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Английский язык 3 класс открытый урок

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Ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі

Grade: 3 « а»

Theme: Travelling

Objectives of the lesson: 

Educational: To introduce pupils with new lexical material “Travelling ”, to enrich pupils’ vocabulary and to learn how to get to different places by different types of transport.

Developing: To develop pupils’ listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing skills and lexical habits in the process of learning English lesson.

Bringing up: To bring up love and interest to the subject, to respect each other and their country

The  form  of  the  lesson:  traditional          

The type: Presentation and consolidation of studied material

The methods of teaching: pair work, question – answer, vocabulary.

Equipment: A presentation on Power Point, interactive board, pictures, cards

Subjects’ relation: Music, Kazakh, Russian languages

The procedure of the lesson.

I. Organization moment.

a) Greeting

Teacher: Good afternoon, pupils!

Pupils: Good afternoon, good afternoon!

Good afternoon, to you!

Good afternoon, good afternoon!

We are glad to see you!

b) Talking with the pupil on duty.
- Who is on duty today?
-Who is absent today?
-What is the date today?
-What day is it today?
-What is the weather like today?

c ) Phonetic drill. The poem “Transport”

Take a busor take a train

Take a boat or take a plane

Take a taxi or take a car

May be near, may be far

Take a rocket to the moon

But be sure to come back soon

Teacher: What do you think, what is this poem about? What kind of transports are named? Can you name them?

II.Checking  up  the  hometask 

Your home task was exercise 5 p.49

III. Presentation  of  the  new  lesson

Teacher: Good afternoon, dear teachers and pupils! We are glad to see you at our open lesson. The theme of the lesson is “ Travelling”. We’ ll speak about types of transport and how to get to different places. People all around the world like travelling. We travel because

we wish to see new countries and cities, visit interesting places, meet new people and taste different cuisines. There are different means of transportation. People travel by ship, airplane, train or car.

Travelling by plane is the fastest, but the most expensive. A lot of people prefer travelling by plane, but some people are afraid of heights and that’s why they prefer travelling by train.

Travelling by train is very popular nowadays. Modern trains have very comfortable carriages and seats. There is also a dining – car in each train. You can see many interesting places and enjoy the nature looking through the window.

Travelling by ship.

The trips on a cruise ship have a lot of advantages. One of them is the amazing pricing.

Do you like to travel? So, let’s travel together.

IV.New vocabulary.

Today we have new words linking with the theme. Pupils guess the names of transport

looking at pictures on the screen.

hello_html_e322f8.jpg hello_html_57eedbbd.jpg

a ship [ʃip] -кеме

a plane [ 'plein ] - ұшақ

a train [ 'trein ] – пойыз

travelling [ 'trævəliŋ] - саяхат

by ship [bai 'ʃip] - кемемен

by plane [bai plein] - ұшақпен

by train [bai trein] - пойызбен

all over the world [ɔ:l] [uvə] [ðə] [wə:ld] – бүкіл әлемде

to travel ['trævəl] - саяхаттау

China ['ʃainə] – Қыта

Moscow ['mɔskəu] - Мәскеу

New York [nju: jɔ:k ] – Нью Йорк

London ['lʌndən] - Лондон

Russia ['rʌʃə] – Ресей

T-P1,P2, P3…….


Task1. Listen and read

This is my friend. Her name’s Lin – Lu. She’s from China. You can go to China by train.

This is my friend. His name’s Sasha. He’s from Russia. You can go to Russia by plane.

Look at this big and beautiful ship. You can travel all over the world by ship.

Task 2. Let’s write exercise 1. Complete the words, choose the correct letter.

trol_eybus, s_ip, tra_n, L_ndon, Ne_ York,

tr_vel, plan_

Teacher: Are you tired? So, let’s sing a song from CD.

Task 3. Let’s write exercise 2.

Model: You can go to Astana by train.

You can go New York by ship.

You can go to Moscow by plane.

You can travel all over the world by ship.

Task 4. Complete the sentences (to, over by, by)

1. You can go ___________ China by train.

2. I go to school _________ tram.

3. People can travel all ________ world by ship.

4. You can go to Shymkent ____________ bus.

Task 5. Circle the transport words –red, others – green.

Metro, bank, over, station, tram, taxi, walk, café, trolleybus, by, circus, exhibition, bus, car, city, village, bike, people

  1. Work with cards.

Card 1. Translate into English.

Мен мектепке автобуспен барамын.

Сіз Қытайға пойызбен бара аласыз.

Мен Ақтөбеге машинамен бара аламын.

Card 2. Answer the question.

How do you go to school?

I go to school by…..

Card 3. Translate the word in the brackets and complete the sentences.

I go to the (ауруханаға) by car.

You can go to the bank (автобуспен).

We go to the (мектепке) by tram.

VII. Evaluation.

You were active at the lesson thank you very much. Have a rest.

VIII. Giving the home task.

Your home task is exercise 4 in your Pupil’s book and to learn by heart the song “Travelling”.

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