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Инфоурок / Иностранные языки / Конспекты / Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для 11 класса "My way. My future.

Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку для 11 класса "My way. My future.

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Talk show : My way-my future

Цель: Создание условий для успешной самореализации, побуждение к самостоятельному и ответственному самоопределению выпускников;

Задачи мероприятия:

1. Формировать установку на успешную профессиональную деятельность.

2. Формировать позитивную оценку таких нравственных качеств, как целеустремленность, трудолюбие;

3. Воспитывать убежденность в том, что благодаря силе воли, желанию можно развить свои способности и добиться высоких результатов в карьерном росте. 

4. Развивать монологическую речь обучающихся, умение работать в группах, выполнять проблемные задания, объяснять и оценивать их, а так же развивать умение отстаивать свою точку зрения; Развивать творческие способности учащихся;

Ожидаемый результат:

  1. Адекватная оценка своих реальных и потенциальных возможностей, уверенность в себе, готовность к профессиональному самоопределению, самоутверждению и успешной самореализации во взрослой жизни.

  2. Наличие желания и готовности продолжить обучение после школы, потребность в углубленном изучении избранной области знаний, их самостоятельном добывании.

  3. Сформированность индивидуального стиля общения; владение коммуникативными умениями и навыками; формирование своей личной позиции в отношении любой возникающей ситуации, умение отстоять свою точку зрения.


Presenter: Hello everyone. Nice to see you all and welcome to our talk show My way. My future. Now you are school leavers and I’m sure you have thought 100 times just one question: What career should I choose?

Presenter: You are all dreaming of being a student of a university in order to get high education. And this maybe even like this….


Presenter: But being school leavers you may face lots of troubles when choosing your right career. Have you ever thought about this matter? (hard to choose the job, students hesitate what exactly they are good at and what they like most of all, payment for education, parents insist on particular choice you don’t like etc)

And our today’s task is just to define how to make a right choice. But before we start I’ve got a question- who is interested in your successful career? (parents) And now we are going to have debates to clarify if your parents can influence on your choice and if it is helpful for you or not? So our topic for debates is “Whose choice: your own or your parents when choosing a job.”

3 speakers from each team are debating.

Presenter Ok guys, thank you for your efforts. And what conclusion can you make based on everything your classmates said?

You are absolutely right. I suppose both teams are correct saying that of course it’s your personal choice, this would be your own experience but you shouldn’t ignore your parents’ tips.

Presenter And have you ever asked yourself: what kind of job I really want? What would this particular job bring to me? (students answers)

Ok. Money or Satisfaction is our next topic due to discuss. And I would be very appreciated if you share your opinions regarding this matter. But before, look at the board. Video (interview made by students )

Students are sharing their thoughts.

Presenter: Actually it’s pretty difficult to say for sure money or satisfaction. It definitely depends on the person himself, his ambitions, personality and life priorities. But if you ask me, I would never deal with figures and statistics because I find it boring. And what is more important in this case? ( to succeed in your career). Don’t you think so? What can you do now to be successful later?

Watching the video. (Motivation video)

Presenter Being a good student at school won’t guarantee that you will succeed in future. What do you think about it?

Students are sharing their opinions.

Presenter: I may only say that most people’s achievements depend not only on their knowledge but his personality. Studying well at school as well as development some particular personal qualities like…..(students’re helping to finish the list of qualities) will definitely guarantee your success in future.

Presenter We have discussed lots of points today, but it’s time to check if you can solve a real problem that may easily occur in your lives. Each team is going to have a sheet of paper with the problem due to solve. Please, discuss and let one speaker inform about your decision.

Students are discussing situations due to be solved

Presenter: Are you ready? (check the solutions)

Presenter: Ok, guys that was a really good job! Thanks a lot for your efforts. As our show is coming to the end I would like to ask you to summarize everything we’ve talked today in the form of tips. Let’s give some pieces of advice to each other regarding making a right career, how to succeed in your life. Please discuss it in your groups.

Students are giving tips.

Presenter: Thank you very much. You were very active today. And we hope that our discussion today is going to be helpful for you. Think about your career, think about your future and remember just one thing – If you love your job you will never work even a day!

Thanks for participation and good luck in choosing your future career!

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