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Урок по английскому языку "ART exhibition


Конспект урока по теме

"Art Exhibition" 11 класс

Илюхина Светлана Викторовна, учитель английского языка


Общедидактическая цель: создать условия для осознания и осмысления блока новой учебной информации. ее применения в новой учебной ситуации.

Технология: критическое мышление (ключевые слова. синквейн. шляпы мышления. кластер. тонкие и толстые вопросы. ИНСЕРТ).



  1. способствовать развитию практического владения языком. умению вести беседу;

  2. создавать условия для формирования лексических навыков говорения для подготовки учащихся к ЕГЭ;

  3. расширить кругозор по теме;

  4. реализовать межпредметные связи .


  1. развитие лингво-культурной компетенции;

  2. активизация лексики и лексико-грамматических конструкций по теме.


  1. создавать условия для формирования способности к критическому мышлению;

  2. воспитывать умение внимательно слушать и слышать. уважать другое мнение;

  3. формировать потребности и способности к сотрудничеству и взаимопомощи при работе в группе.


  1. создавать условия для развития исследовательских умений учащихся. способности к распределению внимания;

  2. развитие способности к переключению уровней мышления (The Six Thinking Hats).

Оборудование урока: мультимедийная презентация урока. звучит в начале и в конце урока в карточки с заданиями; шляпы (белая. черная. желтая.rкрасная,синяя, зеленая).


To send light into the darkness of men’s hearts – such is the duty of the artist

I. Стадия вызова (Evocation)

1. Teacher. Good morning. students. I hope you are fine today.

I think we can start. so let’s get down to work.

Let me tell you a few words about the aims of our lesson.

Today we are going to talk about painting and. It will be the subject of today’s discussion.

We should revise the material on the topic and discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of modern painting. Six thinking hats method will help us to look at the problem from different points of view.

2 People can express their emotions in different ways. Some of them draw pictures of their favourite places. others write poems. I have found a very nice poem for you. Let’s read it with a bit of feeling and think of your own emotions and associations.

To see a world in Grain of Sand

And heavean in a wild flower

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand

And Eternity in an hour.

3. Teacher.

The poem makes really great impression. It is very beautiful and full of emotions. I think you agree with me.

Fist of all I want to make sure you don’t forget the words on the topic “Painting”


4. Now make new words.

to paint – painter – painterly – painting;

to depict – pictorial – picture – picturesque;

to master – master – mastery – masterpiece;

to portray – portrayal – portrait – portraitist – portraiture;

worth – worthy – worthless;

II. Стадия осмысления (Realization of meaning) .

Today we’ll t learn something new from the history of painting. Let’s read the text about painting and compare our opinions. Take a pencil and do marks on the ">. (Приложение 4)


information is known


new information


you don’t think so


you don’t understand. or have further questions

This technique is called INSERT

I - interactive

N - noting

S - system

E - effective

R - reading

T – thinking

Art is as varied as the life from which it springs. Each artist portrays different aspects of the world. A great artist is able to take some aspect of life and give it depth and meaning. To do this he or she will make use of the many devices common to painting. These devices include composition (the arrangement of the objects within a picture), color, form, and texture.
A painter does not always need handsome and attractive subjects. Often an ordinary subject is transformed through artistry

Some artists use geometric or abstract forms, colours, and textures to create interest and meaning. Most music does not attempt to imitate natural sounds, and there is no reason why painting should always make use of nature. Briefly it may be said that artists paint to discover truth and to create order. They put into their pictures our common hopes, ideals, and passions and show us their meaning and their value. Creators in all the arts make discoveries about the wonders and beauties of nature and the dignity and nobility of man. They give these an order which enables us to see and understand life with greater depth. Beauty generally results from order but as a by-product, not a primary aim. Not all works of art are beautiful. The painter is able to intensify our experiences. By finding new relationships among objects, new forms, and new colors, they show us things in our environment which we overlooked or ignored. They make the world about us become alive, rich, beautiful, and exciting.

The subject which an artist selects for a painting depends largely upon the time in which he lives. A painter living in the Middle Ages would probably have picked a religious subject, for that was almost the only kind of topic portrayed at the time. Had he lived in Holland during the 17th century he might have painted portraits, family scenes, or arrangements of dishes, fruits, and flowers, called still lifes.

Having selected a subject the painter is faced with the problem of giving it form. Will the idea be communicated best by the use of realistic or abstract forms? Should it be done in bright or in dull colors? Should the effect be exciting or restful? The answer depends upon what the painter is trying to do. In a good painting everything in it grows out of and develops from the intent of the artist.


