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1. When he (to come) home, his mother already (to cook) dinner.

2. When we (to come) to my friend’s house, he just (to leave).

3. When her husband (to enter) her office, she already (to finish) her work for that day.

4. Jennifer (to send) him an email after he (to call).

5. Andy (to ask) his friend before he (to propose) him his help.

6. We (to eat) a cake which I (to bring) an hour before.

7. My sister (to take) my dress which I (to buy) in Morocco.

8. I (to work) on the computer yesterday which I (to buy) a week ago.

9. I (to know) that my friend (not yet to complete) the test in the university.

10. Nick and his wife (to come) home from the theatre at five o'clock.

11. Nick and his wife (to come) home from the theatre by five o'clock.

12. She (to finish) my homework at seven o'clock.

13. She (to finish) my homework by seven o'clock.

14. They (to sell) their house before they (to buy) the new one.

15. He told me that he (to buy) a new car.

16. Yesterday I (to wake up), (to open) my eyes and (to remember) what I (to do) the day before.

17. She said that she (to have) a great vacation trip.

18. You (to complete) the test by Friday?

19. I (not to have) a lunch by the afternoon, so I was very hungry.

20. I (to fix) my car before my daughter (to return) back from school.

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