’ll become an educated person, useful for the progress of the society I live in.

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