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Внеклассное мероприятие по английскому языку в 4 классе на тему "Books Are Our Friends"

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Books Are

Our Friends

4th Form

Books Are Our Friends

it is a book which leads us into fairy land or countries strange and far

Compere: Dear boys and girls, their parents and teachers, it’s so nice to be here together, to be friends, to enjoy your time singing, dancing, traveling through far away countries, following book characters in their adventures.

The song “ The More we Get Together”

Can you guess?

we have friends. They cannot walk and cannot see.

But they are very good to you and me,

with these friends we sail on ships

And rides on trains and even fly in airplanes.

These friends show us towns, seas and lands.

Can you guess who these friends are?

Bov: A new little book

Full of pictures was bought

For a good little girl

Whose name was Jane Dort.

Girl: She looked at the pictures

And liked them indeed,

But she was too young

To spell and to read.

(Все уходят. Входит мальчик с книгой.)

The song “Father is Going To Read A Book”

Bov: l hold my book with both my friends,

And read about some foreign lands;

And so I get to know all kinds of places where people live with different faces.

(Мальчик уходит со сцены. Выходит продавец книг.)

Compere: what do book-shops sell?

(Дети отвечают)

Chi1dren: Big books and little books,

Picture-books as well,

Just think of all the lovely books,

That all the book-shops sell.

Shop-keeper: Here are some poems

For you to read.

I think, dear boys and girls,

You’ll like them all indeed.

Poems and their translation:

Robin Bobin”

Hector Protector”

Humpty Dumpty”

An old woman”

T ravel 1er”.

Shop-keeper: And here you see some story-books

Dust for you to read.

And now I hope, dear boys and girls

You’ll enjoy them all.

Play: “The Snow Queen”

Play: “Pinocchio”

Play: “ Robin Hood”

Robin Hood

Robin Hood

Maid Marian

Little John

Scarlet Wills

The Sheriff of Nottingham Lester Stout

A beggar



Speaker 1, 2, 3, 4

Speaker 1: Our story begins in 1066. In that year the Normans came from France and defeated the Anglo-Saxons. The Normans then ruled England for the next three hundred years until slowly the Normans and Anglo-Saxons became one nation: the English.

Speaker 2: There lots of forests and wild animals in England at the time. These forests belonged to the Normans. The Saxons were not allowed to hunt in them or to kill any animals.

Speaker 3: If the Saxons killed any of the King's animals, the Normans hanged them or cut off a hang or an arm. Saxons had no rights and if they broke a law, the only hope for them was to leave their villages and hide in the forests where our story takes place.

Speaker 4: It is the twelfth century and Robin Hood is living in Sherwood

Forest with his men. Not far away in the next town is there enemy, the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Scene 1

Sherwood Forest

Speaker 1: Listen. The Sheriff is in his castle in Nottingham.

Speaker 2: The man was caught in the forest. He killed one of the King's deer.

Sheriff : (angrily) What? Did I hear correctly? Killed one of the King's deer?

Lester : I had to kill the deer. We had no food.

Sheriff: How often must I tell you people? The forest and the animals in it belong to the King and only the King. Nobody is allowed to kill my animals. Hang him. ^ 1

Lester : I was hungry. We had nothing to eat.

Sheriff: Hang him!

Lester : It's not fair. We must pay money to the King and to the Church. We had no money to buy food or clothes. How can we live.

Sheriff: Take him away. You'll be hung tomorrow.(laughs)

Speaker3: But listen. One of the servants in the Sheriff's castle heard the story.

Speaker4: And he rode quickly to Sherwood Forest.

Speaker1: He rode through the tall dark trees until one of Robin Hood's outlaws stopped him.

Scene 2

Sherwood Forest Marian: Where are you going?

Scarlet Wills: I must find Robin Hood. It’s important. The Sheriff is going to hang a man tomorrow.

Marian: Come with us,

Speaker2: Maid Marian put a bag over the servant's head and together they rode through the forest.

Speakers: Until they came to Robin's camp.

Scene 3

Robin Hood's camp

Marian: Robin, Robin! Where is Robin? Look, who I've found. One of the Sheriff's servants!

Little Join: And you've brought him here? Are you crazy? Now, go and see if there are more of the Sheriff's men in the forest.

Scarlet Wills: I am alone. And I must talk to Robin Hood. It's important.

Robin I'm Robin Hood. Now tell me who are you and why you've come here.

Scarlet Wills: I'm one of the Sheriff's servants, but I'm a Saxon, too. Today the Sheriff's men caught a man. He killed a deer in the forest and now the Sheriff wants to hang him.

Marian: Who is he?

Scarlet Wills: Lester Stout. His father is dead. If he is hung, his mother will be alone. They had no food Robin. They had to kill the deer.

Robin: Do we know the family?

Little John: The Sheriff's men killed his father last year. They are very poor, Robin.

Robin: Then we must help them. Maid Marian, send some food to the mother at once.( Thinking) Aha! We haven't got a plan.

Scene 4

Mary: Jack, read what is written in this paper.

Jack: (reading slowly and with difficulty): “Fifty pounds for Robin Hood!" ha-ha- ha! The Sheriff hopes that Robin Hood will be brought to him for fifty pounds! How foolish of him!

Mary: We must tell Robin Hood about it. He must be careful.

Jack: You are right! Let's run to Sherwood Forest and tell Robin Hood about it.( the children run away)

Scene 5

Sherwood Forest

Jack: Robin Hood! Robin Hood! We have something to tell you.

Robin: Hello, Jack! Hello, Mary! What has happened?

Mary: We saw a paper on a wall in the town of Nottingham. It says fifty pounds for you!

