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Итоговый тест. Америка. Кауфман. 9 класс

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The final test.

  1. The capital of America is...

A New York B Boston C Washington, DC

  1. The country consists of ... states.

A 5 B 50 C 45

  1. My sister is still in ... bed. Should I wake her up?

A the B -- C a

  1. I live near ... library. ... library is very old.

A the, the B --, -- C --, the

  1. New York is on ...

A the Hudson River B the Themes River C the Denmark River

  1. New York consists of ... boroughs.

A 10 B 4 C 5

  1. The Empire State Building is the tallest building in ...

A the world B New York C The USA

  1. Let's go and ... good bye to our neighbors.

A speak B say C tell

  1. Please ... the truth.

A speak B say C tell

  1. She says, "We should go shopping" - She says...

A that they should go shopping B they should go shopping C that we should go shopping

  1. Ann says, "Don't touch my things" - Ann...

A says not to touch her things B says don't touch her things C tells not to touch her things

  1. The mother says, "Don't make so much noise, please" - The mother...

A tells not to make so much noise B asks not to make so much noise

C asks not to make so much noise, please

  1. He asks, "Did you see the film yesterday?" - He asks...

A if he saw the film yesterday B if he did see the film yesterday C he saw the film yesterday

  1. Liz asks, "Who likes soda?" - Liz asks...

A if who likes soda B who likes soda C who does like soda

  1. They asked, "Where does she live?" - They asked...

A Where you live B where does she live C Where she lived

  1. I'm on a diet. It's a special diet for very thin people. I'm trying to ...

A loose weight B gain weight C have excess weight

  1. ..... snow round our house was dirty.

A -- B a C the

  1. George Washington was the .... President.

A fifth B first C third

  1. The war of Independence was the war between ...

A The Americans and Indians B the Americans and Great Britain

C The Americans and France

  1. The Declaration of Independence is the document...

A which made America a democratic country

B in which the USA declared their independence from Great Britain

C which made G. Washington the President of the USA

  1. Я хочу, чтобы он прочитал это письмо.

A I want that he read this letter B I want he to read this letter C I want him to read this letter

  1. Родители заставляют сына делать работу по дому.

A Parents make their son do chores B Parents make their son to do chores

C Parents make he do chores

  1. Someone who can change easily to suit any new situation.

A flexible B outdoing C reliable

  1. If you worked hard, you ... exams next month.

A would pass B would have pass C will pass

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