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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок английского языка на тему "Внешность" “Appearance”

Урок английского языка на тему "Внешность" “Appearance”

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Урок английского языка на тему "Внешность" “Appearance”

Цели урока:

1)Образовательные: углубить знания учащихся по теме “Appearance” в ходе обобщающего повторения по данной теме в рамках отдельных ситуаций в игровой ситуативной форме; составить рассказ на основе плана; тренировка учащихся в умении вести общение на английском языке в предлагаемых речевых ситуациях.

2)Развивающие: развивать речевые способности, способность логически излагать, развивать умения сравнивать, анализировать, воображать;

3) Воспитательные: учить учащихся бережно относиться к своему физическому и психическому здоровью, научиться толерантно относиться к внешности человека.

Задачи урока:

  • Активизация грамматических и лексических навыков по теме.

  • Актуализация навыков вопросно-ответной работы.

  • Развитие навыков говорения.

  • Тренировка техники чтения вслух и про себя.


магнитофон, компьютер, мультимедийные средства, маркерная доска, презентация, карточки с заданиями, картинки с изображениями людей, учебник «The New Cambridge English Course».

Ход урока

Warm up. (Слайд 1)

Good morning, boys and girls! Sit down, please! I’m glad to see you again. How are you today? Get ready for the lesson. Who is on duty today? Today we are going to talk about people’s appearance and to learn how to describe the appearance of different people.

Focus on phonetics. (Слайд 2)

As usual we begin our lesson with practice your phonetic. Look at the screen. Here you can see some words. Listen to me and divide the words into following columns according to their intonation pattern. (Chin, oval, stepson, eye, mustache, handsome, tall, before, invent, head, nickname, predict). The first column is for monosyllabic words, the second one is for the words with two syllables, in which the first syllable is stressed, and the last one is for the words with two syllables, in which the second syllable is stressed.

Let’s check it. First of all choose and read monosyllabic words. Now find and read the words with two syllables, in which the first syllable is stressed. Now find and read the words with two syllables, in which the second syllable is stressed. (Let’s read them once more, so repeat after me)

Vocabulary Work (Слайд 3)

Now let’s speak about appearance. To describe persons’ appearance correctly, first we go to the general characteristics: age, height, build.


Is this man old or young? How old is this man? And what can we say about this boy age? Are you young? How old are you?

Height (слайд 4)

- Is this man tall or short?

- And what about this man?

- What can we say about this man height?

- What do you think, is Ainura (Temirlan, Gulzaure) tall or short?

Build (слайд 5)

Is this girl slim or fat?

Is this girl slim or fat?

(слайд 6) Next we move to details such as hair and any other prominent features, like eyes, a nose, a mouth, a moustache, a beard and spectacles.


What color is the hair?

Слайд 7. Type of hair.

As you know hair can be straight or curly and short, long or medium length.

Have a look at the first picture. We can say: She has got long straight black hair. or Her hair is long straight and black. Now answer my question what type of hair have you got?

Слайд 8. What can you say about this type of hair?

Слайд 9 Face

Is her face oval or round? Is her face oval or round?

Слайд 10 Eyes

What colour are the eyes?

Note! This is a black eye! Remember, please!

Слайд 11. Let’s play a game!

Now, let’s play a game “Guess who is it?” I have a description of one person. Your task is to guess who it is. But I won’t tell you the whole description at once. I have a set of tasks for you. After each task I will tell you only one line of the description. So, at the end of our lesson you will have the whole description and you should name this person. Is the task clear? Let’s start working.

Task 1.

a) Now, when you know everything it won’t be difficult for you to do some tasks. Match these words with their meanings. What is this? (Having done this task the teacher writes the first line of the description. 1. This is a female.)

Слайд 12 Task 2. Find the opposite of: Short, blonde, curly, slim, kind. (2. She is young.)

Слайд 13. Task 3. Name and cross out the odd word in each column. (3. She has got long straight brown hair)

Слайд 14. Work with the cards

Task 4. “Now I’d like you to look at the pictures on the blackboard and complete the following sentences”:

1. Helen has got _____ and _____ hair. (short and blonde)

2. Susan has got _____ eyes and _____ teeth. (brown and white)

3. _____ has got long red hair and straight nose. (Margaret)

4. Alice’s hair is _____ (curly)

5. Kate has got green _____ and red _____ (eyes and hair)

6. John’s _____ is grey. (hair)

7. Jack has got _____ hair and white _____ (black and teeth)

8. _____ and _____ have got short hair and blue eyes. (Tom and Ben)

(4. She is normal height)

Слайд 15. Task 5.

Now I’m going to describe Snow White, but my spectacles are very bad and I can’t see her clearly.

If I’m mistaken, correct my mistakes.

- I think she is fat.

- No, not at all she is slim.

1. – Her hair is blonde .

2. - Her hair is long.

3. – Her eyes are green.

4. – Her nose is long.

5. – She is old.

6. – Her face is oval.

7. – She is short.

8. – Her mouth is big.

9. – She is awful.

Слайд 16. Task 6. Look at this girl and read the text. There is more than one mistake in this text.

Lara is old. She is tall and slim. She’s got long, straight and black hair. Her face is round, her eyes are green. She’s got a small straight nose and thin lips. She is wearing white and black T-shirts and a black skirt.

(She is very beautiful)

Слайд 17. Task 7. - Look at this old woman. She is Mrs. Laura Brown and there are three pictures of girls here. One of these girls is Mrs. Laura when she was young. Listen to my description and guess which picture is hers.

Mrs. Brown was a very beautiful girl. She was short and slim. Her face was round. Her hair was blonde, long and curly. She had big brown eyes, a small nose and small red lips. She used to wear pretty dresses.

Слайд 18. - Look at this old man. He is Mr. Peter Brown and there are three pictures of boys here. One of these boys is Mr. Peter Brown when he was young. Listen to my description and guess which picture is his.

When Mr. Brown was a boy he wasn’t handsome, but he was clever and kind. He was short and slim. His hair was short, straight and blonde. His face was oval. He had blue eyes, a small nose and big teeth. He wore spectacles.

(She is not married)

Task 8. You are going to hear descriptions of four people. For each one, choose the person who is being described. Now please put on your headphones and listen to the descriptions

Task 9. Work with the book. The New Cambridge English Course. (Using a tape recorder)

Ex 1, p. 46. Listen to the recording. Who is speaking? Read the text and put the name with the pictures.

Task 10. Work with the key board. Find and correct mistakes.

1. Mary have got long dark hair.

2. Lucy has got not brown eyes or fair hair.

3. Chris has got a curly hair.

4. Am you wearing a sweater? “Yes, I am”

5. Carlos is wearing blue jeans and black shirt.

6. We has got fair hair and blue eyes.

(She likes to read English books, because she knows English very well)

Task 11. Production

I have pictures from different magazines. Now, you have to describe these people according to the following plan.

(She is one of your English teachers). You can see her photo on the screen.

(Слайд 21) Conclusion of the lesson.

1. Home task. Your home task will be to prepare a description of a famous person.

2. Your marks

3. Feedback T. Now it will be interesting to know how you feel about our lesson. Was it exciting or boring? Put the point at the corner of the square. Did you like our lesson? What did you like. The Lesson is over. You may be free.

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