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Викторина по английскому языку по книге Л.Кэрролла "Алиса в стране чудес"

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 Story Quiz on “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll

Do you know the events of this book, the characters and their adventures?

Choose the correct option to use it in each sentence.

1. Alice was sitting on the …. with her sister.

a) bench b) bank c) sofa

2. Alice liked books with pictures and … .

a) conversations b) big letters c) jokes

3. A White Rabbit had … eyes.

a) pink b) green c) red

4. A Rabbit took a … out of his pocket.

a) pen b) watch c) key

5. Falling down a very deep well Alice took a jar with a label “…”.

a) Chocolate b) Orange Jam c) Orange Marmalade

6. Alice had a … Dinah by name.

a) dog b) kitten c) cat

7. On a little bottle it was written “ …” .

a) Drink me b) Don’t drink me c) Smell me

8. It was written “ …” on a small cake.

a) Don’t eat me b) Look at me c) Eat me

9. Alice swam in the pool of … .

a) milk b) tea c) tears

10. On a large mushroom there was a large … .

a) caterpillar b) butterfly c) fly

11. The Duchess nursed a baby-… sitting on a thee-legged chair in a large kitchen.

a) doll b) cat c) pig

12. Alice didn’t like … so often during the story.

a) changing b) drinking tea c) playing games

13. The Duchess ordered to chop off … head.

a) Alice’s b) the Cat’s c) the Rabbit’s

14. Alice met the Cheshire Cat in the … . It was the Duchess’s cat.

a) kitchen b) strange house c) forest

15. The Cat said “ We are all … here.”

a) happy b) mad c) friendly

16. The Cheshire Cat could … .

a) grin b) sing c) dance

17. A grin without a cat is the most … thing Alice saw in her life.

a) unusual b) interesting c) curious

18. Alice liked to …. . It was fun.

a) make new friends b) guess riddles c) play jokes

19. The Hatter had a watch that told the day of the … .

a) week b) year c) month

20. It was always the … for the Hatter and the March Hare.

a) tea-time b) lunch-time c) spare-time

21. Alice often ate up a small piece of … and became smaller or bigger.

a) mushroom b) pie c) cheese

22. The King and the Queen of Hearts had … children.

a) six b) four c) ten

23. The Queen’s favourite game was … .

a) tennis b) golf c) croquet

24. The balls in croquet were live …

a) mice b) turtles c) hedgehogs

25. The … always shouted “Off with his/her head”.

a) King b) Queen c) March Hare

26. The Duchess was very fond of finding … in things.

a) morals b) humour c) logic

27. Everybody in the Wonderland said “ …”.

a) Come on b) Go on c) Stop it

28. The extra subjects in Alice’s school were French and … .

a) Latin b) drama c) music

29. Lobsters liked dancing … .

a) at the parties b) quadrille c) waltz

30. Somebody stole the Queen’s … .

a) cakes b) tarts c) apples

31. The Duchess’s cook carried a ….-box in her hand when she got into the court.

a) salt b) sugar c) pepper

32. The … could easily appear and vanish.

a) Cheshire Cat b) Hatter c) March Hare

33. Alice got into a … garden through the door in the tree.

a) secret b) very old c) beautiful

34. At the end of the story … was of her full size again.

a) the Rabbit b) the Cat c) Alice

35. Alice said “ You are nothing but a pack of …”.

a) leaves b) cards c) leaflets

36. Alice woke up and said “ What a curious … I had.”

a) dream b) adventure c) journey

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