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Things in a room


hello_html_m2a7690f7.gifShort term plan (Lesson plan)

Lesson: Things in a room

School: Chaganskaya school

Date: 18.01.2016

Teacher name: Tugelbaeva

Class: 5 «а»,«ә»

Number present: absent:

Learning objectives

that this lesson is contributing to

5V. expand and improve leaners vocabulary skills.

5.G. learn more about the grammatical material (prepositions).

5.S. speak about things in a room.

5.W. do exercises with (prepositions)

Lesson objectives

All learners will be able to:

  • Recognize the theme and grammar material;

Most learners will be able to:

  • Do exercises with grammar material;

Some learners will be able to:

  • Speak about things in a room.

Previous learning

Pictures, grammar сards.



The procedure of the lesson


5 min

7-15 min




3 min

I. Organization moment.


- Stand up all. Good afternoon children. Sit down, please. I’m glad to see you.

1.2.Warm up.

Well, let’s check class atmosphere.

- Who is on duty today?

- Who is absent?

- What day is it today?

- What date is it today?

- What’s a season now?

-What weather is it today?

It is clear,thanks. Well, lets check your hometasks.

II.Checking up the hometask.

III.Main part.

2.1. Explanation of a new theme ‘Things in a room’.

Now open your books at page 76 and look at the pictures. I think that our theme will be intresting for you. Well, lets start our work.

Vocabulary Write down.



Chest of drawers


(in the) corner

In front of


Next to


(on the) right


Shelf (shelves)




Ex1Match the words on the plan with the numbers in the picture.

2.2.Grammar Prepositions

How do you say these words in your language?



Next to




In front of


2.3. Practice

Ex3p76 Use prepositions from Exercise 2. Complete the description of Sadie’s from.

The bed’s on the left and there’s a small wardrobe on the right. There are some posters _______ the wall______ the bed. There’s a table ________ the bed, and there’s a lamp and a clock ______ the table. There’s a chest of drawers ________ the table, and there are some shelves ________the chest of drawers. There’s a desk _______ the door, _______ the window. There’s a chair in the corner and another chair _________ the desk. You can see Sadie’s tennis racket ________ the desk.

Ex4p76 My room

Use what you know

Draw a plan of your room and label it. Then work with a friend. Tell your friend at least four things about your room.

The Circle of Seven

The next morning at ten to eleven Sophie and Epona are in Hunter’s Wood. But Sophie doesn’t know where the Circle of seven is. There are three paths in front of her. Which is the right path? Sophie remembers the moonstone in her pocket. When she touches it, she knows the answer.

Come on, Epona! This is the right path.’

At the end of the path, there’s a circle of seven stones. In the middle of the circle, there’s something on the ground. It’s a piece of paper with a message.

Message: your progress is good, Sophie.

Your name is in the book of signs.

You believe in the power of the moonstone.

We need a white horse, and you’ve got Epona.

But there are lots of dansers. If you meet the red queen, be careful!

In the trees behind Sophie, there’s a strange red light….

Which is the path? These three cards are clues. Is it the path on the left, on the right, or in the middle?

Find the meaning of <, the sign in the tree.

The first letter is in the northeast corner, opposite B.

The second letter is under V.

The third letter is next to B, on the right.

The fourth letter is under T.

The fifth letter is under T.

The fifth letter is above R.

The last letter is next to J, on the left.

When Sophie has got a problem, the moonstone gives her the answer.

IV. Doing exercises.

Ex2p42 Wb Describe the pictures. Say where and animals are. Use the prepositions in the box.

Ex: 1.There’s a cat under the table.

IV. Homework.

Open your copybook and write down your homework.


V. Conclusion.

The lesson is over. Good bye boys and girls. See you the next week!

Messages 1

Students book

(for Kazakhstan Grade 5 )

Messages 1

Work book

(for Kazakhstan Grade 5 )

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