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Творческая работа педагога Процко Л.С. на английском языке " Камызяк - туристический город"

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Kamyzyak – is a tourist city.

МБОУ « Камызякская СОШ № 4»,

Процко Людмила Сергеевна, учитель начальных классов,

Астраханская область, г. Камызяк

We live in Kamyzyak. In Kamyzyak summer is hot, there fore tourists from many cities come here to have a rest. Here there are many good bases of rest, also in a town there are many rivers where it is possible to bathe all the day. In Kamyzyak there are beautiful places, even the lotus which involves tourists grows. In the town the river Kizan flows on its coast there is a the park and a church perhaps this is a unique place where it is possible to go to take a walk. Also, in our town there is a disco where almost all young people gather. Services which will help our town to be the best tourist centre are administration which should watch cleanliness of a town , police which should keep order, and also sphere of servise which should include hotels and safety of tourists, but to be tourists centre in the country should watch and it does not occur. Kamyzyak is a very dirty town, almost all its streets are in an awful condition. People do not pay attention to urns they throw rubbish into the street. The major problem, which should be solved by all means is the pollution of our environment. Do all of them live a happy and healthy life in our. Home how a day?

Kamyzyak has a very favorable geographical position. Presence of the rivers and the nature will help to create good bases of rest, parks sports clubs which does not suffice our city very much. In the absence of entertainments the criminality that it was not increases it is necessary to do the utmost to rescue a town, namely ski fully to dispose of it. The exit is always and all depends on us!




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