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Тесты по английскому языку (11 класс)


Read the texts carefully. Match each paragraph with one of the provided spheres.

  1. Exactly what is a family? In the past, the traditional family consisted of a working husband, a wife at home, and children. Responsibilities were clearly divided: the husband was earning a living; the wife was caring for the home. There were exceptions, of course, but this was the general rule. After the 1960s, however, the rules have undergone some changes.

  1. Good health is not something you are able to buy at the drugstore. It is your own responsibility to make your body last long without problems. So, get rid of bad habits, pay attention to signs of illness, see the doctor and receive good medical care.

  1. In the past, even the most important news was difficult to deliver. Then, after the telephone was invented, exchange of information became much easier. Today millions of people all over the world make phone calls; some offices even use ‘videophones’.

  1. Today, scientists collect information to be able to predict weather changes accurately. This collection of data shows how closely weather changes are connected with each other; a change in one area affects other areas.

a) Climate

b) The Changing Family

c) Inventions

d) Health

Match each paragraph with one of the provided spheres.

  1. For many people laughter is not just a pleasure, but a way of fighting illness. Some hospitals have begun to bring in clowns to hospitals, especially in children’s rooms. Hospital clowns are becoming more and more popular because of the positive effect they have. Laughter gives people the will to fight their illnesses themselves.

  1. Circus

  1. Leisure

  1. Health

  1. Art

  1. Bill Gates is probably the richest man in America. He studied engineering and has now become the worlds most famous computer engineer. When he was 15, he invented a system for controlling traffic in Seattle. In 1975 he wrote a book on the computer language BASIC.

  1. Traffic control

  1. Celebrities

  1. Engineering

  1. Computer languages

  1. Running is an excellent exercise. Before you start running, you should warm up first, using slow movements that make all your muscles work. But be careful! If you stretch when your muscles are cold, you might do yourself a lot of harm. Always wear comfortable clothing and make sure your trainers (sport shoes) are in good shape.

  1. Physiology

  1. Winter fashion

  1. Weather

  1. Healthy lifestyle

  1. New Year’s day is celebrated all over the world, but not always at the same time. Our New Year starts on January 1 but the Chinese New Year takes place any time between January 21 and February 19, depending on the year. On New Year’s Eve many people go to parties or get together with their families, neighbours or friends and they stay up until midnight to see the New Year in.

  1. Nations

  1. Leisure

  1. Geography

  1. Celebrations

  1. There is no doubt that air travel is more expensive than any other form of modern transport, but although it would be more economical to go by train, people often fly because they find it more enjoyable Strangely enough, they say it is the safest form of travelling.

  1. Economics

  1. Travelling

  1. Safety code

  1. Customs

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