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Внеклассный урок на тему "This is my language"

  • Иностранные языки

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This is my language


  1. оқушылардың білімге деген қызығушылықтарын арттыру;

  2. тіл байлықтарын, сөздік қорларын дамыту, білім біліктерін толықтыру;

  3. өзінің туған тілін және өзге ұлттың тілін құрметтеуге тәрбиелеу, ағылшын тіліне деген қызығушылықтарын арттыру.

Сабақтың әдісі: сайыс

Көрнекіліктер: плакаттар, интербелсенді тақта, буфер т.б.

The plan:

  1. Introduction. 5-10 score

  2. “Baiga”. Answer the questions. 10 score

  3. “Kokpar” questions. 10-30 score

  4. “Poliglot” language questions. 30 score (English, Kazakh, Russian)

  5. Playing with the audience

The procedure of the lesson

  1. Organization moment

  • Good afternoon, teachers and participants! Welcome to our intellectual show! We are glad to see you and we hope that you’ll enjoy our game. Today we organize today’s game with purpose to make known the best student who owns English language.

  1. The main part

  1. Introduction.

  • Every participant has to introduce yourself.

  1. Baiga”

  1. What is the capital of Great Britain? (London)

  2. Independence day of the USA?(The 4th of July)

  3. Who is the Queen of the UK?(Elizabeth II)

  4. The capital of Scotland?(Edinburgh)

  5. When is celebrated Thanksgiving holiday?(The 5th of November)

  6. Where does the queen live and work?(Buckingam Palace)

  7. The main transport of London?(Red double decker)

  8. The river in London?(The Thames)

  9. The capital of Wales?(Cardiff)

  10. The smallest country in the world?(Vatican)

Sing a song “May there always be sunshine”

  1. Kokpar”

Match the synonyms:

World – advance

Freedom – society

Community - universe

Consensus – growth

Development – unanimity


1. The main districts of London?()

2. The highest mountain, the longest river in the UK?(Ben Nevis, Severn)


1. When did the Elizabeth II become queen?(1952)

2. Who is the architect of the famous St.Paul’s Cathedral?(Sir Christopher Wren)


    1. To be or not to be” that is the question of … (Hamlet)

    2. Who was author of famous detective “Sherlock Holmes”?(Conan Doyle)

IV. “Poliglot”

  1. There are 4 ... in a year. (seasons)

  2. Better late than … . (never)

  3. is power.(knowledge)

  4. East or … home is best (west).

  5. The … of Kazakhstan is Astana. (capital)

Sing a song “If you are happy”

Tasks for guests.-Көрермендерге сұрақ.

Talking about Kazakhstan in English

- Let’s talk about Kazakhstan in English. Answer my questions, please.

1. What countries does Kazakhstan border with? (Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)

2. How many regions are there in Kazakhstan? (14)

3. What is the capital of our country? (Astana)

4. Who is the head of the state? (President)

5. Who is the author of the anthem? (Zh.Nazhimedenov, N.Nazarbayev, Sh.Kaldayakov)

6. Who is the creator of the flag? (Sh. Niyazbekov)

7. What lakes and rivers of Kazakhstan do you know?

1. Қазақстанның ауа райы (құрғақ, dry)

2. Қазақстанның елордасы (Астана, Astana)

3. Қазақстанның елбасы (Назарбав, Nazarbayev)

4. Қазақстан қай құрлықта орналасқан? (Еуразия, Eurasia)

5. Қазақстанның жергілікті халқы қай тілде сөйлейді? (Қазақ, Kazakh)

6. Қазақстанның рухани астанасы (Түркістан, Turkistan)

7. Қазақстанның ұлттық валютасы (Теңге, Tenge)

8. Қазақстан неге бай? (Кенге, Natural resources)

V. Playing with the audience

1. How many districts in Kazakhstan?(14)

2. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from …?(France)

3. Where was Isaak Newton born?(England)

4. The first capital of Kazakhstan?(Orenburg)

5. The British money … ?(pounds)

6. The Kazakhstan money …?(tenge)

7. Who is the main figure in the emblem of the USA?(eagle)

8. Which country is Robin Hood from?(Scotland)

Sing a song “My Bonny”

III. Conclusion stage.

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