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Внеклассное мероприятие "Рождественские пожелания" (6 класс)

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Внеклассное мероприятие

«Рождественские пожелания» в 6 классе

Цель мероприятия: повысить интерес учащихся к изучению предмета посредством их творческой самореализации.

Задачи: познакомить учащихся с английскими рождественскими песнями и историей празднования Рождества в Англии, провести защиту проектов «Рождественские пожелания».

На празднике используется презентация, подготовленная учителем и аудиодиск “Christmas Fun. Songs and activities for children”; проекты учащихся. Учащиеся исполняют рождественские песни, декламируют стихи, защищают свои проекты.

Звучит песня “The 12 days of Christmas”.

  • Teacher:

Dear children and teachers! Welcome to an English Christmas!

Today we are going to listen to English Christmas songs and poems. You will learn some facts from the history of Christmas. And the pupils of the 6th form will tell you about their Christmas wishes.

(Стихотворение “Merry Christmas!” и песня “Jingle Bells”)

  • Teacher:

Christmas is a time for celebration a birthday of a very special baby – Jesus Christ. The 25th of December is a day on which English people celebrate his birth.

The word “Christmas” means “Christ’s Mass”. The Mass is a traditional church service at which people give praise and glory to God.

Now let’s listen to the song “Away in a Mangerwhich tells us about the day of a birth of Jesus Christ.

When Jesus Christ was born the 3 Wise Men came to him with gifts.

Let’s listen to the song “Three Kings” which tells us about this fact.

  • Teacher:

Christmas has no religious meaning for the most part of the population of modern Britain but it is still the most widely celebrated festival in Britain (except Scotland). It is the most colourful and cheerful holiday of the year.

And now we’ll sing a song about a funny fellow “Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer”.

(Стихотворение “O Christmas Tree”)

  • Teacher:

Every year there is a very big Christmas tree in the centre of London, in Trafalgar Square. This is a present from the people of Norway to the people of Great Britain. Listen to the song about this beautiful tree. (Песня “O Christmas Tree”)

  • Teacher:

Do you know that Santa Claus is called so in honour of St Nicholas, who was a bishop? He was good and gentle. He helped poor people. He was popular all over the world.

(Стихи о Санта Клаусе)

All children want to have nice presents from Santa Claus and they send letters with their wishes to him.

And now let’s listen to the projects of the pupils “Christmas wishes” Учащиеся представляют свои проекты:

Dear Santa!


Can you fulfill my wishes, please?

I hope to see a big nice New-Year tree on the main square in my town.


I would like to have very many presents for children under this New-Year tree.

I would like to travel much.

I hope to see America, Brazil, France, Italy and Mexico.

I also want to meet with my favourite star Selena Gomez.

Thank you! Happy Christmas!

hello_html_6c29d5c.pngLove from Olga!

  • Teacher:

Dear guests! I think you enjoyed our party. And now, please, get the Christmas presents from the pupils of the 2 and 6 forms.

Учащиеся дарят рождественские открытки гостям праздника. Все участники поют песню “We wish you a Merry Christmas”.

Merry Christmas to everybody!

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