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Тесты по английскому языку на тему "Tenses"

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  1. Where _____ the Johnsons (live)? do are does

  2. Margie and her sister ____ wonderful voices. does has got have got

  3. I (not/understand) ____ that man because I (not/know)____ English.
    not understand, don’t know
    don’t understand, not know
    don’t understand, don’t know

  4. ____ you ____ any time to help me? – Sorry, I ____
    Do you have, don’t
    Have you got, am not
    Do you have, have got

  5. Everybody in our family (help) _____ Mummy about the house. Dad (walk) ____ the dog, I (water) ____ the flowers, and my brothers (clean) ____ the rooms.
    help, walks, water, clean
    helps, walks, water, clean
    help, walks, water, cleans

6.Harry never … to work by bus. a) Go b) Do goes c) Does d) Goes

7. She … chocolate. a) Likes not b) Not like c) Don’t like d) Doesn’t like

8.We always … to bed early. a) Goes b) Doesn’t go c) Go d) Does

9.Mary … a lot last year. a) Travelled b) Travels c) Travelling d) Did travel

10. Mum … any gifts yesterday. a) Brought notb) Didn’t bringc) Doesn’t bringd) Didn’t brought

11.Where … this kitten? a) Did you findb) You did findc) Found youd) Did you found

12. What flat … in ? a) Did she livedb) Does she livec) Did she livesd) Does she lived

13.Ann … at home last Sunday, she went to a party. a) Didn’t stayedb) Didn’t staysc) Didn’t stayd) Did stay not

14.How is Mary? … her on Monday? a) Was you see b) Did you see c) Do you see d) Are you see

15.My friend and I … to read English books. a) Like b) Likes c) Doesn’t like d) Didn’t liked

16.____ Jane Smith (speak) ____ English? Is ... speak Does ... speak Do ... speak

17.The Browns ____ a nice house in the country. has got have got

18____ you (like) swimming? Do you like Does you like Are you like

__19. ______ Dad ____ any brothers or sisters? Have Dad got Does Dad have Does Dad has

20. Bob _________(know) what I want?
Bob knows Do Bob knows Does Bob know

21.They can’t go out because they ____ rain – coats and umbrellas. have got aren’t have don’t have

22.Jack lives not far from us, but we (not/see) ____ him often. not see doesn’t see don’t see

23.Don’t give him cigarettes. He (not/smoke) ____. isn’t smoke doesn’t smoke don’t smoke

24.Can you help me? I (not/know)____ the way to the market. am not know not know don’t know

Present Simple / Present Continuous

1. They … for us near the door. a) Are waiting b) Waits c) Is waiting d) Am waiting

2. Harry … television every day. a) Is watchingb) Watchc) Watchesd) Are watching

3. What … in the room now? a) They are doing b) Are they doingc) Do they do d) They do

4. Ann … French at all. a) Isn’t speaking b) Not speaks c) Doesn’t speaking d) Doesn’t speak

5. Mr. Scott … German to Ann at the moment. a) Speaksb) Is speaking c) Are speaking

d) speaking

6. I am busy now. I … to the radio. a) Am listening b) Listen c) Am listen d) Listening

7. They … to the seaside every summer. a) Are going b) Goes c) Go d) Is going

8. No, I … the newspaper at the moment. a) Am not reading b) Don’t read c) Don’t reading

d) Amn't reading

9. No, she … in this house. a) Isn’t live b) Don’t live c) Doesn't live d) Lives not

10. Where … he is from? a) Are you thinking b) Do you think c) Are you think

d) You don’t think

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