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Тесты по англ.яз для колледжей

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History of Books

There were times when people had neither letters nor paper. The history of books is considered to begin with a written language when literary works appeared on leaves, clay tablets, bark. Only in the 14th century Johan Gutenberg from Germany invented printing with a movable type. Now millions of books are published every year.

Kinds of Books

There are fiction and non-Fiction books. Fiction books are thought up by authors though they can be based on true events. Non-Fiction books contain real facts.

Fiction literature offers a great variety of genres to readers: romance, historical novels, science fiction, fantasy, thrillers, fables, fairy-tales, drama, poetry. Non-Fiction includes biographies and autobiographies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, almanacs. Every reader has his favourite genre corresponding to his taste and character.

Why Do People Read?

People read books because they are a valuable source of information and knowledge. Studying is one of the main reasons why people read books. It is impossible to imagine modern school without books.

The programme material is contained mostly in textbooks. Reading develops mind and thinking abilities. Books consider the eternal questions of life, so they help us in everyday situations and stimulate our self-perfection.

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