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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Theme: “Would you like …?”
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  • Иностранные языки

Theme: “Would you like …?”


Бакытжанкызы Гулдана

Актюбинская область( Байганинский район)

 Карауылкелдинская средняя школа 

Theme: “Would you like …?”




Educational: to introduce the new material; to have a general survey.

Developing: to develop students abilities in listening ,reading and speaking;to enrich their competence by developing intellect and speech habits.

Bringing-up: to enrich students knowledge on the theme “Food and Drink’s”;

Visual aids: an interactive board slides,pictures, cards with tasks , additional materials.

Type of the lesson: combined

Methods: explanation ,an interactive method

Inter subject connection: kazakh

The procedure of the lesson:

I.Org. moment:

-Good afternoon, pupils! I am glad to see you again! It’s spring now! It’s rainy,warm,windy and sunny!It’s spring now. And our lesson is- spring lesson or our lesson is spring party,why? Because today we have open lesson , that’s why we have guests, we sing songs, we read, we write, listen to the tape recoder, repeat the words, learn new expressions and we will do different kinds of exercises. All right!

-Are you ready for the lesson?

- Where is your books(a work book,a pen , a pencil, )?

- If you are ready for the lesson let’s start.

II. Brainstorming:

On your desks you can see smiles of different moods.You can choose one which really shows how you are feeling at the moment.Come to the board and put your smile.

III. Phonetic drill.

Look at the picture, please. hello_html_m22cabcb3.png

Do you know him? What is his name? (He is Robin-Bobby.

He is a great eater.)

That’s right. He is Robin-Bobby – a great eater.

Children, listen to the poem about Robin-Bobby and answer my questions: “What did Robin eat? What did he drink? ”

Robin, Robin, what a man!
He ate as much as no one can.

He ate fish, he ate meat.
He ate ice-cream and a sweet.
He drank juice, he ate a cake,
Then said: “I have a stomachache”.

You have listened to the poem. Now answer my questions, please:

What did Robin eat? (He ate fish. He ate meat. He ate ice-cream. He ate a sweet. He ate a cake.)

What did he drink? (He drank juice.)

Splendid! Look at the board and name all the food Robin ate.

IV.Check up h.t.

You were to learn by heard new words.Let’s remember the last lesson’s new words,ok! Match the words to the pictures.

 I hope you eat healthy food. At home you should make up your menus, design them and tell us about what you ate and drank last week.

V.Music and rhythmic pause.

Let’s have a fun and sing the song “I like food” and do gymnastics.. Great!

VI. Warming-up activities.

Pupils, yesterday I have got riddles from the clown Tom but I could not guess them. Can you help me? I hope you help me to guess the riddles!

1.Monkey likes to eat (Banana)

2. We eat soup with…(Bread)

3. Littles mouse likes(Cheese)

4.It’s for birthday (Cake)

5. We drink … (Coffee) in the morning.

VII.The main part of the lesson.

I see you understood our last theme and we continue our lesson!I hope you’ll work well.Now, pupils open your copy-books and write down today’s date and theme of our lesson. Today’s theme is “Would you like…?”. It means “Сен қалар ма едің? ілтипатты білдіреді. [1:66 ]

VII.New words.

Well, we continue our lesson. Look at the blackboard.We have are new expressions.Listen to how pronounce these expressions. On your desks you can see sheets with these words.[1:87 ]

Would you like some…?- Сен қалар ма едің?

Yes,please- өтінем

Here you are- міне,алыңыз

I’m full- мен тойдым.

I’m at home-мен үйдемін.

Wash your hands-қолыңды жу

Me too- маған да

Task1.Listening and reading.

T:Pupils , you are so active today.So, pay attention Exercise1 on page66.Look at the dialogue about the Anar, Ben and Anar’s mother.At first listen the tape recoder then you should read and translate it. [3:53 ]

Now let’s read the dialogues in paris. Who wants to read it?

Task2 .Speaking.

Now we continue our work. Let’s do exercise 2 on page 67.Ask each other questions use expression of “Would you like…?”and answer them. [1:67 ]


Now children let’s revise the words on the unit food and drinks.I know you like to play .Let’s play interesting game “What is missing?” Look at the board ,try to remember the all foods.

-Close your eyes

-Open your eyes

-What is missing?- (an apple, a banana, a kiwi,……).

Task4.Writing (Complete and write)Exercise2 p 62

1.Would you like some C:\Users\Амир Надир\Downloads\111111ыгкуе\скачанные файлы (23).jpg? Yes, please.

2.Would you like some C:\Users\Амир Надир\Downloads\111111ыгкуе\скачанные файлы (24).jpg? No, thank you.

3.Would you ________C:\Users\Амир Надир\Downloads\111111ыгкуе\скачанные файлы (25).jpg? ___________.

4.Would___________C:\Users\Амир Надир\Downloads\111111ыгкуе\images (3).jpg?_____________.

Task5.The next game is “Who is the best?”. Put the extra word away and guess the food or drinks.

Milk bread cheese butter

Tea milk coffee cheese

Biscuit chocolate jam tea

Coffee tea milk butter

VIII. Are you tired? Let’s have a rest. Stand up please.

Bread and butter ,milk and tea

Put your finger on your knee

Bread and butter, cake and ice

Put your hands on your eyes

Bread and butter, duck and rose

Put your finger on your nose

Bread and butter ,juice and eggs

Put your hands on your legs


1) Now children , today we have done a lot of different exercises about the food and drinks.You were active,attentive and creative.I”ll give you following marks

2) Your marks for the lesson are…….. …….

3) Take ex. 4,5, p.40 for your homework. You have to read the dialogue again .


Children, before you go out the classroom estimate your work at the lesson.They are the smiles.What is your opinion about your work at the lesson? Come to the board and put your smile.

The lesson is over. You may be free. Good bye!

Список используемой литературы:

1.Рахимжанова С.Д., Волкова А.С. English.2класс.Учебник в 2 частях.- «Алматыкітап баспасы»ЖШС,2014.

2.Рахимжанова С.Д., Волкова А.С. English.2класс.Книга для учителя.- «Алматыкітап баспасы»ЖШС,2014.

3. Рахимжанова С.Д., Волкова А.С. English.2класс. Аудио формат: rar (pdf+wave).- «Алматыкітап баспасы»ЖШС,2014.



На участие в областном  конкурсе учителей

«Лучший современный урок»



 Бакытжанкызы Гулдана

Город (район)

Актюбинская область( Байганинский район)

Ученая степень и звание

бакалавр английской филологии

Место работы

Карауылкелдинская средняя школа 


преподаватель английского языка

Категория, стаж



Актюбинская область,Байганинский район,село Карауылкелды ул.К.Жазыкова 60

Телефон, e-mail


Название урока

 Would you like …?”

Директор учебного заведения: ______________ Койшыгулова.К.М.


Karauylkeldy secondary school

Plan- abstract of the lesson for English language of the theme “Would you like…?” for 2ndә” class

Teacher of English language:G.Bakytzhankyzy


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