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Урок для 11 класса на тему: New structures as, like, as, if, as though + subjunctive


Күні: 18- 23.04.2016  Сынып:11

Тақырыбы: New structures as, like, as, if, as though + subjunctive

Мақсаты:  Listening to the story of the Thanksgiving Dinner
Asking and answering questions.

Сабақ барысы

Ұйымдастыру кезеңі:

1. Greeting: - Good morning, pupils!

- How are you today?

- Who is on duty today?

- What date is it today?

- What day is it today?

- Who is absent?

- What was your home task?

:  Exercise 11. Make up your own dialogues.

Exercise ІV.  Complete the gaps in the following sentences with the correct form of say or tell 
Exercise V –
ІX. Writing.


One of the uses of the past subjunctive is after as if/ as though to indicate unreality or improbability ordoubt in the present. 

He behaves as if she was the boss here. (But she isn't the boss or  we don't know whether she is the boss or not.)

He talks as though he knew who Jane was. (But he doesn't know or we don't know whether he knows or not.)

He looks at me as if I were guilty. (But I am not guilty.)

The verb preceding as if / thoughcan be put to a past tense without changing the tense of the subjunctive:

He talks/talked as though he knew who Jane was.

After as if / thoughwe use a past perfect when referring to a real or imaginary action in the past:

He talks about Rome as though he had been there himself. (But he hasn't or probably hasn't or we don't know whether he has or not.)

Again, the verb preceding as if / thoughcan be put into a past tense without changing the tense of the subjunctive:

Her eyes look/looked as if she had been crying.


Pattern: - Why do you always treat me as though I /to be/ a backward child of 12? – were.

1. She kept trying on hat after hat as if she /not to make up/ her mind from the very beginning which she would take. 
2. He spoke French as if I/to be/ a Frenchman or /to spend/ most of my life over there.
3. She could discuss the latest novel as though she /to read/ it.
4. She spoke as if she /to know/ everyone there.
5. She behaved as if she /to graduate/ from the university long ago.
6. Nothing about Asbury stirred except his eyes. They did not appear to move on the surface but somewhere in their     blurred depths there was an almost imperceptible motion as if something (to  struggle) feebly.
7. Another and rather longer silence followed and he just started to wonder if this might even be one of disapproval, as if perhaps she instinctively (to sense) how far his relationship with Mrs. Palgrave might have gone, when he suddenly remembered that he had a question to ask her.
8. I felt a touch of coldness inside me, as if I suddenly (to become) aware of the eyes of some dangerous creature.

To give the home task: Learn by heart the rule and make the sentences

VII. Conclusion

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