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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Theme of the lesson: My country
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Theme of the lesson: My country


Form: 8

Theme of the lesson: My country

The aims of the lesson:

  1. Educational: to teach pupils to speak about Kazakhstan, to give more information about its geographical position, climate, economy and traditions, to widen their vocabulary through doing different tasks;

  2. Practical: to improve the pupils’ communication skills by expressing opinions; to develop their speaking abilities, reading and writing habits; to teach pupils to work creatively;

  3. Cultural: to enrich pupils interests in learning English language, to teach pupils to love their Motherland and respect the culture and traditions of country.

Methods: interactive method of teaching, question – answer, explanation, individual and pair works, listening, game, level tasks.

The type of the lesson: Combining

Visual aids and equipment: pictures, postcards, letters on the sheets, disks, a map, an interactive board and presentations, a textbook, a blackboard.

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment:

  1. Greetings:

- Good morning, pupils!

- Good morning, teacher.

- I’m very glad to see you. Thank you, sit down.

  1. Introduction:

- Today we have unusual lesson. Today we’ll talk about our Motherland and its geographical position, population, climate, economy, customs and traditions. There is nothing better and the most expensive in the world like Native Land. You’ll see a competition between the teams “Blue” and “Yellow”. First of all, I’ll divide you into two groups by giving coloured cards. Let’s begin our competition “My Motherland”.

  1. Checking up home task: 1st round is “Home task”. Your home task was ex 6. Translate following sentences into your native language.

  1. It was planned to extend the railway from the city of Semey to Pavlodar.

  2. An eagle is a very large strong meat-eating bird.

  3. The tops of the Alatau Mountains are covered with snow even in summer.

  4. The constitution ensures the rights for the people within borders of our country.

  5. Kazakhstan borders Russia, China and some other countries.

  1. Warmer:

2nd round is “Question – answer” . Answer the questions by choosing the correct variant.

  1. Where is the Republic of Kazakhstan situated? a) Central Asia b) Europe c) Australia

  2. What is the capital of the Republic? a) Almaty b) Kyzylorda c) Astana

  3. The population of Kazakhstan is … people. a) 17,560,000 b) 16,870,000 c) 10,500,300

  4. The head of the state is …. a) khan b) president c) prime – minister

  5. What is the national symbol of Kazakhstan? a) the rose b) the bald eagle c) golden man

  6. What is the official language of the country? a) Russia b) Kazakh c) English

  7. Which month is the day of Independence celebrated in? a) January b) April c) December

  8. The colours of Kazakhstan flag are: a) blue and white b) blue and yellow c) red and yellow

  9. The largest city is …. a) Astana b) Almaty c) Atyrau

  10. The climate of Kazakhstan is …. a) mild b) continental c) extremely continental

Answers: 1.a; 2.c; 3.b; 4.b; 5.b; 6.b;7.c; 8.b;9.b;10.c;

  1. Presentation.

-I’ll show you the video about Kazakhstan. Listen and try to learn the information about its geographical position, history, climate, economy, customs and traditions.

3rd round is writing. Complete the following sentences.

  1. The area of Kazakhstan is …. (2.753.000 square kilometers)

  2. The largest lakes are …. (Balhash, Zaisan, Ala – Kol and Tengiz)

  3. Kazakhstan has … in many cities and towns. (well – developed heavy industry)

  4. sector in the national economy. (agriculture takes a very important)

  5. As a sovereign state Kazakhstan has its own …. (national flag, and anthem and national traditions and holidays.)

  1. Time of the rest.

Sing the song all together.

  1. Continuing the competition.

4th round is “Work with the picture”. Look at the picture. What can you see on the picture? Try to tell the class what you can say about the picture and write.

1st picture is “ A hunter with hunting flacon”

2nd picture is “Kazakh national game Kyz Kuu”

3rd picture is “The capital of Kazakhstan – Astana”

4th picture is “Kazakh famous akyn, writer – Abai Kunanbayev”

  1. Conclusion

5th round is “game”. Find the words using the letters on yours.

Blue: W E T A G S E L H N

  1. East or …, home is best. (west)

  2. The national currency of the Republic. (tenge).

  3. The very large strong meat – eating bird.(eagle)

  4. The flour made of …(wheat)

Yellow: A L S I H O R A T E

  1. The Republic of Kazakhstan is situated in the Central …. (Asia)

  2. The name of the mountain. (Altai)

  3. The name of domestic animal. (horse)

  4. or west, home is best.(East)

  1. Evaluation: excellent (5) good (4) satisfied (3)

  2. Home task. Write short topic “My mother land is Kazakhstan”


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