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Американизация в русском языке


Americanization of Russian language

Milana Gorbatsevich "High School No. 3 Luninets" 11th form

Teacher: Kiriyak Yulia Eduardovna

Relevance of my work is connected with active penetration of Americanisms into Russian.

Every year to Russian comes from English more and more new words. A reorganization era in Russia in the late eighties – the beginning of the 90th years of the XX century and the caused changes in life of society couldn't but be reflected in Russian. The television, newspapers and other mass media have on us a greater influence, than before.

Process seems interesting to research for the reason that visually reflects communication of language with public life, with culture of time.

In order that it is good to understand a loan problem Russian of Anglicism, it is necessary to understand communication of two languages, and also values of words which come to our language. Therefore we put an explanation of the words borrowed from English on concrete fields of activity into operation.

Work purpose: the analysis of specifics of Anglicism in Russian, and also values of words which came to Russian.

For achievement of this purpose the following tasks were set:

1. To define the reasons of loans of English words in Russian;

2. To consider the reasons, stages of loans and ways of formation of Anglicism;

3. to learn, in what fields of activity of the person loans of Anglicism Russian are most common;

4. to conduct survey among pupils of school, to learn their relation to loan words.

The practical value of work consists in possibility of use of material at English lessons, and also at further research of foreign loans.

The analysis of results of the conducted research:

We also conducted survey of pupils of the 7th, 8th and 11th classes of school (25 people) learning English. They was offered to answer the following questions:

1. What do you think of Americanisms? (for, against or all the same);

2. Whether you use loans in the speech?

3. What foreign words most often you use in the speech?

4. Whether always you know value of the used loan?

5. In what spheres of life you most often face words of a foreign origin?

42% of respondents support use of loans in the speech, also 42% don't think of it, 16% support purity of Russian.

76% of pupils use English words in the speech. It is connected, first of all, by that often English word is more laconic, than Russian or the phrase. 24% don't use, finding the Russian equivalents more beautiful.

The most common words are the words expressing consent or the statement (% Ok-43, (% yes-12), a greeting (% hi-18), expression of preferences or emotions (% like-10), denial (% no-7), thanks and apologies (thanks, sorry - on 5%). All these words are connected with daily companionship.

16% of pupils specified that always precisely know value of the used Anglicism, 84% answered negatively.

Among areas in which pupils meet English words, the Internet and communication on social networks (37%) is in the lead. Then follow music (songs in English) and daily communication (on 18%), television and mass media (16%) and advertizing (11%).

Conclusions on research

By results of this research it is possible to draw a conclusion that Anglicism are always present at the speech of teenagers, often replacing the Russian word or the phrase with more laconic English word. Teenagers generally are positive to use of Anglicism in Russian though often don't understand their value that in most cases is explained by insufficient knowledge of English or a limited outlook and insufficient erudition. Despite the positive relation to use of Anglicism, most of seniors realize that English words are used not always reasonably and clearly see the reasons of such unjustified use.

Nevertheless, loans of foreign words - one of ways of development of the modern language. Language always quickly and flexibly reacts to requirements of society. Loans become result of contacts, relationship of the people, the states. The main reason for loan absence of the corresponding concept of Russian admits.

On the one hand emergence of new words expands a lexicon of native speakers, and to another in connection with the use of a huge number of unjustified loans there is Russian contamination, its originality and beauty is lost.


Having analyzed results of research, I deem it to make appropriate the following recommendations about use of Anglicism in the Russian speech:

  • It is recommended to use the loans which are well mastered by language. Congestion of the text loan words complicates his perception, there is an obstacle for understanding of its sense.

  • It isn't necessary to use loan words if they have Russian equivalents which are precisely transferring the same value. For example, the publishing house stipulates with the author an exclusive right on the publication of the manuscript (more clearly and more simply - an exclusive right); contracting parties at last reached consensus (to be exact - consent, unanimity) on all questions, etc.

  • Before using a loan word, it is necessary to learn its exact value in the dictionary as speech redundancy when near a loan word it is used Russian, very faithful, and sometimes and the value duplicating it can be connected with the use of loan words. For example: Students night-school students are limited to time limit.

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