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Инфоурок Английский язык Другие методич. материалыДидактический материал по теме "SPORT AND LEISURE'

Дидактический материал по теме "SPORT AND LEISURE'






Rope   glasses net costume whistle   saddle  rod  ice

1.Complete each

sentence with a a) When Brenda entered the swimming competition she bought a new
word from the list.    ....................

Use each word       b) I learned to ride a horse without using a ……….. .

once only.             c) After the tennis match, one of the players jumped over the ………… .          

d)A mountain-climber's life may depend on their.... ……… .

e)Open-air skating can be dangerous if the......... is too thin.

f) Suddenly the referee blew his....... and pointed to the penalty spot.

g) Skiing can be dangerous if you don't wear dark... …..

h)  Terry went fishing with the new.....    his parents gave him.


2. Match these words with the comments given.



crossword hiking draughts gambling jigsaw cards do-it-yourself   gardening    model-making

a)Catherine dealt, and gave me the ace, king and queen of hearts.   ………….

b)I couldn't find ten down, so I looked for words in the dictionary.    …………

c)Ian glued the parts together wrongly because he didn't read the instructions.  …………

d)         When Ellen is losing, she tries to knock   the pieces off the board. ………           

e) The path we want doesn't seem to be on the map.    ………….          

f) Nigel missed the read, and put the pink in the pocket by mistake.  ……..           

g)  Graham papered the hall while I was painting the doors.   …………  

h) The daffodils I put in haven't come up this year.  …………       


3 . Choose the most suitable word underlined in each sentence.

a)Sue came first in the 5000 metre competition/game/race.

b)Jack and Eddie arranged to meet outside the football around/field/pitch.

c)Brenda goes jogging every morning to keep exercised/fit/trained.

d)Our team beat/defeated/won the match by two goals to nil.

e)The local stadium isn't large enough for so many audience/view­ers/spectators.

f) I'm afraid I don't find basketball very interested/interesting.

g)Collecting matchbox labels is Rebecca's favourite leisure/occupa­tion/pastime.

h)         Norman won first medal/prize/reward in the cookery competition.

i) All competitors/rivals/supporters for the relay race should make their
way to the track.

j) The final result was a/an draw/equal/score.

4 .Replace the word or words under­lined in each sen­tence with a word from the list. Use each word once only.


arranged outdoors captain postponed referee champion professionally score spare


a)Mary plays tennis as a way of earning her living.

b)Tomorrow's hockey match has been put off for another time,

c)In motor racing last year William Green was the best driver of all.

d)The player with the lowest number of points wins the game.

e)A match between the Dutch and German teams has been

fixed for next month.

f)    I like going swimming in my free time.

g)  Who is the player in charge of your football team?

h)         Charles was sent off for punching the person who controls

the match.

i)          We decided to hold this year's dancing competition in the open air.




5 . Use the word in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.


How a hobby can make you angry!


Recently I decided to take up (1)….. as a

hobby. I have always taken snapshots, but I have
never been very (2)..

My snaps were either a complete (3) …….    for

technical reasons, or were just not very (4) ……      

First I decided that to be (5) …….     , I would have

to buy new equipment.

Just then I had an (6).…….     piece of good luck.

A friend who works in a camera shop said she could sell me a (7)... camera.

A customer had left it at the shop to be

repaired, but there had been a (8) ……          and it

was actually for sale.

I thought this was a rather (9) …….   explanation

and so I asked her some more questions.

It turned out that she had had a (10 )  …..     with

the customer and he had thrown the camera at her in anger because she had disliked his photos!



6 . Complete the compound word in each sentence using a word given in the list.


board court jacket repairs collection field making hooligan


a)Everyone who goes sailing must wear a life-.. ….

b)Karen's hobby is doing her own car..... …

c)I'm afraid that Ruth doesn't have the patience for model-……      

d)People look bored when I talk about my stamp......

e)Bring your racket and I'll meet you at the tennis.........

f) Because Bill wears a scarf everyone thinks he is

a football..............

g)  The school has sold its playing.... to a property company.

h)  Steve jumped from the diving... wearing all his clothes!

Complete the compound word in each sentence using a word given in the list.


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