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Урок по английскому языку на тему "What I know about my Motherland" 7 класс

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Урок английского языка

Класс 7

Тема: What I know about my Motherland

Цели. Развивать у учащихся умение вести беседу по теме «Моя республика», систематизировать их знания; способствовать формированию уважения и любви к своей стране, республике, к традициям, к своему народу, к нации.

  1. Good morning, children! (Good morning, Zul’fiya Maratovna!)

  • I am glad to see you. (We are glad to see you too)

  • How are you? (We are fine, thanks. And how are you?)

  • I’m fine, thank you. Who is absent today? (All pupils are present.)

  • Artur, how is your mother? (she is fine, thanks.)

  • Regina, is your father ok?( Yes, he is.He is OK.)

  • And who is on duty today? (I am.)

  1. Фонетическая зарядка. Home, homeland, Bashkortostan, Bashkirs, Russian, Tatar, Ukrainians, Chuvashes, Maris, Udmurts, Byelorussians, Kazakhs, Gemans, a Monument to Friendship, R.Z. Khamitov, F.M. Musin.

  2. Речевая зарядка.

T: We are all born somewhere. We call this place our “home”, “homeland”, “motherland” or “fatherland”. And I’d like to know what your homeland is. Why?

Ps: My homeland is Bashkortostan, because I was born in this republic. I go to school here. My Family, my relatives and my friends also live here.

T: Gues, we are with you during the lesson, let’s talk about the history of Bashkortostan and our area. Today at the lesson we’ll speak about our motherland Bashkortostan.


The republic of Bashkortostan has a long and wonderful history. There are some theories about the origin of Bashkir people. Some scientists think the Bashkirs werea wandering community and had no permanent home. But they were united by their language and customs. Some scholar believe that the Bashkirs may have existed many thousands of years before Christ. However Bashkirs are thought to be the original people of the area.


The Bashkirs joined the Russian state voluntarily in 1557. Bashkortostan is a multinational republic. Three big national groups are Bashkirs, Russian, Tatars, but there are also Ukrainians living here, as well as Chuvashes, Maris, Udmurts, Byelorussians, Kazakhs and Germans among them. All in more that 100 nationalities inhabit Bashkortostan.

Bashkortostan is located in the South Urals. Our republic is made up of 54 administrative districts, 21 cities and towns, 40 smaller towns and 4674 villages.

Recently, in 2001 we have celebrated the very important date not for Bashkortostan but even for Russia, the 450-th anniversary of joining of Bashkortostan to Russia.

Besides that this year was declared by our President R.Z. Khamitov as a year of international unity.

Kugarchinsky district is located in the South of the Republic, bordering the Orenburg area.



Founded in 1930. Administrative Centre is Mrakovo village.

The head of the administration of the municipal area is Musin Farit Murzagulovich.


The Population is 32356. Population: Bashkirs (56.4%), Russians (31%), Tatars (16%), includes 20 rural settlements comprising 113 rural settlements. The district area is 3371.

North , Central and Eastern parts of the district is the Zilairskoe plateau with single mountains and ridges (height of up to 740m), West is the Northern spurps of the overall River (590m). Climate is warm and dry. Hydrographic network consist of White River, a large influx of Itryubyak with Small Ik Infrared, Inyak, Nakas.

Near the village of Yumaguzino on the River White elevated large waterworks. Forest of Linden, oak, Birch and Maple occupy 40% of the territory of the district. In the subsoil contains natural gas liquids, brown coal, clay and loam, limestone, gypsum, sand-gravel mixture, agronomic ore.

Famous people: from the Kugarchinsky area is the first President of the Republic of Bashkortostan Murtaza Rakhimov (village Tavakanovo), statesman Sagit Hudajberdin (village Hudaiberdino),Bashkir poet Zaynab Biisheva (Village Tuembetovo), Tatar poet analyst Yekaterina Ramieva (village Ibraevo), Shakir Yanbaev (village Bikbulatovo).

  1. True” or “False”

The republic of Bashkortostan has a short story.(F)

The Bashkirs lived on this land long before our era.(T)

The Bashkirs were different in their language and traditions.(F)

The Tatars are believed to be the original people of our republic.(F)

The Bashkirs agreed to be part of the Russian State in 1557.(T)

Bashkortostan is a republic of many cultures.(T)

In total more than 200 nationalities live in Bashkortostan.(F)

Bashkortostan is located in the North of Urals.(F)

Kugarchinskiy district was founded in 1930.(T)

Mrakovo is the capital of the Kugarchinskiy district.(T)

  1. Song poetry occupies the main place in the spiritual culture of the Bashkirs. Songs serve to keep the memory of our ancestors fresh from generation to generation.

The song poetry of the Bashkirs abounds in song glorifying Nature. No matter what part of the land they might take their origin in, the subject matter of these songs issimilar, the admiration of the landscapes’ beauty and the worship of Nature.

  1. I hope you know much about our republic. Now take part in the quiz on Bashkir Studies Answer the following questions.

When did Bashkiria join the Russia state?(1557)

What is the name of the river at the mouth of which they began building Ufa? (The Sutoloka river)

What was the Bashkir Autonomous Republic established? (March, 1919)

What river divides Meleuz into 2 parts?(Meleuzka river)

What is the territory of Bashkortostan today?(143600sq.km.)

What is the deepest lake in Bashkortostan? (Yaktykul)

What is the name of the “Burning mountain”?(Yangantau)

What is the name of the word-famous “talking and singing” care in Bashkortostan?(The Capov Cave)

How many rivers are there in Bashkortostan?(600)

What is the name of the Bashkir wild bee? (Burzyanka)

What was the first enterprise in Meleuz?(Dairy plant 1940)

What is the centre of Bashkir coal mining? (Kumertau)

What great peoples of Kugarchinskiy district do you know? (The first President of the Republic of Bashkortostan murtaza Rakhimov)

  1. Crossword.

The Bashkir for “fast”(uratha).

Kurai flower symbolizes (friendship).

The largest river in Bashkortostan (Aghidel).

The Moslem way of wedding according to shariat (nikah)

The synonym for “Bashkir champagne”.

Mobile dwelling with felt mats for roofs and walls (yurta).

The deepest lake in Bashkortostan (Yaktykul).

He wrote the historical novel “Salavat Yulaev ” (Zlobin).

The first professional Bashkir dancer (Gaskarov).

The capital of Bashkiria in 1920\1921 (Sterlitamak).

A yearly national festival held in spring (sabantui).

  1. Consolidating.

  2. Summarizing the lesson.

  3. Homework. A,B p.41-42.

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