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Тест для учеников 9 классов

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Тест (9 класс)

1. Выберите правильный вариант. I want … John.

a) that you get in touch with

b) you to get in touch with

c) you get in touch with

d) that you getting in touch with

e) you getting in touch with

2. Выберите предложение с Participle 1.

a) Opening the door he met his old friend.

b) What is the use of crying?

c) She is crazy about going to the stadium.

d) It is interesting.

e) I am fond of sport.

3. Вставьте необходимый предлог: The snow turnedrain.

a) after

b) with

c) in

d) on

e) into

4. Глагол tell в Perfect Infinitive.

a) to have told

b) to have tell

c) to be told

d) to tell

e) to have telling

5. Which of the American presidents never lived in the White House?

a) Thomas Jefferson

b) Abraham Lincoln

c) George Washington

d) James Madison

e) John Adams

6. Выберите правильный вариант фразового глагола.

I wish we could sell the piano it … too much space here.

  1. takes out

  2. takes up

  3. takes back

  4. takes on

  5. takes off

7. Выберите правильный английский эквивалент данной пословицы:

Наперед не загадывай.

a) Every dog has its day

b) No pains, no gains

c) Everything is good in its season

d) Tastes differ

e) Batter late than never

8. Закончите фразеологизм: Toin money. Купаться в деньгах.

a) Sing

b) Swim

c) Roll

d) Skate

e) Dance

9. The Tower of London was started by …

a) William the Conqueror

b) Ethel Voynich

c) John Steinbeck

d) Alan Marshall

e) James Cook

10. Выберите местоимение. Read this text at home! Don`t do … now.

a) this

b) he

c) she

d) it

e) we

11. Выберите артикль: … Baltic Sea is stormy in … winter.

a) a, the

b) the, -

c) the, a

d) -, the

e) -,-

12. Переведите фразовые глаголы:

Лазить _________________________________

Обращаться за __________________________

Возникать ______________________________

Связываться ____________________________

Иметь в виду ___________________________

13. What is standing in the middle of Piccadilly?

a) Nelson`s Column

b) the State of Eros

c) Trafalgar Square

d) Hyde Park

e) the Whispering Gallery

14. Выберите правильный вариант косвенной речи для предложения: My friend said, “Can you help me?”

a) My friend wanted to know if I can help him

b) My friend wanted to know if I could help him

c) My friend said to me if I could help him

d) My friend want to know if I could help him

e) My friend wants to know if I help him

15. Выберите предложение в Past Indefinite:

a) The pupils are drawing with a great interest.

b) She helps her mother about the house.

c) We were reading the book all the evening yesterday.

d) He came home at 5 o`clock.

e) We have English classes two times a week.

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