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Урок по английскому языку на тему " Mobile phones "


Theme: Mobile Phones
The aims of the lesson:
- Discussing the topical subjects
- To improve reading, writing, speaking, listening comprehension skills through doing tasks.
The tasks of the lesson:
1. Educational tasks
- To improve speaking abilities
- To improve their knowledge about ecology
2. Developing tasks
- To develop an outlook of the pupils
- To train their memory
- The interest to the language by means of expressing the opinion based on the vocabulary learnt
3. Bringing up
- To bring up the skills of communication
- To bring up the pupils respect to their

Plan of the lesson
І. Greeting
Good morning children! How are you? I’m glad to see you today!
II. Warming up
Now let’s read the poem about the Earth written by Beth a schoolgirl
Come on people think of what you can do.
We can make a difference for the
Future ahead
But we need to make a difference
Or we soon could all be dead.
T- Do like this poem? Does she ask people to save the world?
What is she afraid of?

Let’s check your home work. Today we have our last lesson about environment and ecology. We shall discuss many important problems: how to protect nature, what we have to do to help our planet, our native town. A group of children has done special tasks. I think it will be interesting to listen to them.
Your home task was to try to answer some questions. Remember these questions please.
P.P what are the most important ecological problems?
What are the people worried about the Earth?
What are the eco problems caused by?
What do people do to save the Earth?
How can we help our planet?
Who is in change of the Earth?
T. thank you. What ecological problems are people worried about?
P. air pollution, water pollution, land pollution, acid rain, greenhouse effect.
T. Ok! The protection of the Earth is global. Why are people worried about the environment? What happens on our planet?
P. About two hundred years ago man lived in harmony with nature because industry was not much developed. Nature seemed to be endless. Far from it as it turned out.
Now millions of cars and factories pollute and spoil the air we breathe in. Pollution is changing over big cities like an ugly brown cloud. People need wood and paper so we cut down forests.
P. People build nuclear power stations and carry out nuclear tests. As a result, a radiation represents one of the main problems nowadays.
P much is spoken about acid rains, the greenhouse effects is the result ozone holes, caused by wastes of industrials enterprises.

T. Thank you. Now I’d like you to devided into two groups. And you’ll make some dialogues
I. group about how to the scientists explain global warming and what is it caused by?
II. group many people are worried about ecology. They try to solve the ecological problems. How do they try to do it?
I. Dialogue:
Ec: Global warming as the “greenhouse effect” is the result of the pollution of air, land and water. The temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere has increased very much. Global warming is one of the climatic effects of polluted. It can cause melting of polar ice, rising of the sea level and flooding.
P. I’d like to know why some species of animals and plants disappear from the Earth?
Ec: It’s the result of the environmental pollution. Some animals disappeared. For example pandas which live in the jungle and white bear which live in the Arctic. White bears eat fish. if people pollute rivers and seas, animals die. Pollution means death to the ocean. Pollution kills whales. It kills planet and fish. Experts believe life in the ocean will be destroyed within 25 years. Remember the ocean dies, the man will be die too.

II. Dialogue:
P. the countries members or the UNO have set up environmental protection agencies. They hold conferences discussing ecological problems, take practical measures to avoid ecological disaster.
P. I’ve got a pen- friend in London. He wrote that in Britain there are a lot of environment groups. “ Friends of the Earth”, “ Greenpeace”, “London wildlife Trust”, they take part in environment activities.
P. In the USA there are many national parks Yellowstone is one of the most famous of them. Although millions of people visit the park, the land is still unchanged- still wildness. The mountains around Yellowstone are covered with
Evergreen forests

Ec: Russia is cooperating in the fields of environment protection with the USA, Canada Norway and other countries. Russia and the US are carrying out joint projects to study and protect the environmental system of the Arctic regions.
P. more then 30 years ago Aral was a bright blue sea with a lot of fish. But the cotton plantation the Aral is in a very dangerous position now. If no immediate measures are taken, the Aral Sea will disappear by the years 2015.
Speaking skills:
We have discussed global problems. Our small Motherland is the place we live in. can you add some words about our district?
P. Not long ago our district was clean and healthy. But now we have the same eco problems as all over the world. Although it is considered the ecological situation in our district to be quite satisfactory because there are no big plants and factories there.

T. you are right now some facts about the town we live in some schoolchildren walked through the streets of our country and made a photo report about eco problems or our country.
What are the main eco problems of Karagandy?
P. The most important of them is litter. It is everywhere People don’t put the garbage can. In our town there are few litter cans and people throw the litter on the streets. That is why you can see of litter everywhere we can control it if people never throw litter themselves, and they work together in groups to clean up the town. The schoolchildren can help to make our town cleaner.
Everyone shouldn’t leave litter on the streets on the places of the rest and our town will be cleaner. Many people of our town take an active part in spring cleaning. Schoolchildren help them too.
P. All people of our town should take care of their native town. Soon there won’t be any more places free of litter. Children can help taking part in street cleaning collecting paper, metal, glass and plastic bottles.

Reading skills:
Now children open your books. Let’s read the text and discuss it. While reading pay attention to the words given in the text.
1. What are many people concerned about?
2. Why are people talking about pollution so much?
3. What does pollution deprive people of?
4. What are the examples of pollution?
5. What can you tell about the international corporation?
Writing skills:
What are the functions of the modal verb should?
Now I’ll give you cards yours task make up sentences below which will tell you what we should and what we shouldn’t do to protect our environment.
We should preserve natural resources.
We should use less energy – petrol, electricity and gas
We should take care of living things and help damaged birds and animals
We shouldn’t set fields and forests on fire
We shouldn’t pollute the atmosphere on the land or on the sea
We shouldn’t cut down trees around our houses and villages
We shouldn’t use the many chemicals on the land or on our food
We should to pay much attention to ecological problems
We should to protect environment
We should to take care of Earth
We shouldn’t leave litters in the streets.
We should to face a pollution crisis
We should to help the birds to food them in winter not to damage their nests

The EARTH is our home. It’s very important to save it for ourselves. I’m sure you are real friends our planet. Our discussion is over thank you.

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