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Тест по английскому языку (6 класс)

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Поделитесь материалом с коллегами:




  1. Match the parts of the sentences. (5 points)

  1. Mary will watch TV a) if he gets up at 7 o’clock.

  2. They will go to the park b) if she does her homework.

  3. We shall play tennis c) if the weather is fine.

  4. He will have dinner d) when his mother cooks it.

  5. Tom won’t be late for school c) when the lessons are over.






  1. Complete the sentences using the Future Simple Tense. Use your imagination. (5 points)

Example: When John comes home, he will have lunch.

  1. If my parents have free time, ________________________________.

  2. If he buys tickets, _________________________________________.

  3. When the weather is sunny, _________________________________.

  4. When it stops snowing, ____________________________________.

  5. If you don’t turn off the radio, ______________________________.

  1. Complete the sentences using the Present Simple Tense. Use your imagination. (5 points)

Example: Mary will see a Trafalgar Square if she goes to London.

  1. The students will get good marks if ___________________________.

  2. I shall play with you if _____________________________________.

  3. They will go to the theatre when _____________________________.

  4. We’ll go to the seaside when ________________________________.

  5. Mike will read this book if __________________________________.

  1. Choose the correct answer. (10 points)

  1. It usually … me 15 minutes to get to school.

  1. Take b) takes c) has taken

  1. The boys … in the river now.

  1. Swim b) swims c) are swimming

  1. They … to the cinema last Sunday.

  1. Go b) went c) are going

  1. I think it … snow tomorrow.

  1. Will b) were c) did

  1. Have you ever … to London?

  1. Be b) been c) was

  1. It … windy yesterday.

  1. Was b) were c) is

  1. Kate play tennis every day?

  1. Is b) do c) does

  1. This small book is … than that big one.

  1. Good b) better c) the best

  1. The cake smells … .

  1. Nice b) nicely c) sweetly

  1. The girl is fond … reading.

  1. In b) on c) of

  1. Write the correct form of the verbs in brackets. (10 points)

  1. Tom always … (to go) to school by bus.

  2. Denis … (not to visit) his grandparents very often.

  3. The dogs … (to run) in the garden now.

  4. I … (not to see) you for ages!

  5. His parents … (not to spend) their holidays at the sea last summer.

  6. I think it … (to be) foggy tomorrow.

  7. When … your sister usually … (to come) home from school?

  8. your teacher … (to ask) you to write a story about animals yesterday?

  9. There … (to be) some bread on the table.

  10. What … (to be) the weather like yesterday?




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