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Инфоурок Иностранные языки Другие методич. материалыWays of learning English

Ways of learning English


Olga Yugay

Municipal educational institution

“Secondary school #8”

Dzhankoy, Republic of Crimea


One of the most effective ways to influence the feelings and emotions of students is music, which is a "strong mental stimulus penetrating the subterranean depths of consciousness." Well-known educator John Amos Comenius wrote that those who do not know music are likened to people who are illiterate.

Songs have everything - ready-made phrases, and living language, and the same grammar. They provide the ability to listen to speech, understand and remember at the hearing.

The problem of my work is to find new ways and methods of learning English that goes beyond the traditional. This paper is devoted to the content of English songs with the aim of expanding students’ horizons and grammatical skills.

The use of songs in the target language is very important for several reasons. Firstly, the students are immediately attached to the target language. Secondly, when dealing with this kind of the linguistic material good conditions are created for the comprehensive development of the student to stimulate learners’creative thinking and form good taste. Song genre is one of the most important genres of musical creativity. The verbal text is able to accurately and vividly reflect the different aspects of social life of the people of the country the language of which is studied by learners.

This work is determined by the examination and identification of English songs of suitable content. This was achieved by interviewing students at the school.

The objectives are:

1. To study the scientific literature, online resources on the subject.

2. To carry out the work with English songs.

3. Analyze the collected material to come to a definite conclusion.

By studying the songs in English a teacher can inspire students who have a low level of motivation to learn, and then to perform which is the most important task at school.

1. Folk, blues, jazz, country, opera, musical – all these belong to a genre most suited for educational purposes, despite the fact that in modern life, they are less in demand.

2. You can also use pop music, but it is important to pay attention to the content of the song. After all, many of them can promote unacceptable things.

3. Songs performed solo are usually perceived more easily than those that are sung by a large number of singers.

4. Hard drums, and the availability of backup singers also make it difficult to understand the lyrics.

5. Texts of songs are easily perceived if it is a narrative in nature, that is, if the song presents some dynamic plot.

In this regard, I would also like to give a few simple exercises, doing which can quickly raise the level of English proficiency.

1. Select the song to your liking in English, try to find the words to it (fortunately, in our time, it is very easy to do using the Internet). Read the text and try to understand the general meaning. Then with the help of a dictionary translate unfamiliar words. If some of the turns of speech or grammatical constructions and it remains unclear to you, please contact an experienced teacher. When all this is done (or even earlier) listen to the song again, try to sing along. If you have a desire, you can sing the song karaoke, it is also very beneficial.

2. The second exercise is the opposite of the first. Listen to your favorite song repeatedly. Now try to write your own words. After that, look for the real lyrics on the Internet and compare it with what you wrote. It can be easy to find in almost any music site.

It is very important at the initial stage of learning a foreign language to learn, to hear and understand words and phrases in a whole set of incomprehensible sounds. Also, it is important to initially put the correct pronunciation. Songs in English help to cope with these and other problems.

The track may be considered mastered when you can record the whole hearing on the text, that is, write a dictation. Well, if your level of English enables you, then this is even a better start.


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