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Урок по теме "I love Russia!"

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Ход урока

I. Начало урока. Приветствие. Поста­новка цели.

Teacher (Т): Good morning, dear children and guests. We are glad to see you at our les­son "Welcome to Russia!" Every year a lot of people visit Russia. Our country is fantastic! Imagine, that our guests are from different foreign countries. Try to persuade them to visit our native land – Russia.

II. Речевая подготовка. (Проводится в режиме Т > Р1, Р2, Р3 и т.д.)

There are many different reasons for trav­elling to Russia. Try to name some of them.

Учащиеся заполняют "Word Web"


(1 слайд)

T: What is the best way to see a country? This question as well as many others you would probably keep in mind if you decided to visit it. Advise your foreign friends about some ways of travelling in Russia.

Pupil-i (Pi): I'd like to recommend travel­ling by... (ship, car, plane, etc.).

P2: You would travel on foot.

III. Презентация проектов. Привожу примеры индивидуальных проектов уча­щихся. (Проекты демонстрируются J ,

Т: Let's listen to project about travelling in Russia.

Учащийся предлагает различные виды путешествия по России.

Project "Travelling in Russia " (слайд 2)

P1. There are many ways of travelling in our country. First of all, if you want to walk, to see the beautiful countryside, to meet people, you may have long walks in the country. Such walks are called hikes. Take your rucksacks, don't think about tickets, don't hurry and walk a lot. During such hikes you see a lot of interesting places, somet­imes you meet interesting people.

You may travel by car. It is interesting too, because you can see many things in a short time. When you go by car, you don't take tickets too, you put all the things you need in a car.

It's comfortable to travel by train and by plane. When you travel by plane, you don't spend a lot of time going from one place to another.

,'If you want to go to the seaside, you may trav­el by ship.

It is warm, you can swim and enjoy watching white ships.

I think that travelling is a very useful thing and you will enjoy all kinds of travelling very much.

Russia is one of the biggest countries in the world. It has its own national symbols, emblems. It is a country of very old tradi­tions. I think that before planning travelling to Russia foreign friends would probably like to get as much information as possible.

Гостям предлагается основная инфор­мация о России.

Project "Russia" (3 слайд)

Russia is one of the biggest countries in the world. It is situated in Europe and Asia. Its total area is over 17 million square kilometers. The pop­ulation of Russia is about 150 million people.

Russia has a double-headed eagle as its sym­bol. It was introduced in Russia in 1497 by Tsar Ivan III.

The national flag of Russia is made up of three stripes: white, blue and red. The white stripe sym­bolizes nobility and revelation. The blue stripe symbolizes courage, generosity and love and the red stripe symbolizes loyalty and honesty. Besides, there are other national symbols, such as St. Andrew's flag and St. George the Victorious.

According to old traditions, a guest should always be welcomed with the symbol of lifegiving food - bread and salt.

The beauty of the ancient towns, their histori­cal and architectural monuments, the gilded domes of the cathedrals, and the autumnal gold of the forests attract tourists from all over the world.

The singing of chastushkas used to be an impor­tant part of Russian rural holidays and parties. In many places they are still popular.

T: People who plan to travel should decide what things to take. That's why they should know about the weather conditions in differ­ent seasons in our country.

О погодных условиях в разное время го­да рассказывает следующий ученик. И

Project "Seasons in Russia" (4 слайд)

Winter, spring, summer and autumn are the seasons of the year.

December, January and February are winter months. The weather is cold, usually it snows. The days are short and the nights are long. You can see snow everywhere.

March, April and May are spring months. The weather is fine, it is warm. Sometimes it rains but as usual the sun shines brightly,

June, July and August are summer months. It is fi'ot or warm. June is the first month of summer. We have the longest day and the shortest night of the year on the 21st-22nd of June. August is the last summer month. Sometimes it is cool in August.

September, October and November are autumn months. The weather is changeable. It often rains.

T: Tastes differ, says one popular proverb. Every country has its own traditional dishes. What about meals in Russia?

Предлагается информация о традициях приема пищи в России и традиционных русских блюдах.

Project "Russian Meals"(5 слайд)

. The usual meals in Russia are breakfast, din­ner arid supper.

As a rule people have breakfast at 7 or 8 o'clock in the morning. Children and grown-ups are fond of pancakes. Then you have a cup of tea with milk or lemon or coffee and a ham and cheese sandwich.

At about 1 or 2 p.m. we have dinner. It often con­sists of three courses. For the first course we eat chicken soup, cabbage soup (shchi), borshch, mushroom soup or fish-soup. For the second course Russians eat different kinds of salad (meat salad, fish salad, vegetable salad), fried, boiled or stewed meat or fish. For the third course we have a glass of juice, a piece of cake or a pie.

In the evening we have supper. Some people prefer mashed potatoes with pickled or fresh veg­etables.

A special Russian dish is "pyelmeni", a kind of ravioli - small cases of pasta containing meat.

Далее проводится обсуждение традици­онных русских блюд, которые учащиеся хотели бы предложить иностранным гос­тям. (Работа проводится в режиме Т > Pt, Р2.Р3 и т.д.)

IV. Проведение интеллектуальной игры «I Love you, Russia»

Teacher: Let’s play the game «I Love you, Russia». Listen to the question attentively and give the wright answer.

1. There we can see the famous Tsar-Bell and Tsar-Cannon.

(In the Kremlin) 7 слайд

2. Which Slavonic tribe lived on the territory of present-day Moscow?

(Vyatichi) 8 слайд

3. In this city the weather is the coldest in Russia in winter.

(Oimyakon) 9 слайд

4. This deepest lake in the world is situated in Russia.

(Lake Baikal) 10 слайд

5. People call this tree the symbol of Russia.

(the birch) 11 слайд

6. A branch of this tree decorates our Russian coins

(a branch of the oak-tree) 12 слайд

7. These mountains separate Europe from Asia.

(The Urals) 13 слайд

8. (Musical question: tape of the song «Клен ты мой опавший») Who is the composer of the song?

(S. Yesenin) 14 слайд

9. These two popular actors played two of the most popular friends and detectives.

(Sherlock Holmes - V. Livanov, Dr. Watson -Vitaly Solomin) 15 слайд

10. (Musical question: tape of the Russian anthem) They wrote the words and the music of the current Russian anthem.

(A. Alexandrov, S. Mikhalkov) 16 слайд

V. Заполнение таблицы.

Учащиеся письменно заполняют таблицу, сравнивая культуры Британии и России.

Teacher: Now you know interesting facts about the UK and foreign friends have got some useful information about our country. What do you know about the travel habits of people in Britain and your country?

Complete the link list.

VI. Заключительный этап урока.

Учитель подводит итоги урока. Выставление оценок учащимся.

Our time is up, thank you for your fruitful work. You did your fest today. At home please write a short essay (15 sentences) «I Love you, Russia». I believe you will do your homework very well. Good bye, see you.

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