1. What facts do you know before?

2. What information is new for you?

3. What don’t you understand?

4. Do you have another ideas or information?

5. Teacher. Everybody knows that modern painting has got positive and negative aspects.

You are divided into 2 teams. The first team will put on a black hat. It means that you should think of disadvantages.

The second team will put on a yellow hat. You’ll try to find out only advantages.

Possible answers





Produce a bright colour

1. Not all works of art are beautiful

2. artists paint to discover truth and to create order

2) some pictures are difficult to understand

3) the put into their pictures our common hopes, ideas and passion

4.Creators in all the arts make discoveries about the wonders and beauties of nature and the dignity and nobility of man.

3) The simple forms might be interpreted in many ways

5. they show us their meaning and their value

4) They focus on the shapes not their personalities

6.they understand life with greater depth


7. they discover new areas of enjoyment

8. they represent the world around us more beautiful and exciting

We have just compared some possible advantages and disadvantages.There are some proverbs and saying about art and beauty, because this topic is very important for people. On your desks you can see some proverbs and saying. Try to find Russian equivalents

Beauty is but skin-deep
Красота всего лишь сверху. Смысл: наружность обманчива; красота недолговечна. Ср. С лица воду не пить. Красота приглядится, а ум вперед пригодится

Blind men can judge no colours
Слепые о красках судить не могут. Ср. Слепой курице всё пшеница

Tarred with the same brush
Одной и той же кистью мазаны. Ср. Одним миром мазаны. Из одного теста сделаны.
Из одной плахи вытесаны

Tastes differ
Вкусы расходятся. Ср. О вкусах не спорят. На вкус и цвет товарища нет

The devil is not so black as he is painted
Не так страшен чёрт, как его малюют

That's a horse of another color
Это лошадь другой масти. Ср. Это совсем другое дело. Вот это уже из другой оперы

  1. Now. let’s do some tasks focusing on vocabulary. You have to complete the text by making an appropriate word from the word stem you are given.

Read the text below. Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits the space in the same li

I have only been once to an art__(1). In fact, the Tate in London was my ___(2) to modern art, but although the gallery was quite interesting, I found the pictures difficult to understand. The __(3) in the exhibition were by famous __(4) from all over the world. Our guide told us about each painting, and I listened carefully to her___(5). After she had given us a __(6) of a painting by Picasso, I asked her what it all __(7). She said we should not look for meaning but for __(8), as the most important thing was to enjoy the shapes and coloures. __(9), I found this advice a complete __(10).











III. Стадия рефлексии (Reflection)

9. Teacher. So. it’s time to come to the conclusion. Let’s make a list of pros and cons for tourist visiting SPb. Try to identify the main problems and to find some positive things. Have you got anything to add? Can anybody sum up what has been said?



there are a lot of places to visit

accommodation is expensive

the night life is excellent

tourists do not always feel safe

the food is tasty

a lot of traffic problems

local people are polite and friendly

the climate is not always pleasant


Today we try to highlight what tourists like about Saint- Petersburg and to identify the main problems they have while visiting our city.

There are several positive things.

a) SPb is one of most beautiful cities in the word. There are a lot of places to visit (palaces. museums. exhibitions).

Also there are a lot of beautiful places around SPb. You really enjoy visiting them.

b) There are many places to eat (restaurants and cafes). where you can try both Russian and international food.

c) The night life is excellent. There are a lot of clubs and discos for different tastes.(some of them are very expensive).

d) If you are a theatre-goer. SPb is a suitable place for you. Our city is famous for its theatres. Visit Marinsky or Alexandrinsky Theatre.

However. there are many things which tourists would like to improve.

a) Accommodation is expensive. There are many luxury hotels in the centre of the city. But there are not enough small. cheap hotels (B& B or youth hostels).

b) Although local people are polite. helpful and friendly. the level of street crime is high. So. tourists don’t always feel safe.

c) Public transport is overcrowded and rather expensive. The buses are cheap but not very frequent. Underground is more efficient than other forms of public transport especially in rush hours. but it is overcrowded too.

d) The climate of SPb is not pleasant in all seasons. The best time to visit our city is in June during the period of white nights.

To sum up. on the one hand tourists can find SPb very beautiful and attractive with lots of things to do and see. On the other hand. they might find some things disappointing. In addition. tourists think SPb can be a dangerous place.

I don’t think there is anything more to say about the subject. We have covered the subject thoroughly. After some discussion. we all agreed that Saint-Petersburg is really worth visiting but we have a lot to do to avoid some drawbacks.

10. In conclusion. try to answer the following questions . (Приложение 5)

11. Teacher.

I’m afraid it’s time to stop. I want you to write down your home work. You should write a “for and against” essay on the topic we have discussed. about tourism in Saint-Petersburg. That’s all for now.

Goodbye. every one. Our lesson is over.

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