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Demo lesson "Friends Names"

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Lesson plan

LESSON: Unit 2 My Family and friends

Friends’ names

School : Murager


Teacher name: Nurtaza Aizhan


Number present: 12 absent: -

Learning objectives that this lesson is contributing to

1. R 1 read and spell out words for others

2. L3 understand the main points of short and familiar topics features

3. W 2 write letters and familiar high frequency words when read aloud and spelt

Previous learning

My clothes and things: jeans, pyjamas, shorts, trousers.


Planned timings (minute)

Planned activities








Organisation Moment:

  • T. shows PPT with greeting phrases and asks questions Ss should answer.

  • «Hello» song

Teacher asks a group of three or four learners to come to front of class with name cards .Teacher asks class to sound letters which are the same in names.

The main part

  • [P] Listening to English CVC names being sounded out and finding in a word search.

  • [I] Listening and completing different characters’ names CVC that are sounded out . e.g.OK. No.1. Her name is Pat . P-A-T [sounded]

  • [I] Listening to descriptions / reading names to match to descriptions e.g. he boy with the bike. That’s Ben B-E-N. [sounded]

  • [P] Unjumling words CVC that rhyme with names and matching them to an image .e.g. That’s Pat’s a-t-c

  • [G] Back-writing other learner’s names . Blindfold one learner, make one learner the back writer and rotate third learners around group . Third learner back -writes name on second learner . Second learner copies / back-writes for first and first learner says who third learner is.

  • [W] Use flashcards of most frequent consonant letters [lower case] and five vowels (use only [lower case ]) and get learners around the room to sound letters when shown.

  • [P][f] Give learners a worksheet with strings of four letters [2consonants 2 vowels] . Explain three of the letters unjumbled will make the word they are looking for each time . Teacher goes to learner in room and says : e.g. This is Karen’s ___________ . [holds up bag]. On worksheet learners unjumble . e.g. b a_

Ending the lesson

Learners take turns to ask their partner if they can say what the image requires them to .

Can you say 1-10 in English ?

You say three colors

Learners tick hat they can do .

[W][F] use can – do from above and others in stand up/ sit down or exit if you can do lesson closing sequences.

http://kidspressmagazine .com/grade2



Additional information



If learners understand to point right answers.

Cross-curricular links

Health and safety check ----

ICT links


Value links

Homework: to write letters and learn by heart new words

Summary evaluation

What two things went really well (consider both teaching and learning)?

What two things would have improved the lesson (consider both teaching and learning)?

What have I learned from this lesson about the class or individuals that will inform my next lesson?


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