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Внеклассное мероприятие в 5 классе

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Brain-Ring 5-th form

O. Gorban

I. Garbuzova

Good morning, dear guests!

We are glad to meet you at our contest “ English-Speaking World!” Soon we shall find out who the cleverest person is. So, let's begin.

Our first test is self-presentation. You are welcome.

Thank you. And now the next task. You are to find the opposites and read them. Do it one by one.

Free cry South fat

left dark rain smile

North thin right buzy

snow happy winter sad

summer clean light dirty

Thanks a lot. You were brilliant. Now I want you to make up compounds. I think everything is clear. Let's start.

1.foot a) fast

2.hop b) heart

3.break c) man

4.home d)market

5.super e) scotch

6.leap f) frog

7.after g) ball

8.grand h) work

9.sports i) noon

10.sweet j) parents

Such clever students you are! And now we'll see what you know about Great Britain. You are to choose the right variant.

1.London stands on the …


b) Severn.


2.The Queen’s official London home is …

a)the Tower of London.

b)Windsor Castle.

c)Buckingham Palace.

3.What do the English often put in the tea?




4.Taxis in London are usually…




5.Who wrote stories about the famous detective Sherlock Holmes?

a)Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

b)Agatha Christie.

c)Daniel Defoe

6.Where do men wear kilt?

a)In England.

b)In Scotland.

c)In Wales.

7.What are the colours of the British flag?

a)Blue, red, white.

b)Red, green, black.

c)White, blue, brown.

8.Which holiday is on December, 25?

a)St. Valentine’s Day.



9.A famous waxworks museum in London is …


b)the British Museum.

c)Madame Tussaud’s museum.

10.Daniel Defoe was a famous English…




And you managed again! The next task is far more difficult. In several minutes you are to say what the message is. Use the key to the code.

1-a 9-i 18-r

2-b 10-j 19-s

3-c 11-k 20-t

4-d 12-l 21-u

5-e 13-m 22-v

6-f 14-n 23-w

7-g 15-o 24-x

8-h 16-p 25-y

17-q 6-z

13 25 ______ 6 1 22 15 21 18 9 20 5 ______

1 14 9 13 1 12 _______ 9 19 ______

1_______12 9 15 14.

Yes! You are the winners! Thank you! The next task for you is to guess the word. You are welcome.

1.The first letter of “sometimes”;

2.The second letter of “twenty”;

3.The fourth letter of “interesting”;

4.The second letter of “hamster”;

5.The fifth letter of “right”;

6.The eight letter of “tortoise”;

7.The sixth letter of “favourite”.

Thank you. You are right. Now you see the riddle. Please, solve it

Sergey Esenin

6 June Alexander Pushkin

21 April Elizabeth II

8 October Marina Tsvetaeva

25 January Vladimir Visotsky

3 October

1)The Queen’s birthday is not in October.

2)The singer’s birthday is in January.

3)A woman’s birthday is not on the third.

4)Pupils must know Pushkin’s birthday.

I see that you are very intelligent students. And I want to find out if you know the USA. Choose the right variant.

1.The USA is divided into … states.

a) 50.

b) 51.

c) 49.

2.Who is the head of the country?

a)The King or the Queen.

b)The President.

c)The Prime Minister.

3.The capital of the USA is …

a)New York.

b)Los Angeles.


4. … is an American artist and film producer, who was famous for his cartoons.

a)Walt Disney

b)Charlie Chaplin.

c)Eddie Marphy.

5. A centre of the American film industry is …



c)Disney World.

6. The official home of the president of the USA is …

a) the Capitol.

b) Congress.

c)the White House.

7. The group of English settlers who came to America on the ship “The Mayflower” in 1620.


b)Native Americans.


8. This American state was a Russian territory once. This is …




9. The Statue of Liberty was given to the USA by …


b)Great Britain.


10. The longest river in the USA is …

a)the Severn.

b)the Mississippi.

c)the Amazon .

Thanks a lot! You were brilliant but our winner is...

And now let's sing together!

Thank you for your attention. Our contest is over. Good-bye.

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