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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку "Самый умный"

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Название: Brainiest

Цели мероприятия:


- ориентация на формирование развития аудитивных навыков и умений;

- формирование умения использовать неподготовленную монологическую речь на основе знаний по пройденным темам;


- развитие памяти и мышления;

- развитие внимания и языковой догадки учащихся;

- развитие навыков самостоятельной работы и работы в коллективе;

- развитие умения сравнивать, обобщать, логично мыслить;

- развитие монологической и диалогической речи;

- развитие творческого воображения;

- развитие умения ориентации в данной ситуации общения;

- развитие умения познавательной деятельности.


- формирование у учащихся проявления интереса к стране изучаемого языка;

- повышение мотивации к изучению иностранного языка;

- осуществление эстетического воспитания у учеников;

- воспитание уважения к культуре и традициям страны изучаемого языка;

- воспитание таких качеств как: эмпатия, уважение, доброта.


- обогащение общего кругозора учащихся.

Задачи урока:

- контроль аудитивных навыков и умений учащихся;

- контроль умения использовать неподготовленную монологическую речь на основе знаний по пройденным темам;

- контроль ранее пройденных тем за первый семестр обучения.

Формы работы с классом:
- фронтально-коллективная форма работы.

Оснащение урока:
Доска, маркер, мел, раздаточный материал (карточки), наглядное пособие, компьютер, декорации, реквизит.

Структура мероприятия:

  1. Организационный момент: приветствие, определение целей мероприятия, мотивация учащихся,

  2. Основная часть мероприятия.

  3. Подведение итогов: выводы о пройденном мероприятии, заключительное слово.

Ход мероприятия:


Деятельность преподавателя:

Деятельность учащихся:


5 min

12 min

Good afternoon. I am glad to see you. Today we have a good chance to discuss a very interesting topic. So, we are going to talk about Great Britain. We will discuss all different spheres of English life. Today we will act out a famous English and Russian TV program “Brainiest” (Самый умный). So, if you are ready, we should start.

First of all, I should explain the rules.

There are 5 students in our group, you should divide into two equal teams and you will play three rounds together. I would like to ask Kovchenko Yana to help me. Yana, you will be my partner. Could you help me?

Ok, very nice!

I should say that сooperation will be the main thing for the victory.

The winner of the "battle" is the team with the greater number of points. Then a winning team will continue our game. But in this part of the game each member of the team will play for him or (her) self.

The first round.

The main idea of the competition is the fact that you should discuss in your team who will answer. It must be just one student. Then the participant will take a picture. It can be a well-known historical figure, animal and so on. The participant should show it by non-verbal communication or the participant can explain it, but he (she) shouldn’t use words with the same root. Do you understand the rules? Nice, let’s start!

Students are divided into two teams.

It can be:


15 min

The second round.

Do you remember a famous Russian TV game “Угадай мелодию”? That’s nice! So, we have learnt more information about the English music, am I right? Ok, now you should choose the category and answer as quickly as possible. There are 4 categories and there are 3 songs in it.

The first category is «Amy Jade Winehouse». There are just Amy’s songs in this category.

The second category is “Retro”. There are songs of 20th century in it.

And the third category is “Pop”. There are modern songs in this category.

If you are ready let’s start!

10 min

The third round.

The name of the third round is “PR”. So, you should choose a card, read the task and then you should present it as advertisement, but it should be in two languages, in Russian and English. One student should start in English and then you will hear the signal and then the second student should continue the presentation in Russian. But I don’t know how many times I will change the speakers.

1.“Imagine that you are guides in the UK”

2. “Imagine that you are TV presenters. Tell us about England”

20 min

Very nice! Two students have passed the previous rounds. My congratulations! I wish you good luck in the final of your game.

So, I can give you a good chance, you can choose the topic that you like most. There are red cellules for the first student and green cellules for the second. I will show you the plate with cellules, your task is to remember where your cellules are. If you choose yours and answer correctly you will receive one point, if you choose a cellules of your opponent and correctly answer you will receive two points. If you fail, so, it will be zero! Besides there are black cellules which contain unpredictable questions.

Break your leg!


Unpredictable questions”. These are video questions. Besides children ask the questions.

English Literature:

1 - Who was the author of the famous storybook 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland'?

2 - How many lines does a sonnet have?

3 - Who wrote 'Where ignorance is bliss, it is folly to be wise'? 

4 -  Name the book which opens with the line 'All children, except one grew up'?

5 - Which is the first Harry Potter book?

6 - In which century were Geoffrey Chaucer's Canterbury Tales written?

7 - What nationality was Robert Louis Stevenson, writer of 'Treasure Island'?

8 - 'Jane Eyre' was written by which Bronte sister?

9 - What is the book 'Lord of the Flies' about?

10 - In the book' The Lord of the Rings', who or what is Bilbo?

11 - The following taboo phrases were used by which writer?

12 - Who wrote the crime novel "Ten Little Niggers"?

The Royal Family:

1 - What is the family name of the present royal family?

2 - When did Queen Elizabeth II become Queen?

3 - Who is Quin’s II husband?

4 - How many children does Queen Elizabeth II have?

5 - What are the Queen’s favourite animals?

6 - When was Prince William born?

7 - Which university did Prince William attend?

8 - What is Prince Harry’s real name?

9 - Where do Prince William and Prince Harry live?

10 - Which member of present royal family once wrote a successful children’s book?

11 - Which member of the royal family is the president of England’s Football Association?

12 - Which city did Princess Diana die in?

5 min

Now Let’s give a final word to your jury!

My congratulations! Thank you for your work. I was glad to work with you! See you tomorrow! Bye!

Методист по основному предмету Кудисова Е.А.


Директор ОК «Апельсин» Спирина О.К.


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