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Фрагмент урока-аудирование "Школы в Англии"

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«Школы в Англии»


5 – А класс

1. Оргмомент

T: Good afternoon, dear guests! I’d like to show you a part of the listening lesson. The topic isSchools in England

Входят дети, приветствуют гостей. Занимают свои места.

T: Good afternoon, children. I’m glad to see you. Sit down. Today you have a listening. Your task is to watch a video, to listen and then do exercises. Be attentive!

2. Работа по теме урока

Просмотр видео.

T: Look, please, at the blackboard. Can you see the sheets of paper?

P: Yes, we can.

T: They are magic. If you do the exercises correctly you will open two sheets and make a word of our lesson. Do you understand? So, let’s begin! Your first task is to complete the sentences with these words. Be attentive! There are odd words. You’ve got 1 min to think.

Ученики самостоятельно, глядя на доску, выполняют задание.

T: Are you ready? Let’s check! The word are colorful. When you say the word say, please, what color it is. First say the word, then read a sentence.

P…P: 1.primary, dark-blue

2. eleven, gray

3. secondary, light-green

4. John Mason, yellow

5. Monday, red

6. nine, dark-red

7. twenty, light-green; primary, red

8. lunch, purple; sandwiches, yellow; canteen, purple

9. football, orange; badminton, brown

10. music, pink

T: Very good! Well done! You may open one letter. (открывают 1 букву). What is it?

P: S

T: The next task. You see I’ve got 3 envelopes, and I need 3 commands. (раздает конвертыб нарезки предложений).

Look, please at the envelopes. They are magic too. They have got names. How do you think what is your task?

P: Our task is to choose the sentences?

T: Right you are! This command have to choose only TRUE sentences, this one – only FALSE, and this NOT STATED. You choose sentences and put them in your envelopes. Do you understand? You’ve got 2 min.

P: Yes, we do.

(выполняют задание)

T: Your time’s out. Are you ready? Lets check. Choose your captains. (капитан команды выходит к доске, читает предложение, команда сверяют с доской, поднимают карточку с таким предложением)

True sentences

  • There are an Art class, a Food Technology class, a Design and Technology class, Science, and foreign languages.

  • Many British school children only learn a foreign language from the age of eleven.

  • They usually leave home and go to university in a different town or city.

  • Other popular languages are Spanish and Italian.

  • They also study other subjects – like Information Technology, History, Biography, English Literature and Religion.

  • Students have lessons in the morning and then a break of an hour for lunch.

False sentences

  • Most children start primary school at the age of twelve.

  • The others usually study three subjects for two more years and then take “C” levels.

  • This is the Brian Mason School in Abingdon near Oxford.

  • Most schools are mixed – they’re for boys and girls.

  • British students have a narrow choice of subjects.

  • All the students study French.

Not stated sentences

  • Students go to school from Monday to Friday and school starts at nine o’clock, and study the whole day.

  • And at most secondary schools the students wear a green uniform. Some of students eat healthy food in the school canteen.

  • They also study other subjects – like Information Technology, History, Biography, English Literature and Religion (which they choose themselves).

  • Daniella is the best in playing violin.

T: Fantastic! You may open three next letters. Captains, please, come here! (открывают 3 буквы) What are they?

P: C H O

T: Ok! And the last task for today. You see a picture from the video and your task is to guess what class it is. You work in commands. The faster command will be a winner. Do you understand? So begin!

(отгадывают слова по изображениям)

P: 1. It’s a Maths class.

2. It’s an Art class.

3. It’s a an Information Technologies class.

4. It’s a Foreign Languages class.

5. It’s a Food Technology class.

6. It’s a Science class.

7. It’s a Design and Technology class.

T: Well done! The winner is command number… Open the last letters. What are they?

P: O L

3. Рефлексия

T: Very good! That’s all for today! Thank very much! Good bye!

P: Goodbye!

(Покидают класс)


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