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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Урок-обобщение на тему "Нью-Йорк, Нью-Йорк" (9 класс)

Урок-обобщение на тему "Нью-Йорк, Нью-Йорк" (9 класс)

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(9 класс, учебник HAPPY ENGLISH.ru К.И.Кауфман, М.Ю.Кауфман;

с мультимедийным приложением)


учитель английского языка

Бакланова Людмила Анатольевна

2015 год

Тип урока: урок-путешествие с использованием компьютерных технологий.

Цель урока: обобщение и систематизация изученного материала о Нью-Йорке, формирование уважения к культуре и народу изучаемой страны.

Задачи урока:


формирование и развитие коммуникативных умений учащихся на основе языковых, лингвострановедческих и социокультурных знаний;

формирование умения воспринимать на слух и понимать небольшие сообщения;

активизация изученного лексико-грамматического материала.


развитие языковых, интеллектуальных и познавательных способностей школьников;

формирование логического мышления у учащихся.


формирование уважения и интереса к культуре и народу страны изучаемого языка;

пробуждение творческого начала личности.

Оборудование урока: ноутбук, мультимедийный проектор, экран.

Ход урока.

I. Организационный момент. Приветствие. Беседа с дежурным.

Teacher: Good morning, my friends!

Pupils: Good morning, Good morning,

Good morning to you… We are glad to see you!

Teacher: Glad to see you too! Sit down, please.

Teacher: So, boys and girls, how are you today?

Pupils: Fine, thank you! And you?

Teacher: Me too! OK! As we’re fine, let’s start, then. Who is on duty today?

You are welcome, Oleg. (Беседа с дежурным)

II. Подготовка к путешествию. Речевая зарядка.

Teacher: Now, my friends, I want you to listen to a song and name the topic of our today’s lesson. Ready? (Песня Ф.Синатры “New York, New York”)

Pupil: The topic of the lesson is “New York”.

Teacher: Right you are. “New York and its sights”, to be exact. (Объявление цели урока) So, the aim of the lesson is: generalization of your knowledge about New York and forming of respect to the culture and people of a foreign country.

Teacher: OK, answer my question, please: Do you like travelling? So, do I. Well, why not take a tour, then? Imagine that it's not a classroom but a virtual plane. And we are going to make a virtual trip to New York. So, close your eyes, count till three and clap your hands.

Teacher: Ladies and gentlemen! You are welcome on board a plane of American Airways going to New York! Our plane is almost ready for departure, but there's one problem: NO FUEL IN ITS TANKS! I think you can help to fill the plane if you correctly complete the sentences. Let’s review our vocabulary.

  1. The official name of the country is …

  2. The capital of America is …

  3. America was discovered by

  4. The Native Americans were

  5. American money is

  6. In America the official language is …

(учащиеся хором произносят ответы)

Teacher: Good for you! The plane is full now. Lets fly.

III. Экскурсия по Нью Йорку. Развитие навыков устной речи. Релаксация.

Teacher: Well, boys and girls, we are in New York now. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Pupils: Yes, it is.

Teacher: OK, who will tell us about New York in brief? Please, Anton, you’re welcome.

Pupil 1: (дает краткую информацию о городе) New York is on the Hudson River. Another name of New York is Big Apple. It consists of five boroughs: Manhattan, theBronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. The heart of New York is Manhattan. It has a lot of attractions. One of them is the Empire State Building. It is the tallest skyscraper in New York but only since September11, 2001. One of New York’s most famous museums is the Guggenheim Museum. It’s famous for its building, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Those who are interested in theatre will be able to enjoy different musicals and shows on Broadway. The fastest way to see New York is by Metro. You need to buy a MetroCard and it will take you all over the city.

Teacher: Thanks, Anton. Are there any questions to the speaker?

Pupil 2: What does the date September 11, 2001 mean?

Pupil 1: It means the tragic date for the people of the USA. On that day terrorists destroyed the twin towers of the World Trade Centre.

Teacher: And now our four students will act out the dialogue how they are planning their first day in New York. (Учащиеся разыгрывают диалог на стр. 11 учебника.)

Teacher: Thank you, guys. Let’s talk about some New York’s attractions. The first one is the Statue of Liberty, one of the most famous symbols of America.

Pupil 3: (информация о статуе Свободы)

Teacher: Thank you, Andrew. Your information is interesting and useful for us. Let’s go on. The next attraction we can visit is The Empire State Building. Who wants to say a few words about it? You are welcome, Ann.

Pupil 4: (информация о здании, выполненном в стиле «Ампир»)

Teacher: Good for you, Ann. Let’s have a break now. What about visiting Central Park? We’ll have a rest there. So, sit comfortably and enjoy the song.

(Релаксация: песня «My Bonnie»)

Teacher: OK. Let’s go on sightseeing. (На экране изображение музея Гуггенхайма.) So, what’s this?

Pupil: It’s the Guggenheim Museum.

Teacher: Right you are, thank you. Who will tell us about it?

Pupil 5: (информация о музее)

Teacher: Thank you, Tim. The shape of the museum is really unusual and extravagant, isn’t it?

Pupils: Yes, it is.

Teacher: And one more attraction – Broadway. It is the longest street in New York. Who wants to tell about it?

Pupil 6: I do. (рассказ о Бродвее)

Teacher: Thanks, Natasha. It’s rather interesting. Unfortunately, our trip is coming to an end. It’s time to go home now. Our virtual plane is waiting for us. But there’s no fuel in it again. To fill the plane you have to do the task:

  1. New York is on the … River.

  2. Another name for New York is … .

  3. It consists of five boroughs: … .

  4. The heart of New York is … .

  5. It has a lot of … .

  6. The Empire State Building is the tallest … in New York.

  7. The fastest way to see New York is by … .

IV. Возвращение домой. Рефлексия. Подведение итогов.

Teacher: And thus, our trip is over. We are at home now. Did you like the trip?

Pupils: Yes, we did.

Teacher: What did you like most of all, Ann?

Ann: Most of all I liked Broadway because I adore theaters.

Teacher: What new did you know at the lesson, Andrew?

Andrew: I knew some more interesting facts about the Guggenheim museum.

Teacher: And what about you, Daniella? Would you like to make a real trip to New York?

Daniella: Sure, definitely.

Teacher: Well, my friends. You’ve worked hard, so I give you all good and excellent marks. Our lesson is over. Thank you. I wish you good luck and goodbye.

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