Jack: The paper is written by the Sheriff. Be careful, Robin Hood! He wants to catch you. He will give fifty pounds to the man who will tell him where you are.

Robin: Don’t be afraid for me, children! I am not afraid of the Sheriff. I must go to Nottingham.

Mary: Oh, Robin Hood! Don't go there!

Robin: Don't be afraid, he will not know me.

Scene 6

Sherwood Forest

Speaker 4: The next morning Robin was on his way to Nottingham where the Sheriff wanted to hang Lester.

Speaker 1: And there on the road he met a poor beggar.

Robin: Good morning, beggar. Where are you going?

Beggar: To Nottingham, sir. But I'm only a poor beggar. I have no money and no jewels. Look, sir. Only empty pockets. Nothing in them. May I go past, please?

Robin: I like your coat, beggar. '

Beggar: My coat? But it is so old worn. Who needs it?

Robin: I need it.

Beggar: Oh, sir. If you take my coat from me, then I'll have nothing in this world (begins to cry).

Robin: (smiles) I'm going to give you good money for it. Four gold coins.

Beggar: For gold coins for it?... I know who you are. You're Robin Hood (laughs, jumps up and down). Here, Robin.

Robin: Here you are. Four gold coins.

Beggar: Four gold coins! I feel like a new man.

Robin: You are a new man. And I'm now the poor beggar. Let's go to Nottingham quickly.

Scene 7

The market place in Nottingham

Sheriff: You know the laws! This man must die. He has killed the King's deer

and that is against the law. And it is also a law that a Saxon must hang a Saxon. Who will come here from the crowd and hang him? Well? ... I'll give forty gold coins to the man who hangs him.

Robin: {in the beggar's clothes). I'll hang him for that money. I'm not frightened of the crowd. Give me the money.

Sheriff: But are you a Saxon?

Robin: Of course I am. Now give me the money.

Sheriff: Here. Forty gold coins. And now kill him.

Robin: {laughs at the crowd). What is a Saxon to me? I'll kill all of you. And for less money.

Sheriff: Hurry up!

Robin: (to Sheriff)F\rs\ I must hear his confession.

Sheriff: What? He is not allowed to have a confession. Kill him, and quickly. Robin: It is also the law! (Goes to the man) I must hear his confession first. Speaker 2: And the beggar went to the man.

Speaker 3: He put his ear to his mouth.

Speaker 4: And he began to talk to him. But nobody could hear what he said.

Speaker1: Not even the Sheriff.

Sheriff: Hurry up! Kill him! We haven't got much time!

Speaker 2: But then the beggar threw off his beggar's coat.

Speaker 3: And everybody knew who the beggar was.

Sheriff: It's Robin Hood! Catch him! Guards, soldiers. Catch him! Quickly! Speaker 4: Robin cut the ropes on the man's hands.

Speaker 1: And together they ran into the crowd where more of Robin Hood's men were waiting.

Sheriff: Catch those men! They are in the crowd. The town is full of Robin Hood's men. Catch them all. I want them here.

Speaker 2: But Robin and his men rode away.

Speaker 3: Through the streets of Nottingham.

Speaker 4: Then out of the town and into Sherwood Forest.

Scene 8

Robin Hood's camp

Lester: How can I thank you, Robin? You saved my life today. But where can I live? I can't go home now. The Sheriff men will look for me there. Marian: Then you must stay here. We need good men who will help us to fight the Sheriff.

Lester: And my poor mother?

Little John: We'll send her food and money. And you can always visit her. Lester: Oh, Robin, thank you very much.

Robin: Well, if you are going to join us, it's time you meet some of my outlaws. This is Little John, the biggest and strongest man in Sherwood. And then there's Maid Marian, the most beautiful woman in Sherwood Forest.

Marian: I am the only woman in Sherwood Forest.

Robin: But it helps if you are also beautiful.

Little John: Marian, I'm hungry.

Marian: Cook your own food. I'm not your servant.

Little John: Marian, this is the twelfth century. Woman belongs to the kitchen. Marian; Not in this play. I'm fighting for women's rights(/?o/c/5 up a card MORE RIGHTS TO SHERWOOD'S WOMEN).

Little John: You are seven hundred years too soon, {goes towards her).

Marian: Don't touch me. You know you mustn't hit a woman.

Robin: Be quiet, you two. You are like cat and dog.

Little John: I am still hungry.

Marian: Well, eat this (throws him a shoe, Little John runs after her)

Robin: Stop it. I am the boss here\And this is what I say : we all cook.

(Продавец книг уходит. Выходит девочка. На платье ее прикреплена раскрытая книга с перепачканными страницами. За ней выходит мальчик.)

Girl: I’m the book that Betty read

At the table an our ago.

She’s left me standing on my head.

And where she is I do not know.

Just look at this dirty, dirty page!

Dear me! what shall I do?

Though I love girls of Betty’s age,

l won’t stay with Betty Blue.

Boy: Since books are friends,

They need much care,

When you’re reading them,

Be good to them and fair!

Use book-marks, children

To hold your place.

And don’t you turn a book Upon its clear face.

All together: Remember, children, then:

Books are meant to read,

Not to cut or colour them-

No, really, indeed!

Compere: Dear boys and girls, great book lovers and readers! What rules should we know and follow while reading books?

Chi 1dren:

  1. Wash your hands before you begin to read.

  2. Do not write anything on the page with a pen or a pencil.

  3. Do not make drawings in the book.

  4. Do not make dog’s ears in the book.

  5. Do not tear the pages.

  6. do not lose your books or leave them in shops or buses. That means that you lose your friends.

  7. Return the books in time.

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