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Грамматический тест на тему Present Perfect Past Simple

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Present Perfect / Past Simple

1 V

1.      We (not / have) a holiday last year.

didn't have

haven't had

hadn't have

2.      My parents (be) to the USA many times.

have been


have being

3.      I (buy) a new dress last week, but I (not / wear) it yet.

have bought                        A haven't worm

bought                                 B wore

had bought                          C didn't wear 

4.      ... it (stop) raining yet?

Did it stop

Is it stopped

Has it stopped

5.      Don't worry about your letter. I (send) it the day before yesterday.


have sent


6.      I (lose) my glasses. I (have) them when I came to the college this morning.

losed                                       A have had

have lost                                 B had

lost                                         C have

7.      When Jill (finish) school?

When had Jill finished

When has Jill finished

When did Jill finish 

8.      When I was a child, I (always / be) late for school.

have always been

was always late

had always been

9.      I can't find my umbrella. I think somebody (take) by mistake.



has taken

2 V

1.  – Are you tired?

       – Yes, a little. I (paint) the ceiling today.

have painted



2.  We (not / see) Peter this week, but we (see) him a couple of weeks ago.

didn't see                               A saw

haven't saw                           B have saw

haven't seen                          C have seen 

3.  – Have you got any money?

       – Yes, I (borrow) it from my brother.


have borrowed

did borrow

 4.  – Where is Jane?

       – She (go) the shops. She'll be back soon.


has gone to

has been to 

5.  My husband (work) in the bank for three years since 1990 to 1993.

has worked

had worked


6.  Mom (lose) her car keys, so we have to open the door by force.

has lost



7.  One of the passengers (die) in that accident.

has died


8.  My sister and her husband (be married) since last Christmas.

were married

have married

have been married 

9.  .... the post (come) today?

Did the post come

Has the post come

Has the post came

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